Arcadia Mall Tour

Blurry pic is blurry, but oh well. This post is long overdue.

I went to the Pokemon Mall Tour in Arcadia back in February 19th with some friends. We weren’t cosplaying or anything, so if any of you guys were looking for me, I probably didn’t stand out. Unless you saw the person with the bright orange post-it notes. We posted faces on the silhouettes of the Pokemon around the free demo area, but I don’t think those stayed there very long… I also handed out post-it drawings to cosplayers I ran into. One of them happened to be a fan, and I think we both kinda shat bricks. That was pretty cool though, haha.

Then there was that long-ass line to win a prize. I left a trail of derp drawings along the way. I expected people, mostly small children, to take them, but damn they went fast. I swear, a drawing of Cheren disappeared as soon as I turned my back. So the only people that got to see the drawings were people around me. Oh well…

When we were at the outdoors part of the line, we posted drawings higher and higher on light posts so the children would be forced to strategize in order to retrieve them. That was pretty damn amusing. They were throwing their booklets at it or trying to climb up the pole.  I expected Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” to start playing in the background. The parents thanked me for making the 2+ hour wait in line bearable. That was really nice. <3

I won the phone charm, which I’m okay with. Then my friend gave me the Snivy he won and I hnnng’d all over the place. And that was pretty much it, I think. I would’ve bought an Audino doll, but they weren’t selling any. Whyyy are they so expensive online? I need one…

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34 Responses to Arcadia Mall Tour

  1. derp says:

    i see what you did there. (i think.)
    my mom was like TAKE IT & i was all “naw i want other people to see it. look how fabulous it is.” i might or might not have spotted you but the idea was A++ i approve etc.

    • Black says:

      Ah!~ That one was drawn by the lovely WZD.
      Later on we saw that a little boy had it posted on his booklet-thing.
      Gotta wonder what his parents thought of it, haa.

  2. rawkstarvienna says:

    Fuuuuuu. I wish I had been there. <33 I would've squee'd if I saw you. HAHAHA~

  3. Hat says:

    So I have a second Audino doll that I was going to give to a friend but I kind of overbought for her birthday and she’s sensitive about that kind of stuff so if you want it, I could sell it to you for maybe $35 shipped (USA)? She’s still mint, with tag and all. Hit me up via email or my lj, we can do transactions over paypal. >__>

    • Black says:

      You mean $35 includes shipping? hnnng
      I really wanna, but I probably won’t have any spending money til after AX
      since I have to save up to buy things to sell fdkjshgfjshdg
      If you still have it then, I’d totally buy it;;;

  4. Open-your-Heart says:

    /baws for missing epic stuff and being stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere

    >_< dat Reshiram pin makes me jealous. All I got is this Arceus-figure that like sucks and smells of plastic. And my sister has claimed it as her own. Stupid younger girls, they all got Giratina. ;_;
    The pin would look great next to the "I love Yaoi" one I got from my friend….

  5. Shadowfox says:

    Teh Snivy Plushie! So cute! Wish I coulda been there.

  6. Robert says:

    Hey! I remember seeing you, I can’t put a face on you, but I saw someone posting orange post-it drawings in random areas. I was going to wait in line for the prize again since I got another stamp book, but the line was too long and my friends didn’t want to wait.

    I also got a Snivy plush, but I had to buy mine. I did win a Snivy stylus though! Did you get the card for going to the movie?

    • Black says:

      No, I didn’t have time to see the movie;;;
      I had other things going on that day,
      so all the time I spent at the mall tour were in lines…

  7. PlasmaKing_N says:

    Y-you remember me… ;u; I have a picture of us actually!!! and of the post it notes which I affectionately keep posted on my computer monitor! I could e-mail you the pic if you don’t want it plastered all over the internet that is. :’D

  8. Shadowfox says:

    @Black Unfornatley, no. I don’t even know where that mall even is.

  9. Courtney says:

    “I expected Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” to start playing in the background.”

    you may just be my new favorite person ever.

  10. WZD says:


    lol someone actually took a picture of my snivy

  11. LNA says:

    ….I’m sorry. I’m going to go PKMN Professor on you and ask are you a boy or a girl? (I really can’t tell >_<)

    I was there the same day with a casually thrown together outfit that kinda sorta resembled White/Touko/Hilda… I don't think it was good enough for people to notice though, but it was more disappointing that I didn't see anyone throwing stickies around.

  12. ShihFu says:

    Ah, finally got around to reading this. You forgot to mention how we angered the staff by posting dem orange sticky notes everywhere, haha. AND THAT HORRIBLE BLONDE BOY. Wanted to tell him to stop being so selfish and let the little Hispanic girl get some sticky notes :- c

  13. derp says:

    who wouldn’t it was a beautiful snivy.

  14. Hat says:

    @Black – AX is Anime Expo right? hrm, July 1st is a bit far away I’m sorry, I’ll probably sell or just give it to a friend by then. The price is $35 including shipping, yes. I got it from Sunyshore Pokemart, where it retailed for $28 plus shipping and I trust Sunyshore for good prices. I could ask for $32 shipped if that’d help.

  15. scar66 says:

    hnnnng dear god i wanted to go to that so bad;; i had a stupid AP report due the next day though so i couldn’t *whines* that snivy doll made me jizz.

    … i will find you at AX by the way >U

  16. fixitAlchemist says:

    I must be like super random or something but yes I live in the area. No I am not stalking you, but stalking is INVOLVED. You see i have a friend in Mass. that simply adores your artwork and she’s a fan but she can’t make it to AX, so I’m going to maybe take a picture of you… if you want I can be in it. Not much of a camerawhore… but anyways I hope to see you at AX. Yep, long lines are LONG.

  17. Tyrant says:

    that reminds me of acadia national park in maine cause the names be close.

  18. Toon says:

    I have a snivy too!They rule. :3

  19. MadeofPokemon says:

    WZD = Boy
    ShiFu = girl
    You = *spoiler lol*

  20. Sam says:

    Huh, until reading these comments I never considered you may be a boy. I always thought you were a girl. Lol derp :P

  21. Rina says:

    Cute!!!! I love snivy.

  22. Missingno. says:

    My dad won an Oshawott which he gave to me.

  23. Stabbeh says:

    l went to the one here in Florida! l won the same charm :3

    l got the Zoroark and Zekrom plushiiiiiiiiies

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