newwssss (delete later)

Real update coming soon!

But I see that unrelated stuff is still happening on this site, and I really don’t think this place can even handle so many replies to a single comment (Tournament was derping out; I think it still is), sooo

I made a Cbox, I MADE A CHATANGO for those of you that like to converse with other readers here. Click here!

Play nice, etc. It seems you need to make an account there to use an avatar. You can then also private chat with other members!

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53 Responses to newwssss (delete later)

  1. C.H.Lupsha says:

    Got me excited for a moment when i saw that you posted something new. Try not to do that again….

  2. Greener says:


    And what’s a CBox?

  3. Palkia says:


  4. Greener says:

    OK, so CBox is a chatroom.

  5. Greener says:


  6. Oi, Greener, happy? :D
    Yush, this is that Ha3uhi, I’m known by many names….

  7. Praetors says:

    Define “soon.” Is that like, later this evening? Tomorrow? Or the more realistic answer because of a college schedule, “sometime soon-probably-hopefully-within-the-next-month-but-probably-not”?

  8. JollyPiplups says:

    *wiggles* yay~

  9. KelDIEo says:

    My iPad apperently can’t seem to access( don’t know any other word for it) this site
    This is the only thing I have to access Internet other than my phone :'(

  10. Justice says:


  11. Vivian says:

    Must… has… real…. update!!!!! DDD:

  12. Seto Kaiba says:

    It sounds like missingno. Was that intended?

  13. Hey, Thundhurrus! Help me kill wordpress. IT KEEPS DELETING MY NAME!

  14. And i’ve noticed, Thundhurrus, That you’ve been answering to me! does this mean something?….. prolly not.

  15. lol, Thundhurrus, you’ve lost your crazy charm. The ell is it? oh, nvm i don’t need your help. and um…. I dont work for your Arceus. i work for GMArceus.

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