Third year is leather, so here you go, ahahkjahfkjdh

Thank you, everyone! We’re on the home stretch now!

Like last year, I will take the time to respond to every comment/question/concern here

and I am also open to ideas for the next comic~

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  1. Jamie says:

    Good job, just try and get the rest done by 2015 ^_^

  2. erihan says:

    it looks like i might not be able to finish the game before you finish this comic, there is a lot more audio than i anticipated, but im gonna do my best, i fish you the best of luck too

  3. Z1Gamer says:

    Happy Anniversary, now I will proceed to consider N Marik and Black as Bakura thanks to that leather pants yu-gi-oh abridged parody. Thank you.

    I just hope you continue to enjoy making this comment as you finish it up. I’m not good at suggestions for new ideas anyways!

  4. Breefree says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. I would love to see you draw another pokemon seriest with Black still meeting Yellow because yellow doesn’t get enough attention. my uestion is….. what level are white’s pokemon?

  5. V says:

    Congratulations, you’ve certainly deserved it. Don’t wear yourself out and take as long as you need to finish it, even if you have to break your goal to do it. Wearing yourself out is bad, y’know?
    As for suggestions on your next comic? You need 100% more Afros, and they don’t need to have a context either. Afros always make anything better.

    • Black says:

      yeah, I probably won’t make it now :’u
      especially since I also have to prepare for a norcal con (APE) on october 12;;;
      I’m gonna be away from hoem when XY is released, so i won’t get it til later anyway gdkhgdj
      I will consider the afros

    • Wondereye says:

      More afros? Now you’ve got me hoping for a Pokemon Colosseum comic…

  6. PsychicGlaceon says:

    Awesome anniversary pic~ Congrats on 3 years of derptastic awesomness! You deserve a ton of presents, and a long and relaxing vacation~ As for a suggestion, Red’s adventures maybe? Or even a Persona comic~

  7. SoYouWantACookie says:

    Good job sir! Happy anniversary! I’ve been with you for a year (I think xD) and I’ve been enjoying your comics. Heck when I get those notifications I drop everything to read them! Your doing great thank you keep up the good job c:

  8. Toal says:

    Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s been three years already! I remember seeing this when it was a choose your own adventure comic way back on /vp/. It’s so awesome to see that this has been going strong after three years. Congratulations!

  9. phionexxx says:

    oh man oh man even after all this time i will never get tited of seeing these two lovely boys in drag


    • phionexxx says:


    • Black says:

      tited sounds like something I would be interested in

      • phionexxx says:

        honestly i’d absolutely love it if you went on and did a sequel with bw2. i mean just think about all the possibilities. You’ve already created a whole bunch of unique relationships that you can develop. Such as arti and elesa, black and arti, the subway masters, dirk and white. And in bw2 there’s also a few big plot changes which you can use to create new relationships and complicate or develop old ones. Also i really want to see you play with hugh’s rage and marlon’s really uneven super tan on his ankles. AND ELESA AND SKYLA’S FRIENDSHIP OMG. AND IF MARY AND JOSEPH AND JESUS JOIN THE GOOD TEAM PLASMA AND GET ROUGHED UP BY THE NEW TEAM PLASMA OH MAN II AM SO EXCITED FOR SOMETHING THAT IS PROBABLY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

        • zandraxofnebulon says:

          this needs to happen
          at first i was all for a xy comic but then i realized we should wait until xy gains some traction so that we all can know the plot. a bw2 comic is the perfect idea because it can build on the original characters and it has already gained some traction and a lot of us already know its plotline
          author!black i would really love to see you do this

  10. Kitsu says:

    I wish you the best of luck, it’s been a great few years! (Though, I’ve only been here since a little bit before the first anniversary, I think…)
    You quickly became one of my favourite webcomics, and I always look forward to your uploads (they come in bursts! [just like me *cough*]).
    I like the idea of you doing more pokemon, but don’t worry about sticking to that. You can do whatever you want! Maybe you could do a miniseries on Free! and then go on to something else!

