Episode 22 part 17

That’s all for now.

Updates will probably still be slow, but I can try to be more active online!

People tell me to make a tumblr, but I’m afraid how time-consuming that would be;;

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466 Responses to Episode 22 part 17

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    And now Alder looks like a monster.
    Be ashame, Alder. Be ashame.

  2. AltARIa says:

    Awww..poor Charle–I mean, Cheren.

  3. MrMissMrs Random says:

    *Cheren’s face in color pannel*
    …I want to give him a hug.

  4. BaKandaMoyashi says:

    Awww poor guy D:

  5. Kyurem says:

    *laughs* And thisssss issssss why I ssssssay Hot Sssspringsssss are bad! Ssssssee what they make people do?

    • Rotom says:

      I’m not allowed in hot springs anymore, I kept electrocuting people.

    • silver duskull says:

      cold hearted but warm blooded for me, loooooove the cold :3

    • Umbreon says:

      Do you have any other examples of these kinds of things happening at hot springs? *Tilts head curiously*

      • Kyurem says:

        *hands ‘DA LIST’* Sssssee for yoursssself

        • Absol says:

          I have an extension to ‘DA LIST’.

          //hands over a thick stack of papers.

        • Umbreon says:

          *Skims through it* Wow. Hey Kyu-chan, what happens if you go into a hot spring?

        • Kyurem says:

          …. ….. …… *silence* <.<;;; ….

        • Suicune says:

          Kyurem can’t comment on that at the moment as he’s under investigation for the little children by the hot spring’s disappearance… and Black’s towel.

        • Kyurem says:

          Did we not essssstablissssh that I. AM. FEMALE…

        • Suicune says:

          If thunder troll can’t get me to remember his name, how do you expect me to remember your gender?

        • Giratina says:

          Because both Kyu-chan and I act like males but are actually female.

        • Groudon says:

          Giratina. I finally caught you confessing your gender.

        • Umbreon says:

          Disappearing children…? *Reads through more of da list* Oh here it is!

        • Greener says:

          You are NOT female, Giri-kun.

          If so, then LOL Kyu X Giri Yuri FTW!!!!

        • Kyurem says:


        • Virizion says:

          *plops group of human children down next to Kyu-chan* Hey Kyu-chan, I found these kids wandering around my forest, and they weren’t cute enough soooooo….. Here ya go~ *Runs away*

        • Umbreon says:

          *Giggles softly and just dangles feet in the water*

        • Greener says:

          I’ll get the forged evidence ready!!

          Of course, I might decide NOT to frame Kyu-chan if she made out with Giri-kun~

        • Kyurem says:

          >.< …..*No longer at Giant Chasm, She's taken over Pinwheel Forest* Nice try Viri-chan.

        • Greener says:

          *pops up in front of Kyu-chan in Pinwheel Forest*


          *teleports Kyu-chan back to Giant Chasm*

        • Virizion says:

          *put kids on Kyu-chan back* There!

        • Greener says:

          *glues some kids to Kyu-chan’s face*

          Now you either make out with Giri-kun, or get framed for child eating.

        • Kyurem says:

          …. *eats* Happy? Yuck… Bidoof tassste better than thisssss garbage

        • Absol says:

          Bidoofs actually taste really good when fried with pecha berrie juice and sprinkled with a vanilluxe’s body. (The body has to be shredded first.)

        • Giratina says:

          I’m not much for Bidoof myself. They’re all hair and teeth. And Greener, SHUT THE FUCK UP. I may be female, but I’m not into yaoi or yuri. Let’s get this straight: I have no sexuality. That’s not the same thing as Bi, it means I literally DO NOT FUCKING HAVE THE CAPACITY TO FALL IN LOVE.

        • Greener says:

          Keep saying that as often as you like, Giri, because everyone knows that no matter how much you boast, you’re still a human behind that keyboard.

          Also, I like it better imagining everyone as anime-form cosplayers. As in, you’re all cosplayers that look like you’re animated anime style in my imagination.

          (God, I hope people understand that…)

        • Absol says:

          Because being assexual =/= not human.

        • Virizion says:

          Grennie, give it up. The battle has been lost. Also, I see eveymon as anime people too.

