Episode 18 Part 12

That is all for tonight :u


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339 Responses to Episode 18 Part 12

  1. Sid Ying says:

    Oh my gosh these ARE being posted as I am typing! Also, NINJAS!

  2. Tetsuo says:

    i love how Landorus never moves his arms
    and bels flailing is priceless

  3. Enners says:


    …why do I think that’s Cress getting claws?

  4. Kyurem says:

    Sssssilly Professssssor…We mate just like everyone elssssse. And if I am not correct, which I doubt, then Resssshiram and Zzzzzekrom will be….very dissssappointed. On sssssecond thought, make me right, I want to ssssee them cry.

  5. GameFreak98 says:

    Bel is either the Hulkette or everyone else is really weak. Also, is it wrong that in my mind, Bianca’s voice varies from Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash to Pinkie Pie?

  6. doodlelover says:

    lolomg that flailing. Also, unintentional boob groping. Ninjas can get it.

  7. Someone says:

    Yesss Stria- Shadow Triad~


  8. Kuha says:

    Why you have your hands on Bel’s boob, Corn?

  9. Kanra says:

    Pfff i cant take Black seriously when he’s holding the sword like that… :T

  10. Katfuzzmunchkin says:

    Oh Bel, you so crazy

  11. KeyLimeSatellite says:

    Bel’s Ninja assailant has his hands placed quite awkwardly. No wonder the poor girl had the motivation to flail herself to freedom.

  12. Crystal says:

    …so, I’m guessing Pod isn’t here yet.

    In other news, Corn is the stoic one. I think. It’s hard for me to tell between those two.

  13. ckr-the-cat says:


    brb laughing forever.

  14. Linden says:

    So Cheren was right, Bel really IS strong.

  15. Rory says:

    See, Bel can take care of herself! >:P

    Meanwhile Juniper’s pretty calm. But she is reaching for something in her pockets, so I get the feeling she has a plan.

    On the other hand, dangit Black what’s wrong with you, just standing there chatting while a ninja is molesting your BFF? Use that sword!

  16. CXPGuy says:

    HAMBONING Hamboning will save your Life Someday! Bel Just Proved That

  17. Azalee says:

    Black can hear/read the narration *_*

    Oooh Bel I love you forever, lol accidental boobgrab, that ninja/ST/Striaton Gym Leader’s response was precious. xD
    Juniper’s pretty cool for staying chill like that, too…

  18. Nika says:

    AIOLJHFLISKJDHipoawujhrskljhnfLKfjzhklfjnkljhNFKLJghklJGRjHNgfkljs[gto’;jzkn;~!@#)$(*Q&^#$JKENMR i laughed so hard i cried watching Bel flail like that and escape xDDDDD

  19. Stranger danger.
    I fully expect Bianca to punch that ninja out. And then my life would be complete.

  20. Amio says:

    Juniper… What are you hiding in your pocket?

  21. THEM PERSON BLAH says:

    Black you probably shouldn’t do anything, they’re handling themselves fine.

  22. jmleleven says:

    Oh god… What’s Juniper getting out of her pocket?
    I hope it’s a switchblade. That would be fun to see.

  23. Remiku says:

    Lmfao, Bianca xD

  24. Lyra's Marill says:

    Shit, woman!


  25. Nayia says:

    Bianca is the best X”D
    What the hell she’s doing with her hands? :>

  26. NoonSkull says:

    I pity Bel’s third of the Shadow Triad. Poor guy never saw it comin. XD

  27. Gato14 says:


    So. Stop calling them that. For now.

    • Azalee says:

      It’s theorizing! FREEDOM OF SPEEEEECH
      Of course Black gets to do whatever he/she/it/they/Hir Absolute Majesty likes even with canon, let alone something that’s just been hinted at and is still unconfirmed. But if we’re allowed to go INB4 KCALB SHOWS UP at every cliffhanger and BEL IS A DEMON MASTER, we’re allowed to go OMG STRATION TRIO~ aren’t we? :33

  28. Ashes says:

    I absolutely creased myself- Oh Bel!~~~
    *Aaand… Ninja’s swearing=far too epic!!! XD
    **Aaaand… Quantum Physics!

  29. Notstalkingjustwatching says:

    Pfft Juniper’s ninja’s about to find out how delicious pepper-spray is not.

  30. Gale says:

    Oh god, Bel. /dies

  31. IzzyPop says:

    Now my comment is lower than the last one. D:

    Bel’s face is just…priceless.


  32. Fire-chan says:

    I would have struggled too if there was some creepy ninja touching my breasts .w.”

  33. Skelli says:

    Fun update. :D I loved Bel’s flailing.