    • Black says:

      I have a lot of different comic ideas, and I don’t know where to start;;; but if it’s not gonna be original, it’ll probably be another pokemon comic

  11. greener223 says:

    In the time of one year, you finished up 19 chapters.
    During the second year, 7 chapters.
    The third, 3 chapters.
    You’re slowing down, Author!Black. But meh, I don’t mind.

    Will you be tying into BW2’s outcome perfectly, or creating an Alternate Reality ending?

  12. Ghastly says:

    Ah, so are you going with the negotiation for B2W2 idea? That would be epic.

  13. Tornadeuce says:

    I was hoping for something like this because I knew third year was leather. I’M SO HAPPY YOU KNOW THIS HNNNG

    I was hoping for something worthwhile to say, but I really can’t think of anything ._.”

  14. Duth Olec says:

    Well, X&Y would be the most current thing to do, I imagine, but, adventures of Missingno.??
    I… kinda feel like the subplot of What the Crap is Missingno. and Where Did It Come From fell by the wayside. Well, there’s still, I imagine, a chapter and a half, so maybe something will be said on that.
    I mean, Missingno. was basically why I started reading. Came for the Missingno., stayed because it’s absolutely ludicrous. (Of course I imagine most people stayed for other primary reasons.)
    Regardless, stay ludicrous! Lucidrous? Who needs it!
    Anyway, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon where Black and N are turned into Pokemon. They’d both become Ralts, of course.

  15. Regirock says:

    Well, it would be a tad early to start on an XY comic because of how unknown the plot is; maybe something Hoenn. Not like that’d entitle me a cameo, but Hoenn is awesome and stuff.

    • Black says:

      I wouldn’t be starting the net comic immediately anyway;;

      • Regirock says:

        I’d expect not. Comics are a lot of work. Tried making my own in the “graphic novel” style. I exceeded 450 panels before I got bored, although the plot became nothing by the 50th or so. But I still do suggest Hoenn, although there are a lot of water routes.

  16. serperior says:

    Yayy, happy anniversary~ I still don’t really want this to end, but I’ll look foward to the next comic~

    for a question, do you remember that the chatango exists

  17. PurpleKecleon says:

    Again, Congrats for 3 years!
    To be perfectly honest, I like your style and humor enough to want to see whatever you put out next, Whether it’s Pokemon related or not.

  18. Luuurrvdisc says:

    I remember finding your dA account back in June 2011. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for finding something on the internet (and then forcing my sister to read it with me. We’ve both been fans ever since). I’m going to be so sad when this is over, but you can be sure that I’ll read this over and over again, and then read your next comic when you get started.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  19. Fem-Alexander says:

    Happy third anniversary! :D
    And also, holy crap, Black is wearing a (sexy) black, leather bra. *coughs*

  20. shinymyu says:

    KANTO. Take Black to Kanto in search of N, and in the next chapter have N searching for black in Johto, and then alternate perspectives every chapter.

    Also, can I get a frame in Kanto?

  21. MystChan says:

    An X and Y parade be fun, considering all the fashion police derps out there. But Id like whatever you want to do since it’ll be way more cool that way. Like always.

    If you could estimate all the profits this comic has made for you, how much would that be xD And did you ever expect that, and how do you feel about that xD

    • Black says:

      oh man, I love the fashion aspects of XY already! I wanna draw the protags wearing a bunch of different outfits
      like every single time I draw them, they’ll be in a different outfit
      okay maybe that’ll be too much;;

      it’s more than I expected, but unfortunately not enough to live by
      it’d be pretty amazing to be able to live off a derp pokemon webcomic

  22. OlderStrangePeople says:

    I think you should do about the other guys (Red, Gold…) or a comic where everybody knows everybody. Or you could do a comic in the BW2 universe.
    And I really don’t want thos to end! (I started to read this weekend, and I’m already in love with N and Black in drag… I’m crazy.)

  23. MisterM says:

    So are you gonna be making more comics after BA ends, or…?

