Episode 22 Part 20

>mfw Cheren gets more character development than everyone else.

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25 Responses to Episode 22 Part 20

  1. Azalee says:

    Not true, character!Black and N get more development in the entire series, but I COMPLETELY SUPPORT THE CURRENT CHEREN DEVELOPMENT ;wwww;
    I mean, Black has become a good and adorable and nice friend.
    … He’s actually moe here
    what happened

  2. hikashu says:

    Aww, Black, that’s so nice of you! ;u; I guess this shows how great their friendship is <33

    And Cheren, you really are an awesome person, aren't you? *huggles*

  3. Thistle says:

    <3 Cheren lately.

    Random sidenote: host mom's boy dog is named Joy XD

  4. Shawn says:

    Black’s butt is really distracting……

  5. shroomcat says:

    ;A; i love these dialogues – it gives the characters a deeper meaning, even if they’re not always featured.

  6. Wondereye says:

    *calls out to Character!Black* Don’t forget the Chesto berries~!

  7. Haela says:


  8. Rory says:


    The idea of Cheren pretending to be Bel’s dad and letting Bel beat him up is especially adorable somehow. XD

  9. Keiggy says:

    Hdggfhjdhsdjhdjshsusu <3 I love Cheren.

  10. JollyEmpoleons says:

    oh my gosh, I literally got a migraine when Black mentioned IVs. I looked all over the internet, and there are so many equations and calculators and math, and why are the developers so mathematical? and who the heck figures all this out? In the end, I just gave up on the whole IV thing. I’m not even that much of a competitive battler. Still, the whole IV thing haunts me…..

    Wow, that was really off-topic.

    • Giratina says:

      What’s an IV?

      • Salamence says:

        Individual Values.

        Basically, EVs and IVs are the factors that determine how well your Pokemon will do in its stats.

        High IVs are the reason Cynthia’s Pokemon are so OP’d, since they have perfect IVs of 31.

        • Zebstrika says:

          What’s an EV?

        • Greener says:

          Effort Values. They’re basically percentages of stat growths. When you use a Protein on a Pokemon, the chances of getting a higher attack increase is increased by some percentage.

          Trust me, it’s REALLY hard to understand. I only understand it because I play Fire Emblem.

  11. JackJerripher says:

    LOL, i misread friendly battles as friendly baths, ”me and White took a few friendly baths together”

    Ah~ Zem joys of reading without glasses~

  12. Too. Dang. CHEESY *shoots self* DX

  13. This video comes to mind while reading this comic:

  14. tsuntsundere says:

    Black is very feminine in that good-ol’ whatsitcalled kimono thingy. Hmmm…

  15. Ginger says:

    Black has one fine Ass

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