Episode 22 Part 21

ahhhh that is all for now

New poll to the right! I’ve seen a couple people comment that they’ve never actually played Black/White, but they keep up with this comic. It makes me wonder how many of you guys are like that!

Fun fact: I started this comic waaay before I actually played Black/White.

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337 Responses to Episode 22 Part 21

  1. KarmaKecleon says:

    I’m glad my insomnia is good for catching updates at almost 6am.

  2. Serperior says:

    I like character development. :)
    HPMYH. Heal Pulse Makes You High.

    • Serperior says:

      Wait, by finishing B/W, do you mean “Beat Ghestis, saw credits” or “Beat Alder after Credits”?

      • Black says:

        beat Alder and all that jazz

        • Azalee says:

          D: b-b-but that answer is discriminating against people with too short an attention span to level grind
          I played through the entire story twice and explored the entire country, but never beat Alder, but I still wanna answer “YES OF COURSE WHAT KINDA QUESTION IS THAT”… é_è

        • Zekrom says:

          Hey, I beat Alder like, twenty times. :\ It’s not that hard. Really. He’s just a Champion. Seriously. I’ve beaten Cynthia more times than I’ve beaten Alder. I’m a Legendary Dragon/Electric type, I can kill anything, including my counterpart, Reshiram.
          Also, I have Kyurem fighting alongside me. We kill everything!
          “Of course I’ve played the game are you f-cking stupid!?!?!?”
          Fits my reaction when I read that. v-v
          Please excuse my language. *clears throat*

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You’re no legendary. You’re just a Ditto/Zorua/Zoroark using transform/illusions to disguise yourself.

        • Zekrom says:

          Says the fool with the second H in the middle of his name and two Rs instead of one.
          I am not a Zorua or a Zoroark. I am friends with one, though.
          I am most CERTAINLY not a Ditto! That is an insult to all Legendaries!

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You are one of those three, don’t deny it. Everyone here knows it because there’s only one Zekrom, and he’s already here. And I’ve verified that he’s real. Therefore, by process of eliminamanationerizering, thou doth be the fake.

        • Zoroark says:

          Well that was a painful hit… damn electric types… Gotta love em to some extent, though. *reverts back to regular form, lounged back against a tree, picking steak from my teeth*

        • Heracross says:

          *clears throat* Ahem. I believe what Thundhurrus is trying to convey is that every commenter here tends to be an active RPer and have had their names from the beginning. Zekrom, obviously is already taken, so you can either choose a different name, or attempt to RP as a Zekrom, but simply get shunned and ignored as a “faker” and a real pest. It’s kinda like being the guy who shows up to a party dressed up as another person who planned their costume before them and then goes to extremes to prove “nAH MAN I CAN BE THIS CHARACTER TOO.” just, no. do not be that guy. I ask you kindly to change your name before thundhurrcu- woops. thundhurrus goes ape shit on you and makes things un fun. Please.

        • Heracross says:

          *thought of something else* Just.. fakezekrom. change yer’ name. It’d be like being a new kid at a school. and we all have dollies/actionfigures/hercules beetles we pretend to be. Don’t be that new kid who argues “NU’UH THERE CAN BE TWO SUPERMEN.” It’d look sad to us, it’ll be boring to you, Thundhurrus will troll you to infinity and it’s just… nah man. please just. change.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Who’s RPing as what now?

        • Dosnt everyone RP here?

        • Zoroark says:

          I’m sorry that I didn’t actually READ all the fricking comments before this page. For crying out loud, cool your fluffy clouds and fur and whatever. *lounging in shadows*
          By the way: I’m a girl. :|

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Rule #1 of everywhere: If you don’t want to start shit, look around a bit before posting.

        • Black says:


          But that’s not exactly beating the game!
          It’s okay, I haven’t beat Alder yet, either. I too have a short attention span, and I’m trying to beat everyone using nothing but audino

        • Greener says:

          @Azalee+Author!Black (LOL that’d make a hilarious yuri pairing): I’ve basically been prepping for having a team with diverse movesets and typesets, as well as balanced genders.
          So far my Samurott is my strongest at level 71, though I also have a level 78 Garchomp and a level 72 Event Mewtwo. Someday, I’d like to take the time to breed a female Garchomp, but my patience to get a level 1 to level 78 would be impossible. I mean, I don’t even have the patience to get my level 51 Zweilous to level 64 to get a Hydreigon, or even bring my Vanillish to level 47 to get a Vanilluxe. Though I did get my Ferroseed to become a Ferrothorn at level 40.
          BTW, I never expect to use any of those 3, except for maybe Hydreigon. It’s either it or Garchomp. Screw Ubers being banned, I like Earthquake!

          Also, is having a Samurott, a Braviary, and a Metagross on my main team a smart choice?

