Episode 27 Part 21

BA-c27-21even after cheren explaining, I’m sure no one still gets it;;


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36 Responses to Episode 27 Part 21

  1. greener223 says:

    Firsty first first of firstness.

    Yay, more Evil Ghetsis focus!

  2. greener223 says:

    Also, screw SNK, it sucks.

  3. Delta Pangaea says:

    Well, if I had to guess, I’d say there’s an SNK character named Yuri. Yuri being a term for lesbians, the genderbent version would be that for gay guys. IE, Yaoi.

  4. KitM says:

    I’m going to guess there’s a character named Yuri in SNK? |D cute.

  5. ……….
    Dammit… NOW I get the reference….
    Also, wat de heck is a fourth wall cheren??

    • Z1Gamer says:

      It’s not breaking the fourth wall if there is no proof that those things existed in the universe! Besides he would have to realize that he is just a game character and be talking directly to us readers!

      • greener223 says:

        This isn’t Yugioh Abridged or Arby ‘n the Chief.
        This is a reformatting of BW1, not anything else.

        • Z1Gamer says:

          What does Yugioh Abridged or Arby ‘n the Chief (never heard of that by the way) have to to with what I said?
          Also in the actual pokemon games before this there are consoles in your players room like the Gamecube and Wii, both of which have SNK titles for those consoles!

  6. Z1Gamer says:

    Was there a poll for the audience to see the actual battle or to just watch Grimsley’s face for this section?

  7. Oh Cheren, you’re naming your characters after Crapcom. Yes Ace Attorney is great and all but Crapcom as a whole is so BS now. -_-

  8. Haela says:

    I have no idea what SNK stands for.

  9. null1024 says:

    As a KOF fan, this pleases me.

    [yes, there is a character named Yuri]

  10. hikahsu says:

    SNK and Capcom always release Capcom VS SNK games,
    so it’s like Cheren and White are in eternal rivalry

  11. AmiBunny says:

    Is it weird that I imagined elevator music in the background for the last 2 panels? ;w;

  12. Raichu (a love song) says:

    …. Ohhhhhh…

    I figured out Roberta, Teresa, Yaoi and Kyoko, but Angelo still has me stumped.

  13. Ghastly says:

    I’m probably the only one here that doesn’t know.

    But what’s SNK?

  14. null1024 says:

    As a massive KOF [King of Fighters, a fighting game series by SNK] fan, I adore this naming scheme.

    yes, there is a character named Yuri

  15. EasterEggGroup says:


  16. Lampent says:

    The most awkward elevator ride ever.

  17. Jolteon92 says:

    Genderbent… SNK? I don’t get the joke… but I see what you mean. Its still hilarious!!!

  18. twilight sage says:

    I think I get the joke…but I can’t be sure the character in question is an snk character…I’ve never played one before.

  19. Metalhead says:

    No one gets ist…? Well… smells KoF a bit… like… Kyoko as a gender-bent Kyo (Kusanagi)? And Yaoi… like in the style of iyori? Would be insane enough…

  20. Chibi says:

    XD SNK and CAPCOM references…. EPIC WIN.
    So, this Mienshao is indeed a male then? I can’t help but wonder how he feels about the nickname… even if it is a pun. ^^;

  21. huggles says:

    dont judge me gaycheese looks snuggly in a snuggie

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