Black Adventures originally started on 4chan’s /vp/ board. I posted an introductory image, and posts ending in doubles chose what I would draw next. My adventure was far from the first, though. In fact, I was inspired by a Morty and Gastly adventure, of which I currently don’t have links to.

By the grace of some internet god, the first Black Adventures didn’t turn out full of rape and horrible fetishes and more rape. It was a close call, though. The second ep proved to be a success as well, and anons persuaded/inspired me to turn it into a webcomic, and thus this site was born. I now have considerably more control of the comic, and the general response to that was imokaywiththis.jpg

Black Adventures is now complete, and you can read it by clicking on BA Archive!

XYVENTURES is now my current comic. I chose to do full color and less derp style because it not only fits the fashion theme more, but I’m worried my art won’t improve if I keep on doing derps;;