        • Zoroark says:

          What’s up with you, man? I just want to post! What the hell is up with you!? do you have something against me or something?

        • Black says:

          What Heracross said;; Thundhurrus is the resident troll here. He was just telling you in his special way that someone else had already claimed Zekrom. But generally, if you don’t want to argue with him, he’ll leave you alone. Rules for not being trolled are pretty simple: don’t instigate an argument (you did this unintentionally), don’t be lolsorandumb (looks like you don’t have to worry about this one!) aand that’s all I can think of right now. You’re new here, so I guess it’s a little unfair to you that you didn’t know this;;

          aaand there’s actually been a couple Zoroarks here, but I guess it’s the active legendaries that are more possessive of their names since there’s only supposed to be one of each.

          You are asking the wrong person for advice. My team consists of six Audino.

        • Voltoloser says:

          Zorua and Zoroark are not legendaries, Author!Black. They’re just very very rare. Like Lapras.

        • Giratina says:

          Yeah, Zoro-chan. For future reference, we active commenter legendaries are very possessive of our legendary status. And don’t argue with Thunderpuss. He always wins.

        • Greener says:

          @Author!Black: LOL
          But not really that funny, because that means Comic!Black will never get more Pokemon.

          Also, if I were you, I’d delete this topic like you did the Purple VS Volto one, it’s turning into a flame war…

        • Heracross says:

          Good luck with that 6 Audino run, I did a dual Stunfisk/Audino run and it was quite easy, but to be fair they did have the passive exp boost from being traded, so by the time I hit N they were both 60+.

        • Heracross says:

          @Greener, uh that core tends to depend on what you plan to do. If you plan on just goofing around and playing with friends then that core sounds fun, but if you’re planning on getting Supah Serious competitive/tier wise then I recommend just simply getting rid of Samurott, his rather lackluster stats and movepool leave him getting wooped/countered easily. Metagross is definitely a solid choice unless your opponent is carrying sucker punch. uh I recommend if you’re new at this, try AgiliGross. Agility, Meteor Mash, Equake, Thunder/Ice Punch for coverage. as for Braviary.. hm.. well. it hits hard, but it’s just a glass cannon, a rather slow one at that. you can run a choice set I guess? Brave Bird, Rock Slide for a surprise, and 2 others as well as giving it sheer force so Rock Slide has a 97 BPower. But be warned Burn/Paralysis/StealthRocks will just, abuse it’s bum to no end. For example, I can counter all 3 of those with just my Stunfisk, he’s a derp, but damn he does work. If you plan on playing online, lol. have. a fire type. cannot stress this enough. so many damn steel derps, and a phazer as well. But really, it’s up to you, have fun with it and good luck.

        • Zoroark says:

          Yeah, Zorua and Zoroark aren’t Legendaries, actually. I’m breading them. Just like I bread Larvesta eggs. I plan on making a team of three Zorua, and three Larvesta, and then another team of their evolved forms… :) Hehehe.
          I’ve actually gotten rid of trolls before, but it involves a lot of reverse psychology that I don’t feel like bringing here. :) I’d confuse EVERYONE. Teehee!~<3

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Fact: You can’t get rid of me. I don’t leave. Ever.
          Reverse psychology only works on those with intelligence, BTW. I’ll assume you’ve never met a troll with less than no intelligence.

        • Greener says:

          @Heracross: AUUGH. I just can’t decide on a suitable Fire type for my team. Sure, Reshiram is a fit, but it’s Uber tier, like my Garchomp that I replaced my Haxorus with for a Ground typing in my team. I could use a Houndoom, maybe, use it to fill the Dark-type versatility on my team, but then I’d still have nothing that can resist Fighting (the rest of my team is a Mienshao with horrid Special Defense, a slow Garchomp, and a balanced yet predictably slow Eelektross. It really shows that my fastest Pokemon would easily die against any special attack or weakness-abusing move…and that a single powerful type would easily dominate the team…). Maybe I could get a Heracross or my Virizion (LOL) to replace Mienshao, but then a single Flying type move would OHKO them. For my Braviary, I just thought it better than something as horrible as Unfezant, but if I could just find a Staraptor like I had in Gen IV with Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Brave Bird, and either Roost or U-Turn…but then I’d have to find one, and with me playing Black and having lost Pearl, that’s gonna be pretty damn hard…
          And then there’s Samurott…
          Personally, I feel a natural attachment to Water-type starters, ever since my first game was Blue and I used Squirtle as my starter. If I used Gyrados, it’d be horribly weak to Electric, as well as weak to Rock. If I found a Swampert, it’d be fragile to Grass, but that’d be easily countered with attaching an Ice attack to it, which is only too easy for a Water type. Also, I could chuck out Garchomp because of that, replace it with something like Hydreigon, or bring back my female Rivalry Haxorus. I could get the almighty Starmie in, but that’d be out of balance with my Metagross…unless I replaced it with Scizor or Escavalier, but…

          The trouble is, I’m lacking in evolution items, and I have no friends, and I respect my parents to not waste money on such a stupid reason. In order for me to get anything, I’d have to luck out on Wi-Fi trades, which are few and far between since my house doesn’t have DS internet.
          So basically, I’m left with the closest thing to the metagame: the Battle Subway. And even there, I almost never make it to the Subway bosses. FTLOG, it’s only been recently since I got the Super Trains, and that was mostly because of me getting 1: A strategy for my Mienshao, and 2: Garchomp.

