XY Episode 07 Part 07


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11 Responses to XY Episode 07 Part 07

  1. larvesta says:

    Head shot!

  2. Azalee says:

    Isn’t that first speech bubble missing a “not”? I’m so thankful that Xavier’s reaction is the right one, my poor gay child

  3. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    So… Is a family thing, then?

    Sycamore, you smut piece of a French~

  4. Manna says:

    God bless Xavier-mama

  5. Seph says:

    Don’t mess with moms.

  6. Temia Eszteri says:


  7. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    The face of a mama bear that will kill you if you touched there cub.

  8. tsuntsundere says:

    Sycamore is never gonna get laid ever
    and he just got karate chopped by Xavier’s mom on top of that

  9. Sceptile says:

    So is that a yes?

  10. C-P says:

    I believe that is a One-hit K.O.

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