Episode 18 part 13

It’s a pen. Juniper could’ve used her bare fist, but apparently she wanted to leave a mark.


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44 Responses to Episode 18 part 13

  1. Melody says:

    X3 I love the faces!

  2. Praetors says:

    Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go to sleep yet.

  3. Azalee says:


    i take it you didn’t mean to make it a DRRR!! reference ? *loling forever anyway*

  4. Ashes says:

    Aaah~!!!!! Update with pens~ *Cough-easytoplease-Cough*~~~

  5. Sara says:

    Oh, only two of them? Weird.

  6. Haela says:

    Poor #2 is all battered and humiliated. D:

  7. Elle says:

    Only two? Either Pod’s serving a customer or Cilan’s being fabulous.

  8. Thundhurrus says:

    Did Juniper stab him in the leg or the groin?

  9. Augurus-Chronicle says:

    Wait, now I am noticing, did Juniper just jab the guy with a pen in his crotch?

    Ooouuuuch~~But Number 2 I also feel sorry for you, you are a mess too….

    Wait a second, that sounded so wrong! D:

  10. Call-Me-Jackie says:

    Did she just stab in him the crotch with a pen? :’D

  11. ckr-the-cat says:

    Wow, Dark Trin, you were beaten up by girls. That’s awkward…

  12. Palkia says:

    I like how N is in the background of the third panel.

    He’s gonna go emo soon.


  13. Shinobigoomba says:

    Shanked with a pen?
    Juniper’s alpha as fuck

  14. pchooooo says:


  15. Rory says:

    lol I pity them.

  16. JDeko says:

    Pen is mightier than the thigh

  17. Blue Rose says:

    So that DOES make Pod the missing triplet-triad.

    Wish he was here. That’d be hilarious.

  18. Lolzorz says:

    Juniper = FUCKEN ALPHA

  19. Corn says:


    I’m going to go cry and make flower necklaces now.

  20. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Greatest battle ever!

  21. Jessie says:

    Ouch, crotch stab with a pen. That’s gotta hurt.

  22. Zarnirox says:

    Holy crap! Those girls can fight!

  23. Wildwalker says:

    Ninjas are unable to battle! Victory to Bel and Professor Juniper!

  24. payge says:

    The third one is still making a daisy chain for N

  25. …I’m officially scared of Juniper and Bel now.

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