          So basically, I’m an unwilling casual.

        • Giratina says:

          @Zoro-chan: So you eat breaded Zorua and Larvesta caviar? You fail spelling forever, idjt. It’s BREEDING, not BREADING.
          @Thunderpuss: How did you not notice that ^ perfectly trollworthy spelling fuck?

        • Zoroark says:

          Gah!! >..< *embarassed*

        • Thundhurrus says:

          @Gira: I thought he was cooking them.

        • Zoroark says:

          I’m a girl… :| Can you please get that right, at least? Please? That’s the only thing I ask of you now, that you get my gender right.

        • Greener says:

          @Zoro-chan: It’s Thundhurr. Don’t mind him.

        • Heracross says:

          @greener Lol for a decent fire type, you could always just use volcarona? or Darmanitan, just not zen mode. that sucks. As for starmie, yeah starmie is an amazing water type. It won’t compound on Psychic though since metagross resists Bug and Dark so no need to worry there, but yeah Swampert is also a good bulky choice, though since you seem to be worried about flying types, you could spring for a cloyster. it’s max def is 502 so.. LOL no worries there about it taking hits. you could also use dragonite? it has an extremely wide movepool and is obtainable in dragonspiral me thinks, as for mienshao, thats actually a really decent poke that can run a mixed set rather easily, of course im going to be biased and love Heracross since Flame Orb Guts Jolly Heracross has been my bro since R/S/E days. as for your slow Eelektross you could use stuuuunfisk since hes an amazing status spreader (Discharge/Earth Power/Thunder Wave/Pain Split) annoys to no end~ But really your team. you could do Volcarona/Darmanitan- Metagross- Cloyster/Starmie -Dragonite- Mienshao/Heracross -Eelektross/Stunfisk. Darmanitan revenge kills like a boss, as does starmie and mienshao. youve got plenty of bulk in Stunfisk/Dragonite and Heracross has deeeeeecent sp def. best of all, all of these pokes are easily obtainable in 5th gen. as for wi-fi trading stuff you could always hop to BlackAdventures birth land /Vp/ and ask around for help.

        • Greener says:

          Cool. Maybe one day I can get the patience to raise all those Pokemon…but first I need to find about half a dozen Water Stones, since I have none right now…

          Also, is Fly a useful move at all?

        • Heracross says:

          The only real useful competitive Flying moves would be FeatherDance, Roost, Brave Bird, and Air Slash.

        • Greener says:

          Okay then.
          But it just pisses me off to have to go back and forth to everywhere on foot instead of on a Flying Pokemon, so that’d mean I’d have to go to the Poke Center a LOT. My usual destinations are Nacrene (for Star Pieces to trade for PP Ups and the occasional free Soda Pop), Castelia (for friendship boosts and the evening tourney), Driftveil (for Heart Scales), Mistralton (for move reteachings and deletions), and, of course, Striaton (for breeding and the occasional Musharna fight) and Nimbasa (stadium/court battles, Ferris Wheel, Battle Subway, and weekend trips to Anville for vitamins and PP Ups). That’s 6 places to hit at almost a daily rate, especially Nimbasa and Nacrene! Obviously Nacrene’s the worst, since I have to go through a bunch of tall grass to get to the Challenge Rock.

          So why isn’t Aerial Ace a good Flying type move?
          Also, is having a Poison type move on my team a smart idea or bad?

        • Heracross says:

          60 Base Power is just no good. unless it was a priority move ie: quick attack/bullet punch etc. Poison? hm.. neutral coverage on alot of things, most people just use Sludge Bomb if they use a poison type move. theres still the whole Innefective against steel types thing

        • Heracross says:

          Honestly all that hassle and hubbub can be remedied by spending like 20$ on an R4, and another 15$ on a microSD.then find a pokemon black rom. It isn’t illegal if you already legally purchased the game. loophole in case you’re guilt tripped, then learn how to use Pokesav <- *program that makes any pokemon anyway you want it*

        • Greener says:

