NEW SITE + other news


For whoever’s doing the TV Tropes thing, please change the links;;; Sorry for the inconvenience. But I don’t think I’ll be changing sites again. As far as I know, this place won’t ever have that weird installation problem because wordpress itself is my host now. The only downside is less customization options, but meh. I can live with it. I’ve kinda gotten really attached to wordpress.

I painstakingly went back and fixed any mistakes I found, including changing the town names and some of the character’s names. SHIT TOOK SO LONG. I’ll explain why I left some things unchanged later. I plan to make a character sheet or something when I have the time.

I feel like I had more to say, but I can’t remember at the moment…

Oh! Here’s something a pretty cool guy did in response to the “N” version of “Kiss Me” ~

Marcio says:

I made a mp3 of the song in case anyone wants it. It comes with lyrics and the pic of N singing is the album art.

Anyone can download it.

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27 Responses to NEW SITE + other news

  1. derp says:

    my body is ready.

  2. Ophelia says:

    WAHAHAHA I follow you here >:U

    >u< this site is cool .. requires my email to post which is dumb for a lazy like me but w/e right

    I cannot wait to see where we go from here ~

  3. Marcio says:

    You featured my MP3, Thank you very much ^^ I’m glad I could help. Btw love the comic! Seriously it cheers me up so much. N is so hug-able.

  4. Uuwuwu says:

    The new website looks nice. Now, let’s see the new episode !

  5. (Hurr. That header, I’ve been staring at it for what felt like hours. And now my mom unexpectedly came home from work.)

    What. Now I’ll be forced to learn the English names, gah. Those are the ones I don’t like and I can’t happen to remember any of’em. Only Nimbasa, but this is the city rap-liked by Shippers. Derp.

    Header. I want to eat it.

  6. BlackKnight says:

    I squee’d. XD Cannot wait to read the next episode! Terrific way to start off my too-early morning!

  7. GintaxAlvissforever says:

    I love the song soooooo much. XD I thank the guy who gives it out. :D

  8. RawkstarVienna says:

    MY LOVE, BLACK! YOU ARE ALIVE! I am so happy.

  9. Hnnn says:

    That Joy is too cute.
    I named my Audino after her, she was a solid member for about 7 badges.

  10. Marcio says:

    I have a Whimiscott called Jesus :D

  11. THISGAII says:

    I think I love you. This whole series is too epic, I’m going to have to draw fanart of this parodied version of PoGAYman. :DDD

    You ruined my childhood, but gave me a new future. :3

  12. mx says:

    Instantly bookmarked.

  13. DuderSkanks says:

    I fixed the TvTropes page for you!

  14. Myshka says:

    I would just like to take this opportunity to announce my undying love for you.

  15. doodlelover says:

    UNDYING LOVE FOR ANYTHING THAT IS YOU. <3 New site is clean and fresh~ And that banner is positively adorable.

  16. shiome says:

    Aw yeah! Nice new site, straight to my bookmarks. :D

  17. Melody says:

    Thanks to this awesomeness I have re-started my game as Black, named my Audino Joy, and started playing blue again to try and catch a missingno. ^ ^

  18. Greed says:

    Why can i not stop listening to this DX

  19. JessieJ says:

    I’ve downloaded it, but when I click it, it doesn’t go to iTunes. Help?

    • Marcio says:

      Because it’s not on itunes. It’s on mediafire. Just download it from there XD It’s free~

      • Marcio says:

        Ah wait, sorry disregard the last comment. Just right click the file then select “Open-with” then select itunes from there. It’s just a matter of configuring your computer. ^^

  20. NostalgicSparrow says:

    Urk I love the mp3 sooo much xD

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