        • Giratina says:

          Greenie, I hate to burst your bubble, but there ARE people out there who don’t have a sexuality. I’ve never felt more than a slight fondness for someone. I’ve never had a childhood crush or gone on a date. And I honestly can’t wrap my mind around those moronic teen romance novels. When I look around me at my school and see boys and girls flirting, it all seems so stupid. I’d much prefer punching someone in the face than kissing them.

          (Off topic, I tend to imagine people as their Pokemon icons, and if they’re not pokemon, I just think of what comes to mind. For instance, Greener is some sort of sentinent plant)

        • Greener says:

          It looks like you need another hug them!
          *glomps Giri-kun*
          And I don’t care if you’re a girl, but you’re always gonna be Giri-kun in my book~

          And thank GOD Viri-tan understood me.
          People are always cuter in anime form, aren’t they? *looks at Umbre-kun*

        • Giratina says:

          *Squirms out of the hug* Get away! I have people problems! *Wild Giratina has fled!*

        • Kyurem says:

          Thissssss isssss ridiculoussssss….

        • Greener says:

          LOL You two are exactly the same in personality~
          It’s just so freaking cuuuuuuuuuuute~

        • Umbreon says:

          I actually feel the same way that Giri-tan does. Like guys and girls flirting, teen romance novels, etc. I find it completely stupid. I only read the twilight books on a bet and won $75 from it. Not that I don’t believe in love, trust me i hope there is someone special for me. I’ve never really found it important to get a boy/girlfriend in highschool, waste of my time honestly. I’m not like most people that I went to school with. They made it their mission to get a boy/girlfriend, I never saw any point.

          *And blushes at what Nii-tan said*

        • Greener says:


          LOL If it wasn’t for me, you’d probably be Viri-tan’s BF~

        • Darkrai says:

          On this topic I HATE love it’ a discusting,vile and MOST OF ALL MORONIC
          …ugh…just the thought of two people… l o v i n g each other makes me just wanna PUKE…but I am the Anti-Deity of anything to do with LOVE!

        • Greener says:

          Hey Darky, I thought you liked someone before…

        • Darkrai says:

          Nope Lance is just my adopted son and personally he’s a pain in the ass aaaallllllwwwwaaayyss complaining “Team Rockets doing this team blah blah blah BLAH” sometimes I wanna Stick a shadow spear right THOUGH his head.*They had an arguement.*

        • Umbreon says:

          Darky, can you handle being friends?

          *Blushes even deeper at Nii-tan* W..wait what…?

        • Greener says:

          LOL You know I’m probably right, Umbre-kun~

          Speaking of which, where is Viri-tan?

        • Umbreon says:

          *Blushes even more* W..well how can you be sure? And I have no idea where Nee-chan is

        • Virizion says:

          *pops out of celing hole* Here I am~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

        • Greener says:

          What does that face mean, Viri-tan?

        • Umbreon says:

          *Adorable surprised scream, fainting on the floor*

    • Azelf says:

      I’d invite you to my Lake, but…no.
      Oh, but Darkrai, I do believe you live rather close to me?
      Perhaps you can take a dip and experience what a ‘Bath’ is.
      …WELL, depending on how large you are.
      I can only fit so much Pokemon in there before my Magikarp start to feel…violated.

  6. Serperior says:

    I kinda feel bad for Alder. Not that I disagree with Cheren, but still.

  7. sindaquil says:

    Bad Alder! You made Cheren cry! D:

    I actually feel bad for Cheren though.

  8. Kiriri says:

    New fan •3• I started reading yesterday and I just finished today xD I love all your twists on the story~

  9. RivalBianca says:

    Alder is an idiot …. He doesn’t even look like a gi- Ohh wait Cheren does!
    Poor Cheren!!! >~<

  10. Justice says:

    Alder is the best. <3

  11. Virizion says:

    … Is it odd that the second to last panel turned me on?

  12. Charizard says:

    What is this feeling, is this…Pity-for Cheren?

    • Azelf says:

      Is this a new occurence for you as well?
      Actually FEELING pity, not…
      I agree!