          Hmmmmmm…my Metagross has Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Brick Break, and nature-impaired Special Attack. Seriously, Sludge Bomb used to be replaced by Hyper Beam, and that was the weakest attack in my moveset. SERIOUSLY. Worse than Brick Break. The only reason I want a Special attack is 1: to use against Defense walls, and 2: To avoid anything that has Rough Skin’s effects (i.e. Rocky Helmet). Ironically, Rocky Helmet is the item I gave to Metagross to hold LOL.
          The moveset I have now for Metagross is pretty damn useful.For fighting Ghost types from Dusknoir to Golurk to Gengar to Spiritomb, or just fighting anything it’s neutral against, I use Meteor Mash. For Normal/Rock/Steel/Dark types, I’d use Brick Break. For Fighting or Poison buggers, Zen Headbutt. But since Grass is a rare type to be on its own in the Metagame, with none of its type having a Pokemon in OU or better as just that type, and the fact that Breloom would also fall to Psychic, maybe I should replace Sludge Bomb. You have any non-Ground type recommendations for what I should replace that move with?

        • Heracross says:

          @greener. I guess you could go Thunder/Ice Punch. I highly recommend adding agility though. you can use that by switching Metagross in on something it can scare away. As for Sludge bomb on a -SpAtt Metagross is just.. no good..

        • Zebstrika says:

          I fucking hate Ferroseed and Ferrothorn because when you have one with Iron Barbs and an Rocky Helmet and the move Toxic, it literally takes half the HP of my precious Pokemon, and a lot of people in Wi-Fi battles do that!

        • Zebstrika says:

          Oh yeah, and once I saw a Sunkern beat an Palkia.

        • Greener says:

          LOL Welcome to my world Zebby.
          Stupid Rough Skin. You use a SINGLE physical move and you suffer ONE FREAKING QUARTER OF YOUR HEALTH GONE! And in a metagame POPULATED by idiots who do from 1/3 damage to 1-hit kills, that REALLY hurts you in the long run!

        • Greener says:

          LOL Welcome to my world Zebby.
          Stupid Rough Skin. You use a SINGLE physical move and you suffer ONE FREAKING QUARTER OF YOUR HEALTH GONE! And in a metagame POPULATED by idiots who do from 1/3 damage to 1-hit kills, that REALLY hurts you in the long run!

          Also, how do you get elemental punches on Metagross?

        • Zebstrika says:

          I just love Pokemon logic.

        • Heracross says:

          sadly only through the Emerald move tutor.. LOL. idk what else you could use, up to you. and hah. My starmies HP Fire spits on those Ferrothorns/Seeds “OHURRHURR I CAN HANDLE A STARMIE EASY.” nope hp fire 1hko. hell you could use Octillery too. since it can learn flamethrower and outspeeds them

        • HurrDurr says:

          I beat it all then

        • tsuntsundere says:


          Just for the record, I have beaten Thundhurr in an argument before. Owned him with facts and logic (because pokemon is serious business, y’all). Sorry to spoil the troll fun.

  3. Azalee says:

    And then they got HealPulse-high together

    haaaaaa I won’t lie, I’m sad that the update was so short, but it was awesome (I mean Cherennnnn), and long enough to stand on its own. Might be enough to survive on until next week. Might OTL

    /casually shipping Black and Cheren

  4. Itoshiki says:

    Are they in despair? Are they “travel pals” now?

  5. Akuto says:

    “And now we’re both sad. Wanna get high?”

    Best reason to stay up late ever! Also, the character development has been deliciously good!!

  6. Mollzzzzzzzz says:

    Is Heal Pulse like a easy high?

  7. Blue Rose says:

    Lol. Their getting high together.

    I actually have yet to beat Alder. Him and the new E4 were such a big jump for me, that I haven’t bothered trying. Maybe I’ll do it…one day.

  8. pochimon says:

    Nothing like getting High with your Bud after some good character development. But if only it was that easy.

    We all need a little Joy in our life.

  9. hikashu says:

    I like how Cheren’s ahoge perks up and droops again this page around. It’s amusing. XD


  10. Caitlyn says:

    Looks like I’m one of only two LOLNOPES. I’ve been following this comic since you started it on /vp/ so my enjoyment was never really contingent on having played the games (since they weren’t even out then). If anything, playing the games will probably be disappointing now, since your character ‘interpretations’ are so ingrained in my head.

    • Brad says:

      I know what you mean, I’m playing through on a Nuzlocke run and the characters don’t seem right to me, i figured out why and its because there not acting like they do in these comics. I just came across Alder and he didnt mistake Cheren for a girl which really disappointed me.

      • Azalee says:

        I’m guessing Author!Black took the silly and forgetful characterization from anime!Alder.
        Cheren tsunning at him is spot-on game canon though~~~ 8D

  11. Ronnie says:

    Let’s hope all this sorrow and high doesn’t result in something Cheren will regret later.


  12. nothingtoseehere says:

    How long are you going to torture Black with Dirk being around White? It’s painful to watch him go through it, but it’s also pretty damn good for the storyline.