  24. Nick says:

    The adventures of Makoto!!

  25. Magikarp says:

    It doesn’t have to be anything rellated to pokémon!
    But how about an X and Y, fashion everywhere and stuff?
    ¡Podría incluso ser algo completamente en español!
    Troca troca troca.

    • Black says:

      it’d have to be Spain spanish, and I dunno if they say troca?
      Xavier would totally be Spanish though, and yell at people if they don’t pronounce his name the spanish way

      • Magikarp says:

        Well I am Mexican spanish but have some Spain spanish friends, Also, yeah, they pronounce Xavier as Javier, but I also liked the ‘Noir’ idea…(I’m going to use that name in my Pokémon X thanks to you).

  26. Manna says:

    Happy Anniversary Black Adventures!!
    We’ve come so far and it’s been brilliant! I look forward to what you have in store for us afterwards!!

  27. zandraxofnebulon says:

    do a comic based on x/y’s plot

  28. CryingCauseIt'sAlmostDone says:

    I remember when this comic just started on /vp/ and it’s almost done now. But it’s been a great run and I will miss all off these characters when it’s all done. I’m sad, but excited for whatever next comic you plan to do. :)

    • Black says:

      thanks for sticking by so long~
      oh and trying to figure out what day I did the second ep made me remember that I made N’s birthday the 20th of September! I totally forgot;;; N is 24 now.

  29. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

    Hahaha! The pic is great. Thanks for not abandoning the comic! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY~!

  30. purplezoroark says:

    Well where to start, thanks for all the hard work you’ve done for us this past years, I can’t even find the words to describe how happy this comic made me, honestly whenever I was depressed I look at the archives and I still end up chuckling in most parts, once again thanks for all your dedication, we realize you bearly gain something from doing this so the least we can do if be grateful, sorry for any inconvenient or pressure we may have caused, and you better believe I’ll be eager to read your next works.

    Una vez mas, Muchas gracias artista Negro.

    Attentamente: Un fan mas.

  31. hm? those outfits…soul hacker’s Nemissa’s outfit?

  32. Ghastly says:

    First year is paper, second year is a canonical kiss, and third year is leather?
    I see a pattern…

  33. ikikurface says:

    I really do love this comic but I’m still on episode 26 :U. I’ve been following this comic since the winter of 2011 when I was dealing with depression. Man, this actually helped me out of it and the people of chatango helped too. I don’t want it to end, but I’m so curious how it will end! I will like to thank you now.

    Next comic idea… It should have pokemon and shotas. Atleast one and he could be a tsundere.

  34. JollyPiplups says:

    Wow, I joined at around Christmas 2011, and it’s been tons of fun since~
    I could easily owe this comic the being the catalyst of my internet life; I found it on a tumblr blog a little bit before I got my own computer and now I have really good friends over at Unrelated Chatango ;w;
    (Some crazy stuff goes on in there~)
    I should probably reread this; I tend to forget whats going on between updates, haha. I’ll follow you wherever you go when this ends, which will be super duper bitter sweet times~
    I’m wondering, do you have a 3DS?

    • Black says:

      yeah I heard you guys sexualized nilbert! which I guess couldn’t be the craziest thing, all things considered
      I should probably reread too but I’m afraid of finding mistakes ahahjhdksfds

      yes, I own a 3DS!

  35. Thstguyeithacoolhousehst says:

    Congrats I love this comic keep up the good work. I REWLLY want the serries to continue when it ends

  36. Aeroczema says:

    Happy Anniversary! I went back recently and reread through the whole comic. It’s really cool to see how much your art and story have improved over time! Three years is a lot of time, so I hope you’ve been enjoying this as much as we have. Looking forward, if you plan to do an X/Y comic, I’d be super excited. Since I don’t have a 3DS, your comic would be my only notion of the storyline, which I’m sure would be warped and fabulous. Haha, anyway congrats!! Can’t wait to see more. :D

  37. HomuHomu says:

    Urk, a day late. //cries
    But yeah, Happy Anniversary to Black Adventures!!
    This comic is soooo enjoyable and I always look forward to updates~
    And, one question. You may have gotten this tons of times already, but do you plan on making anymore comics after this one? Maybe for BW2, or even for X and Y once its out?

