Episode 27 Part 22


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29 Responses to Episode 27 Part 22

  1. greener223 says:

    You lying, scheming SOB, Ghetsis…


  2. Z1Gamer says:

    It just occurred to me White might get Zekrom, because obviously she wears the pants in this comic, and Black will get Reshiram for his ideals of still wishing inside that White wasn’t his sister and that he was friend zoned!

    • Reshiram is truth not ideals

      • Rory says:

        And even if Reshiram were ideals it wouldn’t pick a hero over pathetic ideals like that. (Plus Black would find better ideals to fight for in the first place.)

      • Z1Gamer says:

        So it is, I never did bother to remember which is which so my bad on that part! ^^”

        Allow me change then that White shows a fire of fiery the shows her true strength while Black and N possess a zeal that helps them strive to their ideal goals no matter the fashion. Having the ability to know what true fashion is in the world could be important to Zekrom, he just didn’t want to admit openly.

    • GHOST says:

      It occurred to me a while back that maybe Dirk gets Zekrom and maybe White gets Reshiram. Just to totally mess with our heads, cause that would be the least thing we would expect to happen. But if you think about it, Dirk= essence of manliness.

    • Darkrai the God says:

      Black gets Reshiram, White gets Kyurem, and Dirk gets Zekrom (not being racist here, Zekrom wants a manly-man for his hero, and Dirk wants to prove he is manly to his family.) They then fight over her. Or Pod gets Reshiram and burns New York to the ground.

      • Z1Gamer says:

        Problem is Dirk doesn’t need to prove how manly he is, he appeared as the most manly person there after all!

        • Rory says:

          At the part when everyone is telling their dreams, Dirk outright says he wants to prove to his family that he’s a real man.

        • Z1Gamer says:

          Well we could always be optimistic that Dirk did that before the E4 battles or stopped trying to impress his father (even though that seems unlikely due to the latest update).

  3. Lampent says:

    And N, while adorable, continues to completely disregard science and why separating the species would be a bad idea.
    I mean, I love N, but science. It keeps Pokémon Leagues in tact.

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