XY Episode 07 Part 06


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9 Responses to XY Episode 07 Part 06

  1. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    WHY do you have to like older men, you precocious FUCK?!?! D:

  2. yamamotokou says:

    “Currently” he says, heh.

  3. sakuraleic says:

    Damn I knew that Sycamore is a shameless man whore but he’s much lower and sickening than I thought. Guess it’s downhill from here, but hey shameless amoral Syacamore sure is entertaining as hell.

    • Ghastly says:

      I dunno
      I take it more as Lysandre doesn’t respond to Sycamore’s flirting
      So Sycamore teases other people to take out his sexual frustrations

      • sakuraleic says:

        Eh I just personally find it deplorable either way. Doesn’t help that I don’t know how old Sycamore is in this universe, in the games at least he seems older than he looks, he does seem late 40’s at the very least, since he refered to Lysandre as one of his former students. Either way I’m looking too much into this and taking this way too seriously anyway.

  4. halp says:

    Pokémon XOXO and Y

  5. tsuntsundere says:

    In the end Sycamore is just gonna do a father figure thing speech and leave and Xavier’s gonna be as frustrated as ever

  6. ShedNinja says:

    While everyone is focused on Sycamore’s antics, I’ll just have to comment on Antoinette. I didn’t really notice on the first read-through, but this is just tragic. Look at that panel.
    Looking away, moving away, the frustrated look, the line followed by an ellipsis, the slight fading, the scarf-arm-thing covering/protecting the main body… They look so very powerless and vulnerable.
    We know Sycamore has their scabbard. He is essentially holding them hostage. And it really shows here.
    And here’s the kicker:
    Xavier, their de facto trainer, is actually ordering them to do something. Anything.
    But they can’t. They just… can’t.

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