  38. devilsama says:

    Happy anniversary again.
    I’ve been reading this thing little less than some people, but I’m always in a cheerful mood after reading the new pages. For the new game that’s coming out, I’ll be nuzlocke-ing it. So… I’m going to be weeping while playing it. I think this comic should have an epilogue where black just announces to the world that he is gay. I think it’s been established enough for people to realize it. O w O
    Keep up the good work. I worship you.

    • Black says:

      But Black had a crush on his sister oh wait she’s a man now

      either way, he wouldn’t have to announce it if it’s that obvious;;

      • devilsama says:

        That is true…, but it’d be like my friends in reality… They seem like a homo couple to the world, but they have yet to admit it to us and one day they will tell my friends and I and we would be like, “We already knew it! Took you guys long enough!”

  39. Andromeda Lazuli says:

    Other than saying the usual “Happy anniversary” stuff, you’d start laughing when you hear this… Before I was introduced to this comic by my friend (who’s gonna be a Black cosplayer for me!), I was already working on cosplaying N for SanJapan6… After reading this comic, it made me even MORE excited that I was gonna cosplay N and then I saw the transformations… Made me want to do those as well as “Maid” N as well which the funniest thing is about that maid uniform is that I actually HAVE that in my cosplay stuff minus that styled apron (mine came with the one that only goes over the hips and ignores the torso type).

    The friend who introduced me to this comic then wanted to do a Black cosplay with me and because of this, we’re thinking about doing the first transformation (Panty & Stocking) for a future cosplay just because we’re crazy like that! I would love to do the other ones as well but since of the lack of money the two of us have, it’s sad that we’re limited to what we can do… Plus, I’m kinda paying off my White for helping fix my computer by commissioning two cosplays for her. :P

    • Andromeda Lazuli says:

      And now I wanna see a full image of them in leather since I can SO~ see my cos-pal and I doing this as a future cosplay! xD

    • Black says:

      oh cool! please send me pics if you cosplay my versions! ;w;/

      for the anniversary pic, I gave them Nemissa’s outfit from Soul Hackers

      • Andromeda Lazuli says:

        Very sexy and don’t worry, I will! ^_^ There’s two cosplayers that already beat my friend and I to doing the panty and stocking as well as the maids but that doesn’t mean we won’t still try it out. :D I’ll see if I can talk her into doing the cosplays from your comic with me since your comic is actually the reason why she wants to cosplay Black in the first place. xD

  40. Micery says:

    My friends and I who are also readers of this comic notify each other over facebook when you update. It started off as us saying “Black Adventures updated” which eventually turned into “Blork adventures updated” which devolved into any combination of a one-syllable word starting with B and ending with a k sound, a plural noun, and a past tense verb ending in -ed such as “Bleak purpetrators terminated” or “Block creatures ripsnorted”
    Just felt like sharing that

  41. Hidden says:

    Ahh, congratulations on making it so far! I’ve been a fan almost since the beginning, though this is my first time commenting. I’ve seen so many good comics sputter and die, I’m so happy to see you finish this one- It’s really impressive to see you still going strong, even if it’s a little slower to update! (Also, the burst of pages has to be my favorite update style I’ve ever seen)

    Honestly, as long as your next comic has cute androgynous boys in drag, I will be a happy camper u_u

  42. Sanichi says:

    Oh god. I was still in high school when I first started reading this. I didn’t even realize so much time has passed. This has been awesome.

    By the way, when did you start working with Skullgirls? I wasn’t around for that milestone ‘-‘

  43. TotallyNotMe says:

    I think farfignugletron needs its own comic where it turns out that it’s not dead and it’s just derping around schwarzwald… yeah I don’t know where I’m going with this…. like at all…

    …IGNORE ME!!!