      • Darkrai says:

        What a minute isn’t Mesprit the being of emotion with Mespirt happygolucky attitude yet inside Mesprit is forever alone,you’re the being of willpower yet inside you’re a homosideal,heartless,evil and plots to kill anyone that gets in your way pychopath… And Uxie the being of knowledge who looks in the mirror every morning and forgets who he is.

  13. derp says:

    I want that colored panel to be a picture on its own. Please?

  14. PastaSpaghetto says:

    When Alder actually calls him by his name, I’l cry, and I don’t even ship this ;A;.

    Stop making me love Cheren more than normal…

  15. Aw poor Cheren…wait I know someone else who easily gets there gender messed up all the time and his name rhymes with kilver

  16. Kyogre says:

    i can’t decide whether to give Cheren a hug or give alder a tidal wave for making Charlene cry.

  17. jj says:

    How did you manage to actually make me feel bad for Cheren?

  18. derptasticness says:

    Poor Cheren (Sharon, Charlene, etc.)!!

  19. CrystalDawn~ says:

    Bleeding, crying, full-color Cheren made me ‘Awwwwww!’ ^^ This totally makes up for all those times he acted like a complete dick. =D

  20. Spiky-haired Pichu says:

    Oh God what am I becoming that colour panel of Cheren, all I could think of is how perfect that would look in some ero-game… I feel dirty >.>

    Annnnyways, I feel extremely bad for Cheren on so many levels, maybe this is karma?

  21. Azalee says:

    *worships you for the perfection* *this is everything I wanted from those two and even more that I didn’t know I wanted* *i mean gender misattribution and hot springs* *seriously*

    Also, on the topic of Bel: dat flashing ass + SHE HAS HORNS

  22. Reshiram says:

    Alder is now Jiraya in my eyes.

  23. Rory says:

    Oh my Arceus… I can’t stop laughing! Poor Cheren.

  24. So hateful and teary and shredded… Cheren is just too cute when he’s upset.

  25. Zimmy says:

    Poor Cheren… He’s been emasculated at least five times in this update.

  26. Zekrom says:

    …Am i the only one wondering just how Bel did that to him? It’s like she’s peeled of strips of his skin off!

    *shivers, generators sputtering a bit* Ugh..

    Anyway. Go and apologize, Alder. *coughs* kiss and make up as it were.

    • misty says:

      I think she was scratching him.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      This is why you don’t anger a Demon Lord.

      • Umbreon says:

        Thundhurr, what happens if you REALLY piss Bel The Demon Lord off? Like, more than Cheren did?

        • Well I may not be Thundhurr so you weren’t asking me but I think she might go on a rampage and kill everything in a two hundred thousand meter radius.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          It isn’t pretty. First, she skins you alive, slowly, making sure you survive it. Then she messes with your nerves so that they’re super sensitive to pain. THEN she throws you into the flames of hell, where you burn until you die from your brain overloading from all the pain you’re in, which usually takes a few weeks.
          And that’s just the basic template. Sometimes she adds other horrible things to the mix.

        • Darkrai says:

          B-bad….. b-bad…. things ……Umbreon…. very…. bad things….the….stuff….that.. Thundhurrus… Decirbrled ..happened to me.

        • Umbreon says:

          *Patpats Darkrai and gives a huuuuug* Awwwww

  27. Ch….Cheren….. Is…. Crying?….. Man part of me actually feel bad for him….. But another part of me want to see every minute more! *gets a video camera*

  28. misty says:

    Black the character, you really should have stopped Alder earlier. But at least you are concerned enough to get up and go check on Cheren. You are a true friend.

    Dirk, N, and Samba aren’t concerned at all. Granted, they aren’t required to be, least of all N, but still.

    I really do feel bad for Cheren. You have my emotional support.

  29. Weezing says:

    Chereze has ISSUES. How can she be so mad at Aldie-poo?

  30. Joey says:

    I want to give Cheren a hug.

  31. Also What people want you to create a Tumbir for I’m curious?
    It would be fun to see a Ask The Black Adventures series.