  13. Reshiram says:

    I’m laughing and aaaaaaww-ing at the same time.
    Damnit, make up my mind.

  14. SillyDento says:

    I got to the third gym, then my cousin had to go home….

    I read this comic partially so I get to know what happened in an entertaining fashion, instead of watching the anime (I do that too, but please. This is funnier and doesn’t make me feel embarrassed. )

  15. Craic says:

    Any update is a good update, and it was well worth staying up to nearly 5am to read it!

    Also, it looks like I’m in the exclusive LOL NOPE club! I was too broke to buy a DS AND the games when they came out. I still am (college ffffuuuuu-), but now I don’t want them because I’m too much in love with your characters to have any interest in the official ones. So thanks for saving me money, I guess!

  16. Faeiri says:

    Hey, I actually caught the update! Somehow I feel accomplished with my life.

  17. Shadow says:


    Is it kinda depressing that I frequently make myself sad too? XD

  18. jj says:

    Aww. They’re cute when they’re moping together. :3

  19. Gale says:

    …oh god what state will they be in by the time other people find them

  20. Azalee says:

    Hey, what’s Cheren holding in his hands from panel 2 on? Oo

  21. MrMissMrs Random says:

    And this is why Black and Cheren are best friends. XD

  22. Everyone is sad.


  23. shroomcat says:

    I accidentally voted twice on the poll – before i read, that i beat Alder, I voted – meh, didn’t quite finish. But still – I felt like I didn’t finish. Sorry though. u__u

    Heal Pulse – it’s like Heroin – but it is healthy. Oh my. Wonderful! xD

  24. shinobigoomba says:

    Yo black, let Cheren get a hit of some of dat heal pulse.

  25. RomanCandle says:

    Dear Author Black.

    I love you.


  26. Wondereye says:

    … Am I the only one who remembers that Character!Black + Heal Pulse = Kcalb?
    *looks around* Apparently so…

    • Sigilyph says:

      Black + Helping Hand,Heal Pulse on full health only made him and Landorus high.
      Though,I don’t even wanna know what will happen to Kcalb if Joy uses Heal Pulse on him.
      It’s not gonna be pretty.

      • Myou says:

        Well, you also have to remember that Black got rid of helping hand from Joy’s moveset to make room for the TM Cheren gave him in the tower, so unless Black figures out a way to self-summon kcalb, we probably won’t see him for a long while…

        Also, I can’t wait to see what Cheren is like on a heal pulse high~

        • Rory says:

          Well Kcalb keeps telling Black that he can call him out by himself, soo…

        • Ghastly says:

          Actually, Joy got rid of Helping Hand to make room for last resort, then got rid of Doubleslap to make room for Cheren’s TM Psychic. So now Character!Black can’t summon Kcalb without willing himself to do so, and Joy cannot Doubleslap Jesus anymore. I am saddened. :(

        • Tch, tch, tch, Kcalb will always find a way to somehow get out, he’s Kcalb for Arceuses sake (yes I just used that cuz I can XD and I’m a geek) also Joy can just slap him, even without double slap. Let me demonstrate *slaps a 雌* see? Also that’s kanji, figure it out if you don’t know what is means!

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Don’t slap a female just to demonstrate something. Slap an ungendered freak. Or a rock.
          Or, better yet, slap yourself when you want to demonstrate something.

        • Zekrom says:

          Jesus is male, not female. It says so in the early episodes. I should know, I was reading them three days ago.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Nobody said that Jesus was a female, you faker.

        • Zoroark says:

          Oh. I read that wrong. My apolagies. *looks at you hungrily, contemplating eating you*

        • Thundhurrus says:

          You couldn’t eat me if you tried. Your teeth would shatter if you tried to bite me.

        • Giratina says:

          Easy, Zoro-chan. Don’t fuck with Thunderpuss, he’ll just troll you into depression, like with Greener.

    • Azalee says:

      Kcalb mostly happened because of a MISSINGNO. glitch thing the first time. He’ll be back.

      • Zekrom says:

        He happened because Helping Hand was used on MissingNO.

        Either way, he’s grounded, so he won’t be back for a while. :P

  27. …I have completed the game utterly and completely. Now for competitive battling on wi-fi UU until BW2.

  28. Virizion says:

    Once again, the second to last panel turns me on. :/

  29. AltARIa says:

    The panels when they both lay on the ground is adorable and silly all at the same time. Their faces are great. 8′)

  30. sindaquil says:

    this update is really cute….. I awwwwwwed the while time

  31. Weezing says:

    It’s better to be miserable together, than to be sky high on your own. Of course, being high together is always the preferable option.