  34. Sara says:

    First thought: “Of COURSE the women get grabbed! Shadow Triad loves the standard female grab area or something like it.”

    Though you gotta admire Prof. Juniper for staying totally calm. XD

  35. I have new found love for Bel :D

  36. Super Penguin M says:

    Okay. If I ever get sexually harassed, I’ll just remember the Bel escape technique.

  37. Sakuranboy says:

    …Did anyone else notice that Ninja2 was groping Bel’s right boob? o3O

  38. Murp says:

    [Wild Ninjas Appeared!]
    Ninja1 uses wrap on Professor Juniper!
    Ninja2 uses Wrap on Bel!
    Professor Juniper Flinched!
    Bel Flinched!
    Ninja1 uses Chatter!
    Ninja2 uses Grope!
    Professor Juniper reaches for an item!
    Bel uses Flail!
    Ninja1 uses Chatter!
    Ninja2 uses Grope!
    Professor Juniper reaches for an item!
    Bel uses Scratch! Bel is freed from Wrap!

  39. Manna says:

    lol wild ninj-
    Whatever Juniper is planning/not planning it better be hilarious.

  40. Rika says:

    Oh god, Bel’s a POKEMON NOW. >:o!

  41. N-Harmonic says:

    Bel is like that Magikarp in that one video that got insanely buffed, knocked down to one HP, then proceeded to destroy everything with Flail.

    Or, at least, she’s really good at flailing. <3

  42. zippu says:

    Bel, so amazing.

    Ever since I saw Mary with two swords and magic powers I’ve been wondering if we’re going to see a Scanty and Kneesocks equivalent to N and Black~

  43. Lt.Cookie says:


  44. Person who screams MISSINGNOCYCLE in random places says:

    You know, I only became obsessed with this three days ago, and yet I have:
    -Tried to camp for this post
    -Stalked through comments
    -Planned cosplay
    -And proceeded to get people obsessed with this.

    Why do you care? Hell if I know :3
    I hope N befriends a Klink and then proceeds to catch it for its “safety” (just like Hitler).
    Then he’ll completely overreact when he realizes what he did.

    • CrystalDawn~ says:

      I agree with all of this. XD And I also only discovered this a few days ago, but have already fallen in love with it and caught up to the latest post. XD And I think your Klink idea is hilarious. *rofl* I can see his flailing noodle arms now. XD

  45. HurrDurr says:

    Professor Juniper seems surprisingly comfortable with this….

  46. Shinobigoomba says:

    Damn Bell,
    y u so strong?

  47. Justice says:

    I love how the triad’s arm was ON Bel’s breasts.

  48. CrystalDawn~ says:

    Dude, where you holding Bel? o.O

    “Shit, woman!” XD I cannot get over that!

  49. annie says:

    I’m looking forward to the next parts :D

  50. Haela says:

    Did Ninja #2 just cop a feel on Bel?! :O

  51. So my assumption is Cilan is probably the middle one….or Cress……but knowing how much Cilan is the butt monkey in the anime, he’s probably the one that grabbed Bel and got poked in the eye.

    Chili/Pod? He got distracted…like a boss. :D

  52. misty says:

    Continuing the who’s that pokemon game.

    Hint: Whenever a pure fire-type pokemon fights and defeats an Ariados, the Ariados’ trainer would inevitably bring in this pokemon next.
    Hint 2: Gen II.

    Wrong answers: Wooper, Quagsire, Muk, Venomoth

  53. CHAOS_FANTAZY says:

    Hooray, Team Plasma! …Sort of.

  54. Excalibur says:

    This story began 18 Chapters ago…
    …and I started it with a CUP OF TEA!

  55. thesilverskull190 says:

    shit woman! isn’t that the answer to everything? no… that was sexist ^_^

  56. Emily says:

    It amuses me that the only reason Bell is being super-amazingly-epic and going on attack-mode is because she was molested >D

  57. Charles says:

    this is a message to you Madam-Sir Black,
    You are a sneaky one, yes, not allowing anyone to know your gender, probably even forcing the people at the anime expo to not breathe even a hint, well it has to come fresh outta the oven sometime, we’ll be waiting…

    The Head Minister of Blackfire Academy, Charles Blackfire XL

  58. thesilverskull190 says:

    oh that charles

  59. Inazuma says:

    I would really like it if Biaca/Bel had super strength for no real reason.

    Or at least be strong enough to overpower ninjas with her bare hands.

  60. Rin says:

    Why does Ninja2 look like he has one of his hands on Bel’s boobs :(

  61. Shinobigoomba says:

    Oh shit!
    I just noticed Juniper’s reaching in her coat pocket for something.