    • Black says:

      some RL friends, and I get comments/notes about it on deviantart from time to time
      I think if I do make one, asking BA characters would just be part of my main tumblr

  32. Hahahahahaha I just love Alder xD He’s so funny xD

  33. thesilverskull190 says:

    i still don’t feel bad for cheren, see how mutch of a bitch i am :3

  34. Blue Rose says:

    Aww, poor Cheren. But character!Black really should’ve done something to prevent this. I know Cheren can be an ass sometimes, but he didn’t deserve Bel’s wrath…at least not then.

    Granted, I do really like that shot of Cheren’s face. It was really sad, but cute~

    Anyway, I really like N’s hair up. It looks nice on him.

  35. Genosect says:

    when i saw the color panel of catie… er… I mean… chere (teah, that’s right) the first thing in my mind was *BRUSHIE BRUSHIE*

  36. PsychicGlaceon says:

    O_O Oh ma gawd. Cheren’s face in the color panel. So…. HNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!

    • PsychicGlaceon says:

      Also, Samba….a Fire-type in water…..Um is that ok?

      • Thundhurrus says:

        Some fire types aren’t hurt by being in water, you know.

        • Estark says:

          Actually, all fire-types that aren’t the legendary incarnation of truth are weak to water. Reshiram is the only exception. Samba should, in fact, be dying.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Then how do they survive? The fleshy ones need moisture to prevent themselves from drying up and turning to dust.

        • Giratina says:

          Actually, it’s only the ones with “flames of life” on their physical body that can’t go near water. Like charmander’s tail. If the flame dies, so do they.

  37. Meeork says:

    Oh my goodness! Poor babbu Cheren :< I'm laughing and crying

  38. Thundhurrus says:

    I think all that Cheren needs right now is some champagne adler.

  39. MattK974 says:

    I was hoping for fanservice…

  40. randomguy says:

    There needs to be a 4 panel spinoff called “Cheren with Bel”

  41. KingisNitro says:

    This is getting pretty confusing…. can’t wait for new updates haha!

  42. JackJerripher says:

    Charlene’s a woobie, me wants huggie him.

  43. hikashu says:

    …How is Samsa completely fine with being in the water? HE’S A FIRE TYPE :O
    N’aww, poor Cheren XDD Alder, you senile old man!

  44. Samuria says:

    This update left me in tears laughing. And I regret nothing.

  45. Dreamy says:

    Bel uses Slash.
    It’s super effective!
    Alder wins!

    Still, I hope Charl- I mean Cheren, will be okay. I mean, he has yet to be shown as a nice guy, I know he will.

  46. ChandlertheChandelure says:


  47. shinobigoomba says:

    poor Charlene can’t catch a break ;~;

  48. joyblazer905 says:

    Oof, Cheren, that was really rough…aw man now I’m hurting inside.

  49. Darkrai says:

    *meanwhile on new moon island*
    *Darkrai’s having a panic attack*

    • Giratina says:

      *Smashes a boulder over Darkrai’s head to make it pass out* Calm yourself. *Max Revives*

      • Umbreon says:

        *Gives a Casteliacone to Darkrai to help calm it, and also has a huge one for Giri-tan*

        • Darkrai says:

          You are all so kind,I don’t know what I’d do without such kind people/pokemon.*comit senppuku*

        • Darkrai says:

          *Seppuku, dam mispelling*

        • Groudon says:

          Seppuku? Too lazy to check Google Translate.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Seppuku, also known as Harakiri, is the “honorable” way of killing oneself, and there’s no real translation for it. Closest translation is “Stomach-cutting”.
          It’s done by stabbing one’s belly with a knife and then dragging it across the belly, from left to right. A very formal Seppuku will have someone behead them once they finish the belly-cut.

        • Giratina says:

          Anyone else notice that my first reaction to any problem is violence?

        • Voltoloser says:

          Violence solves everything. Anyone who disagrees is not using enough violence to solve their problem.

        • Giratina says:

          My favorite saying is, “If you can’t solve a problem with violence, you’re not using enough of it”

  50. Groudon says:

    I know Cheren’s a cutie, but SERIOUSLY. Did anyone notice N’s ponytail? It looks like White’s.