  32. Konungarike says:

    I’m so glad we finally get to see Cheren actually being friend-material. Dlhdfldshfklas Cheren~

    I’ve re-read the entire comic, and was shocked by how quickly I finished. And now I’m sad because there’s only going to be thirty parts and I’m already bracing for the end coming closer… ;A;

  33. Eevee says:

    Those monologues. ^3^
    Anyways, the Eevee will hide now.~ *burrows underground making a new hidey/stalky hole because the old one got crushed e-e*

    • Giratina says:

      You don’t have to hide, you know. Just evolve into something less tasty and more powerful like a Flareon. Then, if Viri-chan tries to kidnap you, you can just burst into flames and she can’t touch you. Plus, Flareons are REALLY spicy.

      • Eevee says:

        *pokes head out* Now I’m even more scared, some Pokemon prefer spicy and/or evolved Eevees. *returns to digging*

  34. CreYosKip382 says:

    Cheren looks different, both face and hair XD somehow

  35. Rory says:

    I wanna see Cheren get high on Heal Pulse!

  36. Haela says:


  37. C_Sui says:

    D’aww friendship. ;-;

    I’ve completed the National Dex. So uh…yeah.

  38. Greener says:

    If they kiss, N would be SOOOO betrayed right there.

  39. Hey says:

    HOLD ON!!!!! Didn’t Cheren Delete Heal Pulse. SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! D’:

  40. Doctor Rover says:

    :U You updated on my Birthday =D

  41. VGBM says:

    Wait, if author!Black played Black/White after he started with the comic, how come that isn’t one of the options? I started reading this comic before the games were released in America (where I live), but after my friend got it and let me borrow it, I played it all the way through and beat Alder and Cynthia! So which option do I choose?

    • Absol says:


      You have currently completed it. If the poll was before you got the game, you would choose “LOL NOPE”.

  42. Sheldon says:

    Lol i really love this ending lol…

  43. Zero says:

    XD “And now we’re BOTH sad!”

    I’m conflicted between Laughing and feeling Sorry for them ^.T

    Laughter won over in the end though. “Mind if I use Heal Pulse?” XD

  44. Ghastly says:

    Hello… I am Ghastly. I have actually been lurking around since Episode 1, but I never built up the courage to comment. Now for my real comment:
    d’aaaaww Cheren and Black look so cute when sad and about to get high on Heal Pulse…

  45. I can only imagine how N will react and i have to admit…it’s pretty dang funny. I also can imagine my reaction if Cheren(cough)Sheren(cough) and Black kiss it will go something like this:
    Purple*is killing everyone in sight* nobody. And I mean nobody, ruins. My. Freaking. SHIPPING!!!!!!! *keeps on killing people* D8<

  46. Zaffy says:

    All right, I have a theory!
    White, it seems, is a (the only for Black and Cheren) source of distraction for three of our heroes. For Cheren, for Black, and for N. Leaving Cheren, who is discouraged and weakened by her strength, aside, she is a wedge between N and Black, a fact which will possibly damage their relationship(as friends/heroes/possible lovers) in the future, isolating (or even alienating) N from the only real positive influence he has. This way, N will become more determined in pursuing Team Plasma’s goals, perhaps to the detriment of Black and the others. Who profits from crippling that somehow?
    Why, none other than TEAM PLASMA, because N will go on in spite of Black ~betraying~ him for White, and will become the “hero”.
    If Team Plasma uses White correctly, they can destroy the heroes!
    Maybe DIRK is a witting or unwitting Team Plasma operative, being discouraged from battle with his love of pokemon and of dancing! And he is distracting Black!
    THINK ABOUT IT. He comes from out of nowhere to provide what Black sees as Romantic Tension, deepening Black’s romantic trauma and leading to this sad scene with him and Cheren moping together, contemplating falling into a damaging addiction to Heal Pulse, which Dirk saw the effect of up close. It is not coincidence that N instinctively likes him, and that Plasma just happens to show up!
    And And And.

    Lol I’m just making this up on the spot. The possible plot thingies are interesting to think about, though, and examining characters and motives is always fun. Looking back and analysing is going to be necessary for really doing that, though, lol.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      You’re implying that Team Plasma is competent enough to do such a thing.

      • Greener says:

        Hey, I’ve seen a theory that suggests that Anime!Cilan was sent by Ghetsis to make sure Ash is nowhere near Team Plasma, so that sounds pretty smart to me…

        • Voltoloser says:

          If that theory’s correct, then by extension that would mean Cilan’s a Ninja.
          And the Ninjas aren’t part of Team Plasma. They’re direct servants of Ghetsis.

        • Giratina says:

          It’s pretty much a proven fact that the Striaton Trio are the Shadow Triad, Voltoster.

        • Greener says:

          Well, who knows? It’s pretty damn likely, but neither anime not game gives any real evidence.

          And why are Level 1 Zekroms so popular, BTW?

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Ninja = S-Triad = Ghetsis’ direct servants = NOT!PLASMA.

        • Greener says:

          Dude, no one said they were Plasma. Maybe they are Plasma servants or allies or even mercenaries, but who knows?