  62. I’ve just read the entire thing in a few nights.
    I… I can’t. There is no specific part I can pinpoint, I LOVE THIS.
    I will be stalking from here on out <3

  63. Zekrom says:

    Is it me, or the ninja 2 was grabing Bel boobs?

  64. AmiBunny says:

    I know I SHOULD be paying attention to what the Shadow Triad Member on the left is saying, but that “Shit, woman!” really distracted me XD

  65. Kasumisty says:

    I don’t like what this comments became like :c

  66. Duckman says:

    Bel, using her newly discovered bodyguard abilities to fend off a nasty ninja!

  67. shock! says:


  68. Virizion says:

    Wait. I just notaced something.

    *sets up tent* That better.

    • Landorkus says:

      I brought cookies!

    • Virizion says:

      Also just noticed I spelld noticed wrong. *facehoove*

    • Landorkus says:

      *Doubleslaps you* VIRIZION! That’s not what fun is about! Now, do it like this!
      F is for friends who do stuff together~

    • Want me to send the link to the next episode of Best Wishes?

      Who is actually watching that anime besides me? The writers are doing something RIGHT for once. XD

      • Azalee says:

        *raise hands* I watch it with unending passion. In subbed Japanese, because MAMORU MIYANO IS A CAST MEMBER.
        They really are doing it right. Serious Team Rocket is disturbing but I can’t wait for the group to (FINALLY) reach Nimbasa.

      • -sigh- I remember when they first mentioned that they would reach Nimbasa City in the Japanese magazine and said Elesa would appear……..



        I want my Kodakshipping scenes! And I need N and some plot from the game to come up concerning Bianca!

      • Azalee says:

        O gawd the trolling is wonderful though (remember the Duckletts??! 8D). Agreed for everything, but you know who else I want to show up (besides N AND GHETSIS AND THE ENTIRE TEAM PLASMA SCENARIO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) ?
        Putting Shootie/Trip in his place.
        There can only be one true tsundere fanboy of Adeku.

      • Correction. Trip is a kuudere. -_- That’s completely different from a tsundere. Tsunderes lose their tempers almost instantly and what Clay is here. Kuudere characters are anti social and aloof. ~swoon~ And I’m not talking about Paul! >:/

        Cheren ain’t showing up. We got Bianca and Trip and Stephan as Ash’s rivals. One more rival would be too much.

        I want fucking Black or White to show up dammit! They’re like the stars of this generation!

      • Azalee says:

        You’re right, they’re both probably more kuudere (though I still think they have some tsun traits). Cheren doesn’t need to be a rival of Ash’s, he can just be there following Alder around and being passively awesome and snarky and I’ll be the happiest fangirl in the world.
        The chance is probably very low but >_< I wants it.
        I have a friend who-stalks-this-place-and-never-replies-but-does-read-the-comments who said we might get Touko or Touya as a cameo in the beginning of a movie, since we've got a couple protags like that (Ruby, Gold… others ?). Not nearly enough I know, but hey, at least they'll exist ? :/

  69. Kafrin says:

    >>Shit, woman!


  70. Katzenstreu says:

    Am I the only one to notice that Ninja #2 is slightly groping Bel/Bianca?

  71. Corn says:

    Damn she has soft ti-OUCH

  72. Charmander says:

    So, assuming gym-leader types continue to match the legendary pokemon, Tornadeuce should be in Mistralton pestering Skyla…

  73. Speal Laeps says:

    Sorry I’m late guys, Whats up?

  74. NyanCat says:

    Dustbuster ftw!!!!!!!!!
    Also, NINJAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Giraffe says:

    Bel is suddenly becoming my favorite character.

  76. Norma says:

    Am I the only one who noticed Bel getting groped? o.o

  77. JDeko says:

    Cute flail!

  78. Cresselia says:

    Poor Bell, getting man-handled by Sasuke…

    I mean Sasuke isn’t really that manly to begin with, so it was probably really easy to break out of.

  79. Jessie says:

    Bel used Flail! It’s super effective!

  80. Wildwalker says:

    Wild ninjas appeared! Ninjas used bind! Bel used flail! Critical hit! Ninja is confused! XD

  81. Arasih Erina says:

    I like how Jupiter holds her elbow in every strip, like it’s going to fall off.

  82. flapper45 says:

    Wild Ninja 1 and Ninja 2 appeared!
    Trainer Bel sent out Bel!
    Prof. Juniper sent out Prof. Juniper!
    Ninja 1 used Wrap!
    Ninja 2 used Wrap!
    Bel used Flail!
    Prof. Juniper used Pen Jab!
    Both moves are super effective!
    Ninja 1&2 used Teleport!

  83. Rina says:

    Ninjas… sweet! No ninja can stop the mighty bel!

  84. Bel, you are one fucking dangerous chick with all that flailing.

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