  51. Ditto says:

    Ohmygosh that Samba playing in the water hnnnng.

    This update made me feel better than a different update I saw not to long ago. //Absconds and cry’s into a corner//

  52. Keiggy says:

    Cheren is crying, my God, Cheren is crying. Give me Cheren, Cheren needs love. I’ll give you a hug.

  53. Estark says:

    …Why exactly was Alder a role model to, well…. ANYONE?1?! He isn’t a charismatic trainer, and his methods are routinely shown to be mediocre at best. I would’ve expected Cheren to look up to Grimsley or some other E4 member. At least they seem to care enough to keep trying to win after being defeated by a bishounen and his dragon…

    • Absol says:

      Alder’s just some hippie dude.

      But I think for Cheren it is Champion=Awesome.

    • Azelf says:

      Mr. Grimsley seems rather skeevy, and I do believe Mr. Cheren wouldn’t be impressed with him in the slightest.

    • Rory says:

      Are you talking game canon or Black Adventures canon?

      In game canon I guess it was because Alder helped Cheren find the reason for his strength or whatever. For Black Adventures canon… I don’t know. ”XD

      If Cheren was gonna look up to a random E4 member, I think it would be either Marshal (since they’re apparently similar) or Shauntal (since she writes, and Cheren has a million books in his room.)

    • Voltoloser says:

      > Shauntal spends all of her not-battling time writing. I’m guessing literature of the erotic variety.
      > Grimsley is a Casanova that does what one assumes to be little outside of E4 duties and being a Casanova.
      > Caitlin sleeps all day.
      > Marshal is Alder’s pupil, and seems a little too brawny for Cheren’s tastes.
      Gee, I wonder why.

  54. Hydreigon says:

    Ahhhh I just want to give Cheren a hug </3

  55. Devil says:

    I wanna eat Cheren…. . 3 .
    Hurr…. Come into my belly! :D

  56. artich0ker says:

    normally I dont feel bad for cheren, but now it must be a special case D:

  57. Wildwalker says:

    I was planning to wait to read this comic until April to celebrate a whole year going by since I first read this, but I do not regret breaking that plan at all! This update-! I <3 so much!

  58. Lupin says:

    Alder reminds me of my grandpa. He couldn’t even write my correct age on the birthday card he sent when he was looking at a calendar. Poor Cheren. He can’t help how femenine he is. Even without boobs.

  59. Rayquaza says:

    Cheren is evolving!

    Congratulations, your Cheren has evolved into a(n) SOBBINGUKE!

  60. BRUDERLIEBE says:


    Dawww. I wanna hug the girlyboy.

  62. Greener says:

    What’s everyone’s Gen V Friend Codes?
    God, I hate being restricted to Fridays for Wi-Fi…

  63. Giratina says:

    *Squees for a full ten minutes* ALL OF THE COLOR PAGES!!!

  64. Inspiriated says:

    Ah, I love the color. :’D

  65. Garlyle says:

    Okay that…
    that was actually kind of heartwrenching ;_;

  66. ViCTiNi says:


  67. JollyEmpoleons says:

    Don’t…Don’t cry…… Why can’t I hug you?

    Does Cheren have Transitions lenses? You know, the glasses that turn into sunglasses in the sunlight?

  68. Slowpoke says:

    Mmm…cry some more Cheren, your distress makes me pleasure smile~

  69. Eclipsel says:

    Cheren looks like a shorter hair Sasuke with glasses :3

  70. Soulradio says:

    Poor Cheren. He’s giving away so many moments that Black can hold against him for a long time.

  71. HurrDurr says:

    Who actually has a tumblr here? I’d love to follow you! (I’m thatchickwiththefoxtail)

  72. Greener says:

    I imagine N in a big pink dress will look like Peach’s clone.

  73. Greener says:

    COMMENT 301!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  74. Zero says:

    Well… At least Cheren didn’t have 50,000 wounds this time around… That’s good, right?

  75. Furret says:

    I’m a fairly new reader, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the archives. When I checked back and saw updates, I was quite pleased!

