XY Episode 11 Part 72

worked on this during a con, and got another one coming up;;
Next ep will begin next month! It’ll be a battle between Old Man and Oldest Man

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19 Responses to XY Episode 11 Part 72

  1. riceflowers says:

    that’s lewd, xavier

  2. Azalee says:


    Great job on hiding exactly how low that backline went until this very moment

  3. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    AZ.exe stopped working and the sword killed all the fun in the end lmao

    End of the episode, finally! Yay!! :’D

    I wanna see AZ kicking some ass again owó!!!
    …in front of Xavier’s mom

    Oh dear lol

  4. Mimikyuu says:

    Why you gotta do this to him! AZ doesn’t deserve this kind of torture.

  5. kusuriurikun says:

    Oh dear gods AZ is so adorable. (And Xavier is SUCH a troll)

  6. Piplup says:

    Heck Yess! Been waiting for the next gym fight for a while.

    Not that the fashion show was bad – this chapter was hiarious.


  7. Derpasaurus says:

    AZ can’t handle all these bootes

  8. Kyogre says:

    Damn Xavier you need to hide that Crack better, going a little too low rider. Though now I want to see him in a pair of low cut Jean shorts. Also why does he look so damn good in the dress with or that wig!

  9. Volcarona says:

    One day, xavi’s gonna go too far and realized AZ has a crush on him.. And gods i cant wait for that!!

  10. Sceptile says:

    Would it really be by Artist!Black if it didn’t have cross-dressing in it, AZ?

  11. –It’s getting harder, though–

  12. tatyana says:

    I see a FIN!

    New episode!! I’m so excited!!

  13. beans says:

    xaview and az living the godam dream where one gets to unbutton a hot person’s clothes and the other gets a really tall person to unbutton theirs

  14. Lord says:

    AZ’s are quick to notice, and avoid, lewdness….for now.

  15. Meep says:

    Rip az. Pffffft

  16. It’s next year; when’s the announcement for Episode 12?

  17. Michael says:

    I stopped reading for a while, but holy shit you’re still updating!!! Gotta catch up, lol.

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