Episode 22 part 17

That’s all for now.

Updates will probably still be slow, but I can try to be more active online!

People tell me to make a tumblr, but I’m afraid how time-consuming that would be;;

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466 Responses to Episode 22 part 17

  1. Zoroark says:

    Cheren gets hit by Bel’s Pignite in the face on the way out

    • Mizu says:

      (as OC, Mizu)
      maybe i’ll rethink killing him
      (my OC is actually friends with all the main characters, she just doesn’t like cheren, in my fan thingmajiger of this fan thingmajiger my OC is with cheren after he becomes a gym leader… i think…)

  2. nyanchan says:

    bloody. white. kimono.


  3. Chibi says:

    DARUMAKA. Y U SO KYUT?! >//o//<
    Poor Cheren… nothing's going right for him lately, is it? ;v;

  4. Espurr says:

    I feel really sorry for Cheren. Even though he’s a dick.

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