  44. LucarioDopa says:


    *goes into cardiac arrest from teh leather*

  45. Suengyr says:

    Congrats on another anniversary!
    Now to ramble…
    BW2 is kind of an obvious choice if you stick with pokemon comics, though maybe something you should come back to later, once the characters have had a chance to change and grow and get over all this crazies, with the new young batch as the focus but with lots of delicious cameos from the old gang. And never forget with the World Championships, everyone who’s anyone is there at some point.
    Kanto is kinda bland, not in a bad way, just meh. You need a lot of your own material to make it work in a new and interesting way.
    Johto has lots of room for drama, especially with the whole Crystal/Lyra issue, Silver’s daddy problems, and the like.
    Hoenn is nice, but again, you’d need something to spice it up to your level of awesomeness. Like maybe Wally’s going blind or something so then he learns braille later and can unlock the Regis. Something something. Potential craziness.
    Sinnoh of course has the largest amount of wtf with its legends, Barry’s always adapted to be some sort of interesting annoying, whether the original game or the anime or other fanworks. He should, of course, end up stuck with Dialga mad at him so he’s always late no matter how fast he runs.
    XY is something that we’ll all have to see about, though as such it still has potential…
    Overall, though, I like the lower number of pokemon per trainer. Continuing to work that in helps build character. And make battles less common. Not that the fire and guns and Madoka everywhere didn’t have me squeeing and freaking out like the rest of the viewers.
    …………Welp, whatever you choose, I know we’ll all be having fun. And I’ll stalk less. Maybe.

    • Black says:

      yeah I like have a low number of pokemon because weird battles full of parodies are more interesting to me :y
      also, it just doesn’t make any sense for N to participate in pokemon battles
      whatever reasoning he had in-game, it just made him a hypocrite
      and I don’t see how he would’ve liked Black as much if he had pokemon battles, too

  46. GHOST says:

    Don’t ever leave the Internet.
    That is all.

  47. Daioh says:

    omfg its been 3 years wow time flies when youre reading french pornography but anyways i really hope you keep it up and i look forward to your future comics!

  48. EasterEggGroup says:

    Happy Anniversary! I’d like to see a B2W2 or XY comic, it seems like it’ll be a good one, what with the fabulous Team Flare and all.

  49. Another Celebi says:

    Pweeaasseee author!black !!
    I don’t care if you took another three years. Just make them (Black and N) be together at the end. It tears my heart appart when *Spoilers* N said goodbye at the end of the whole elite4/champion/GINORMOUS castle coming from nowhere/etc. thingy to the hero and then disappears ;_;!
    I would love you forever if you do, thank you.

  50. numbertwozeldafan says:

    I’ve gotta say; this comic is right up there with 8-bit Theater in my opinion. You’ve taken something like Pokemon, and managed to mold it into something completely your own. The randomness, the parodies, and the overall story blend together with amazing precision. I haven’t been along for the ride since the beginning, but I’m certainly going to hang around until the end. If you EVER thing there’s even a SLIGHT chance of doing another comic; I suggest you go ahead and do it. You’re a great story-teller, a wonderful artist, and (from what I can tell) a hilarious person. Here’s to any future endeavors!

  51. Enners says:

    I’m on mobile, so no WP account for me, but maybe “Enners” rings a bell.

    Happy Anniversary(a little late, but I read the newest pages on the 24th), and thank you so much for sticking it out this long! You could have stopped 3 years ago, but you didn’t and I am so proud of you! You should be proud of yourself!!

    (By the way, do you perhaps prefer gender-neutral pronouns?)

    I know you have about a million ideas and suggestions whirling through your head, but how about I just toss another one your way?

    Free! Crossover with any other fandom you were thinking about doing.

    Like, the cast of Free! in a highschool life of despair, or as pokemon trainers, or in a fire emblem or persona scenario. Or causing Instrumentality idk.