    • Armeggeden is the only time when Team Plasma would be smart enough to just go with that plan

      • Voltoloser says:

        What is this “Armegedden” you speak of? Is it related to the Garden of Eden?

        • It means the End of the world

        • Voltoloser says:

          I think you meant “Armageddon” not “Armeggeden”.

        • Voltoloser says:

          That’s not a typo. That’s you failing to spell it properly.
          A typo is something like ordering two letters bakcwards, or missing aspace, or hitting a ley on your keyboard that’s close to the one you wanted to jit.

        • *face palm* you know I actually have a question for you, why am I always the troll victim anyway? I mean seriously just go troll someone else instead of trolling the same person each time, it really is just flat out retarded to keep on trolling the same person, cuz soon they’ll find out how to troll you

        • Voltoloser says:

          Because you fail dealing with it forever, and you fail learning to adapt forever.

        • Greener says:

          My Arceus, defect, just STOP IT!

        • Voltoloser says:

          A) I’m no defect, I’m just a loser.
          B) I’ve never listened to you before, and I don’t plan on starting.

        • Stop lying you know your a defect also you fail at answering questions

        • Greener says:

          Volto, it’s my nickname for you. Deal w/ it.
          STOP TROLLING.

        • Voltoloser says:

          I’m not even trolling, Greener. I’m not even trolling.
          SRS BSNS RITE HUR.

        • Umbreon says:

          Volto you deserve a win for calling yourself a loser, and I mean this as a compliment too! ^^ I’m a proud loser myself!

          As for Purple: Please just stop talking for once. Volto is a troll, or clone of a troll. And that troll is Thundhurrus, you take what they say too seriously. You obviously don’t understand that trolls troll when they can. You insulting one will cause trolling, and then you get all mad when it happens, acting like you have no idea why they’re “going after you”. It’s because you do not understand when to just not respond to them. *sighs* You are so easy to provoke, you just need to learn to ignore them!

        • Voltoloser says:

          That’s right, one who is dumber than dumbasses. In other words, you fail dealing with trolls forever.

        • Giratina says:

          All of you SHUT THE FUCK UP! Purple, stop trying to fight back, because you will only be victimized further. Greener, let it go. Voltoster, please, just stop before you take it too far. It’s bad enough that Thunderpuss trolls, but when you gang up with him, it becomes more hurtful than anything else. If you intend to troll, don’t focus on one person and troll them until they stop commenting all together; branch out and spread the trolling into something more tolerable.

        • Voltoloser says:

          Can’t find any other targets. The main reason we constantly target Purple-suck is because she creates SO DAMN MANY opportunities for us to do it. And it’s also REEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLY easy. We’re-not-even-trying easy.

        • Zebstrika says:

          it might mean Armageddon or Danger D’ Amo.

        • Umbreon says:

          *Pounce hugs Volto* Can I be friends with you and Thundhurr? ^^

        • Voltoloser says:

          You want to be friends with us? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!

        • tsuntsundere says:

          Wait, aren’t Volto and Thunderwhatever the same person?

  47. Zekrom says:

    Wow.. Cheren is actually a human being.

    Loved this update.

  48. Furret lover says:

    Cheren and Black alone together and high off of heal pulse… Why does this thought make me shiver from anticipation, horror, and glee simultaneously?

  49. Duth Olec says:

    I like Cheren’s sad look at the end there.
    This can’t end well. Unless it ends spectacularly. I mean, last time just sort of… ended.
    No, wait, Alder is an idiot and this’ll make Cheren act like an idiot. Not going to go well, I don’t think.

  50. Thundhurrus says:

    Well I guess you could say…
    *Puts on googly-eye glasses*
    …they’re in despair.

  51. nm79 says:

    I don’t even like Pokemon, never have.
    But after spending time with a nephew, a niece and some of their kids, I’ve learned about them nonetheless.

  52. Joey says:

    They’re lying down.
    Next to each other.
    In light clothing.
    My Perv-Senses are tingling.

  53. Devil says:

    Devil is pleased.
    Oh and…. “Nooses are bad…” “SUPER!”
    (if you can figure out where this quote is from, I congratulate you)

  54. spiky eared pichu says:


  55. MaidHideyoshi says:

    Cherri, bby, I love you~ ;3;

    Haha, heal pulse~ I wonder what that will lead to >:3

  56. Marcio says:

    Heal Pulse is a Drug in the Pokemon World.

  57. Mystia says:

    Heh… Black’s pose makes him look like a girl… Well, more like a girl than usual.

    The faces always make me laugh so hard.

  58. what is this? different angles?! :O

  59. KingisNitro says:

    I am 9,67%! Not playing BW! Not actually played any Pokemon game past league…. orz

    I love where this comic is going!~ Can’t wait to see more! 83

    • Celebish says:

      So everything that will happen may be a surprise to you.
      Gosh, you’re lucky.
      The rest of us only know that Black-san is kind-of going by the story line.
      But not really.

