Episode 22 Part 18

Only managing a 4-part update has left me in despair!

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57 Responses to Episode 22 Part 18

  1. Azalee says:

    Black, dat booty

  2. Serperior says:

    Any update is a good update :D
    Suicide is bad for you, Cheren.

    • Mizu says:

      (as my OC, Mizu)
      (suddenly all nice-ish)
      don’t go on killing yourself cheren
      i promise i might not kill you
      feel better?

  3. Itoshiki says:


  4. Blue Rose says:

    D’aww. Was hoping for a “MY LIFE IS IN DESPAIR!!” line. Ah well.

  5. hikashu says:

    No, Cheren! Don’t commit suicide!

    Leave it ’till Alder comes *shot*

  6. Raka says:

    Come on, Black, he was only trying to make himself taller.

  7. Shuckle says:

    Wait… why is Cheren trying to make himself taller?

  8. Sayonara, Zetsu- I mean, Cheren.

  9. Umbreon says:

    I just knew you’d use a line like that! But you aren’t trying to kill yourself, you’re trying to grow taller!

  10. shroomcat says:

    The only time I have sympathy with Cheren is with these Alder situations – poor guy. :'((

  11. Next page, Cheren will say this:


  12. Dreamy says:

    If we forget about the rope, the last panels can lead to something.
    …Actually, it works even with the rope.

  13. Anon says:

    [Later, because Black wanted to change]

    No, Black! Never change! We love you as you are!

    • Thundhurrus says:

      I don’t think Black actually changed. He wanted to change, but he never actually carried through with changing.

  14. shinobigoomba says:

    Oh god Cheren no.
    Do not commit sudoku

  15. Wondereye says:

    … I receive some emails about this comic updating and it’s this…… well, it can’t possibly go downhill from here! *next*

  16. So that’s why Cheren had the Itoshiki-Style!

  17. Emily says:

    bwaaahh cheren xD you’re such a dick, even when trying to kill yourself

  18. Haela says:

    DAT ASS B|

  19. Rory says:

    Was waiting for this. 8D

    “I’ve seen you cry before. It’s actually – ”
    Actually what, Black?

  20. Lucarioblaze says:

    Zetsubou reference.
    I love you even more. ♥

  21. JollyEmpoleons says:

    Really Cheren? Hanging yourself?

    Your such a drama queen~

  22. Slowpoke says:


  23. JackJerripher says:

    Being Sharon is Suffering…

  24. Zero says:

    0.o As much as I feel bad for Cheren, I didn’t think it was going to be this bad!

    I hope Cheren feels better in the next few comics! I don’t want him to kill himself off. He’s the best! XD

  25. I think that just killed him more…no wait…dang it he’s still alive >:T

  26. Grell says:

    Noooo, Cheren!

    Don’t do … Pfffffftt Heh … Don’t do it, Cheren. Ah Hah hahahahhaha!

    Ugh, that was a good laugh.

    /Secretly wishes he was Cheren

  27. Joey says:


  28. Devil says:

    I love zetsubou sensei~~
    -is reading it while reading this-

  29. Zebstrika says:

    This makes me think about something funny: Magmortar’s Japanese name is Booburn.

  30. Gray says:

    Cheren no! At least wait for Alder to crush you to pieces first!

  31. hazy says:

    The escape rope failed. Silly Cheren. Those things don’t work indoors.

  32. Wildwalker says:

    Oh geez… I leave the comic for a month and I come back to Cheren hanging himself. It’s almost as if you missed me. :’D

  33. N says:

    *Ahem*… That’s… wonderful Cheren, Simply wonderful! Dont do that with Dirk, N, Black, and the OTHERs around! (Especially Samba!) D’:

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