    Anything that inspires you, plus the cast of Free!(mostly Momkoto because I know how you love the Makoto).

    (ps: today is my birthday and im especially excited about free and BA and dingle rondo and thank you again for all your hard work and letting me see your artistic progress these past few years!! You’ve grow so much ahhhh)

    • Black says:

      yes, I recognize your name!

      I like plural, but I don’t mind male or female
      invented pronouns just sound like mispronunciations to me;;

      next comic, every character will be Momkoto

      happy birthday! I noticed a couple other people saying the 24th was their birthday too, so happy birthday to everyone!

    • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

      Happy birthday!

  52. Umbreon says:

    Fuck! Fourdays late! Sorry ><

    Wow…Three years…I know I haven't been around much since I've gotten a better job and am saving up to go to school for Music Production, but I'm glad I found this site two and a half years ago. Whether is was the comic itself, chatting with all the people in unrelated, enduring flame wars, enjoying the cosplay/crossdressing humor you used, it's been a great run! I maybe wonder if I could maybe make some tunes for the site later, either as gifts or original Pokemon-based pieces that you could have playing during certain pages or such, giving the comics more depth!

    Anyways, hope you enjoyed it as much as we do and if you are interested in working on doing that music idea, let me know, it'll give me motivation to do stuff after work and on days off. ^~^

    Also, thanks to everyone here for making this place more enjoyable, even you Thundhurr and your followers/clones/whatever they're called. Sucks some are gone or don't post here anymore, but maybe they'll come back.

    Anyways, can't wait to see what is next, the faithful little Umbreon shall be here waiting! <3<3<3

    • Black says:

      actually, I could always use music for the dating sim I’m working on :y
      progress is pretty slow on that so I dunno when exactly;;

      • Umbreon says:

        Hmmm, definitely message me, could give ya my email now or on one of my other site accounts and such.
        I could definitely work at it with a basic program too~ The music I mean, how long of a game are you aiming for?

      • Umbreon says:

        Want my email so you can let me know when?

  53. Kittycara says:

    Maybe you could do something like a spoof series based on the Pokémon Special manga. I’d love to see your version of Lance VS Yellow!

    • Black says:

      the manga is so long though :’u
      and THEY spoofed ME
      with the whole kami trio thing
      and they crucified the gym leaders
      which is totally something I would’ve done if they haven’t

      • Kittycara says:

        They did? Wow, I guess stuff happens when I’m too busy with school to read manga.

        Maybe something like an abridged series then, where episodes/chapters/sections/WHATEVERS are summed up in a few minutes?

  54. Tadashi says:

    Sadly I don’t have any ideas for you, but here’s to 3 years of one heck of an excellent webcomic. Congratulations, artist!Black! :)

    • Andromeda Lazuli says:

      No, even better… LEATHER BODY SUITS!!! Author!Black showed me the reference for this and trust me, it’s better than pants since it’s sexy! xD

  55. Kiwi says:

    I guess I cannot be fashionably late. Oh dear, this is like walking into to class and everyone is staring at you… T_T Happy (late) anniversary! i do not know about the references to anime, manga or anything. (No hate please) I do not have any suggestions because your ideas are wonderful as they are. Continue to do what you do and we readers shall read on!

  56. Anaglyphic says:

    Please Please PLEASE do a side comic on Joy and/or Nilbert and/or Jesus! no real plot necessary, just good ‘ol fashioned funny. Preferably of the cute variety.

  57. Kyogre says:

    Wooooooooooooo! congrats on your third year, and great hopes for more to come.

  58. Mawile says:

    Oh my god Author!Black you have not stopped being the best I love you
    I’ll just second everyone’s praise. Comic idea? I don’t really have one on such short notice… Something with Achroma in it? I’d love to see you draw him in your not-derp style. (Better go check your dA…)

  59. Giratina says:

    What is this?! Is it possible that it’s already been three years since this masterpiece started?! Black, you’ve been amazing all this time. Your art has improved so much, and we all love you! Congrats!

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