  76. Heracross says:


  77. Emily says:

    DARN. Now I’m all caught up ;o;
    Alder is getting so freakin annoying. But it’s all in revenge you foolish -Cindy- I MEAN CHEREN for being a dick

  78. Eevee says:

    Poor Cherey! Ithink he needs a hug! AndANewIdol…

    • Weezing says:

      I nominate myself. Who wouldn’t want to worship the very air I float trough? Wait, is Cheren asthmatic? Actually, never mind, I have better things to to.

  79. JollyEmpoleons says:

    I wonder what Pokemon Black and White 2 are gonna be like….

    • Heracross says:

      Allow me to elaborate and what most likely it will be about. as you can see from the covers the two main legendaries are back but with features of Kyurem, as you can remember the two were once one. it is most likely that those 2 legendaries are two forms of Kyurem if he holds the Light Stone or the Dark Stone. But you must remember, it is 2, so, it’s a sequel. So it is most likely a disgraced member of team Galactic who doesn’t care for freeing pokemon, but he just wants to blow shit up so he will obtain the black stone in black 2/ vice versa for white. you combat him. fight ReshiKyurem with your ZekKyurem, although it is a sequel so you must keep in mind the story will be a tad bit darker and might involve Genesect perhaps and a Cameo by N. or perhaps it’s just a shitty remix except with a slightly different origin story saying how N wishes to combine the two dragons ReshiKyurem/ZekKyurem, to skip the whole “LETS SEE WHICH OF THE TWO HEROES IS BETTER, IDEALS/TRUTH.” and go for “NAH SON. BOTH. I CONTROL THIS SHIT.” ahem.. pardon my tyrade.

      • Voltoloser says:

        I think it’s gonna be closer to Kyuurem merging with Reshiram or Zekrom, making either Kyuuram or Kyuurom, depending on your version.
        And Kyuurem itself will probably represent the third option that isn’t ideals or truth. Or maybe both ideals.

        • Heracross says:

          It’s most likely that when Reshiram and Zekrom split, Kyurem formed from the leftovers. and the mauled gnarly looking things are Kyurems 2 different forms which’d.. to be honest no idea what the- OHGOD IT MAKES SENSE BECAUSE KYUREM HAS SHITTY STAB MOVES THAT DEAL WITH ELECTRICITY AND FIRE. OHGODOHGODOHGOD MY MIIIND. Also that Kyurems stats aren’t quiiiite uber worthy but with two different forms that’d HOPEFULLY let him abuse his crappy electric/fire related stabs better it’d make sense. well anyways. some douche tries to meld them back into the original thing the two heroes rode. Kyurem comes in all “STOOOOOP BETCHES.” and said villain goes “ohnoes waaaai this happen.”

        • Voltoloser says:

          And then Kyuurem eats on of the yin-yang-mons and everyone rejoices.

        • Greener says:

          I doubt they’d make a new Pokemon that wasn’t in BW’s coding.
          More likely, they’ll play everything like Emerald: Make it basically White with some aspects of Black.

        • Kyurem says:

          Regardlessssss, It meanssssss… I get to kick all sssssortssssss of assssss~ =u=

        • I’m actually glad they going to do this move and for NINTENDO FREAKING DS NOT 3DS. Game Freak is playing it smart to break off Nintendo promotional gadget crap. A sequel is also a grand Idea. Kyurem forms. Super sexy yes I love it.

          Beats the hell making a upgraded remix with more features and forms. So I can’t wait for this new storyline comes out I been WONDERING what happened to N after he flew away with Reshiram/Zekrom.

        • Rufflet says:

          I’ve heard a lot of theories of potentially different starters/starting point and things like that. Though, one thing I will say is I’m pretty sure that they kept it DS because they’re reusing the same engine, and it was likely in development for awhile (Probably while BW1 was in development). Not just that, but it will provide them the best sales. People with 3DSs or NDSs can buy it. If they made it only for 3DS they would have lost the sales of everyone who hasn’t bought a 3DS. If they had rushed a new engine for 3DS, it would have looked pretty wonky anyway, I’d imagine.

        • Giratina says:

          I remember when I became important. All that happened was a psychopath by the name of Cyrus tried to capture me. Kyu-chan, it’s not as fun as it sounds.