  60. Darkrai says:

    Why does everything I do seem more depressing after watching CLANNAD and after story .Dam music won’t get out of ma head too…dango….*whimper*….dango…da-*Darkrai starts crying* (rareoutofcharactermomentkinda when I first watched CLANNAD and after story I laughed)

  61. thesilverskull190 says:

    okay… now i feel bad for cheren…


  63. Stormdog says:

    Aah, Black’s pose on this is… just… ~

  64. Jynx says:

    Deeeeeeeeepression. Also, I am noticing a Premeir Ball. Am I correct on that?

  65. erihan says:

    and now its time for super happy cheren and black, scare the crud out of everyone you two!

  66. Lord says:

    I hope the girls don’t walk in on them.

  67. Ditto says:

    In regards with the new poll, did anyone else find Alder’s battle really easy?

  68. thebestcommentorever says:

    now take off your clothes….

  69. Victiny says:

    …Welp, this can’t possibly end well.

  70. Greener says:

    Everyone! I really want a Thundurus, but I can’t get one because I have Black and have never seen a Thundurus, so I can’t request it.

    Also, Viri-tan, Umbre-kun, can you tell me your FCs again so we can meet in the Union Room? This’ll be my ONLY chance to EVER do this.

  71. Tornadeuce says:


  72. ckr-the-cat says:


  73. HurrDurr says:

    Dos eyes. So expressive. It’s freaking me out a bit

  74. Ella says:

    Yep. Never played Black or White and I still adore this thing.

  75. Vigilia says:

    Heal Pulse: The new feel-good drug

  76. Greener says:

    If a gay and a lesbian were to make out, exactly what would you call that?

  77. Virizion says:

    Is anyone here an HTF fan?

  78. PokemonLovah says:

    I’m actually on the Post-End part(Cynthia keeps beating me, so I keep turning it off before I actually lose) and I love this, sooo much that once I figure out how to beat Cynthia, I might do a nuzlocke of it.

    • Diglett says:

      How I did it:
      Get Arceus off the Dream World event
      Murder everything in the game with Arceus and shiny litwick (Litwick not necissary).

  79. YUI says:

    Heal pulse is like their dope :D

  80. Ronnie says:

    OH NO

    *turns to look away from camera*


  81. Gray says:

    Shoot me I’m dreaming!

  82. misty says:

    I wonder if the Heal Pulse would heal Cheren’s injuries from the wild Bel attack.

    Black’s totally getting high, though. >_>

  83. Devil says:

    I find this very adorable….

  84. Yes Black….. Use that Heal Pulse with Cheren……. Soon I will be reunited seeing my all time favorite, Kcalb.

  85. VelkynKarma says:

    I finished playing Black/White JUST before I started reading this comic. It’s a good thing too because if I ever replay the games I have a feeling my interpretations of the characters have been forever altered. N will never be strangely mysterious and a little creepy again….>>;


  86. Darkrai says:

    *hiding in the wardrobe in that very room*
    my Cynthia sences are thingiling…
    *right now I’m in a Xerxes Break mood because I want to have a teaparty,eat sweets ,eat cake (and stop Kira! from bleach to have any boyfriend,girlfriend relationship with Rangiku. Hisagi is acceptable but GinXRangiku forever!!! I am terrible at spelling.)

    • Suicune says:

      How are you with Eugene senses? -is still fleeing from him-

      • Darkrai says:

        You mean magic man sorry he gives me sweets magic sweets so I can’t tell sorry

        • Suicune says:

          … Dangit! It was fun to troll him the first few times and play cat and mouse but I can’t keep doing it because I’m missing out on my shows! The young and trainer, Petalburg… all the classics you know?!

        • Darkrai says:

          Okay I’ll give you a little help he is somewhere on Mt. Silver and is soon going to be kicked in the balls by Red………………………………………..……………………………

  87. Soon. *watches intently through binoculars*

  88. cubone says:

    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. is what red would say

  89. thesilverskull190 says:

    i feel madam-sir black is going to add ponies into all this sometimes in the future… somehow… WAIT!!! WE NEED THAT ONE HORSE-THING THAT GOES WITH MELOETTA AND GENOSECT!!!!! MADAM-SIR BLACK, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!!!!!

  90. Greener says:

    I’m back, moes and fangirls.

  91. Lord says:

    In the immortal words of the nerf now scout ‘Will you 2 just have sex already’.

  92. Number 42 says:


  93. Monozu says:

    I’m looking forward to whatever happens next.

  94. tsuntsundere says:

    Black has gone from being a reluctant participant to a cross-dressing stoner.

  95. minochii says:

    Is Heal Pulse any some of drug?

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