XY Episode 07 Part 08

that’s all for now

happy holidays!

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17 Responses to XY Episode 07 Part 08

  1. Kyogre says:

    For some reason I mistakes Xavier’s mom for black from blacks adventure, and that got me thinking something crazy. What if Xavier’s dad is N? Any how I feel bad that shaune will get shot the hell down on her date.

    • Azalee says:

      That would bring the question of why Xavier is a little darker than his mom, then (unless he’s just tanned a little darker than his natural skintone).

    • Black says:

      This takes place right after BA, so that would require some time travel shenanigans

      …which is totally possible in this world, fuck

      • Unless the moms are sisters! :D
        You could have a special of Xavier’s mom talking to her sister about her son and his bf, and how Xavier hasn’t found a man yet XD

        • Andromeda Lazuli says:

          OMG You just totally made my day with the idea that Xavier’s mom and Black’s mom are sisters and the idea of a special like that! Imagine a different special where Black and N make an appearance because Black went to see Xavier!!!

  2. Azalee says:

    Mrs. Xavier’s mom’s mom sense was tingling.

  3. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    Ohmy- Jesus fuck! He’s bleeding D:

    That mom is hella strong! :O!!!!

  4. Jaspurr says:

    ‘o’ I love your comics so much, ive been reading them since the dawn of time *o* *o*

  5. icontroldragons says:

    damn xavier’s mom is stronk as fuck and she is just daaaamn a bae, I genuinely dont know if I like her or yvonne more now, both are busty baes and so awesome– then again yvonne also has blue and white as a majority of her colour scheme…

  6. Ghastly says:

    I am a shameless Sycamore sympathizer
    Like I know he’s a man whore
    But he’s literally bleeding on a carpet

  7. tsuntsundere says:

    what if it turns out he’s just bleeding because of the mom’s tube top
    like that anime nosebleed thing
    I mean I didn’t see any blood last page when he got struck
    but maybe he just hit his face on the floor

    also Xavier’s mom secretly wishing she had an athletic son is precious
    what if she and Yvonne met and totally got along and Xavier was mad lol

    also Shauna should crossdress on her date, that would increase her chances of making it with Xavier by 100%, if he didn’t recognize her first

    I thought Shauna was gonna have an actual date this chapter and now I feel bad for her
    Hope she gets an awesome bae like White did in Black Adventures. That dancing guy and his fire chicken thing. idk that game wasn’t memorable for me I don’t remember most of the pokemon names from it oops

  8. xD says:

    “I dunno why, but I got the sudden urge to come over.”
    Bless them parental instincts. Parents just know okay? They just KNOW.

  9. Tobin says:

    In the first panel I was wondering ‘is that blood or nah’

  10. Pann says:

    Am I the only one questioning the white on the last panel >v>;;;; huehue

    Mom game too strong though

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