        • Giratina says:

          The only good thing that came out of it was the Distortion World was destroyed and I was free to slaughter the innocent once more.

        • Heracross says:

          Eh, they could easily code in a special place for Kyurem to wear the god stone that’d let it change forms. I mean really, the pokemon on the covers are definitely not reshiram nor zekrom. Those two don’t need another form since their base stats are already nice enough, the same can’t be said for Kyurem however so it makes more sense for them to code in an alternate form same as they did for Gira-O

    • Zebstrika says:

      THAT, or just an ripoff like Platinum, but with Kyurem as the legendary main Pokemon, not Reshiram or Zekrom.

  80. Victiny says:

    It’s about time, Cheren. I was beginning to think you’d never deviate from canon and you’d always stay a jerk.

  81. Furretlover says:

    New reader here. I just found out about this last night and devoured the whole thing in said night… I feel very fulfilled, and eagerly await more. This has totally pumped me up for Pokemon Black and White 2!

    • White Kyurem says:

      Welcome to the cult.
      Do you want your uniform in pink or hot pink?

      • Voltoloser says:

        I thought your name was Kyuuram. Also, how is it that both you and normal Kyuurem can exist at the same time?

        • White Kyurem says:

          Masuda confirmed the names as White Kyurem and Black Kyurem.
          I’m a mashup of Reshiram’s and Kyurems’ “inner selves” which in turn forms a new personality and conscience, whether or not I’m currently occupying a body.
          Something complicated that works until officially disproved. *shrugs*
          I’m basically their unborn love child.

        • Voltoloser says:

          Oh, okay. I’m still gonna call you Kyuram, though. Saves me the extra word.

        • White Kyurem says:

          Fine with me~

      • Furretlover says:

        Hot pink definitely, with extra frills if possible. I hope there aren’t any conflicts with my other cult, after all being a cultist is serious business.

        • Darkrai says:

          Welcome to the BA Rangers Frilly the Hot Pink Ranger,you are a chosen one who protects the innocent from the evil,as for I am Captain Shadow Black Ranger,as you are Frilly the Hot Pink and for the other Rangers I barely Achknolage, for we are JUSTICE!

  82. Giratina says:

    Because it’s the second semester, the workload has tripled, and now I learn that Unrelated has been taken from me too. *Is depressed* I’m not even in the mood for alcohol. I need a hug. *collapses from lethargy*

  83. misslalapikachu says:

    I feel bad for Cheren, never felt bad for the dude.

    • Greener says:

      Me neither. But then Author!Black made him an otaku hater, and now I find him as a jerk.

      Also, where’d you find the Wind Waker fanart on your avvy?

  84. Greener says:

    Hey everyone, what do you all want the most to happen on these forums?

    Not with the webcomic or B&W2, you can make your own subjects for them.

  85. Zarnirox says:

    No Bel, he’s not saying you’re fat. He’s saying you’re ASS is fat. A fact of which I’m perfectly fine with. ;)

  86. Seviper says:

    Crying Cheren is adorable. c:
    He needs to do this more often.

  87. Ghastly says:

    Oh dear… Bel the Demon Lord has risen once again… woken up again by Charlene the human girl

  88. JohnnyKudluk says:

    I think Bel being Tsundere
    If you agree with Bel x Cheren, reply me

  89. erihan says:

    i cry for sad hurt cheren then i go look up pics of him doing dirty things with alder on pixiv.

  90. Sammi says:

    Awww, Cheren, bby… ;D;

  91. Ghastly says:

    2: MAGIC

  92. Zoey says:

    Awww I feel bad for Alder. He was just trying to help but Cheren’s all like: I HATE YOU! AUUAURAHUHRUAHURHUAH I’ll NEVER LOOK UP TO YOU AGAIN!!!!
    I know I SHOULD feel bad for Cheren… but… eh.

  93. 151 says:

    Don’t make a tumblog. tumblr. is evil.

  94. tsuntsundere says:

    I’m surprised Alder even remembers who’s who, what with not even remember their names at all.

  95. Lobotomias says:

    Am I the only one in here who noticed Bel’s butt showing? You’re all weird…

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