Episode 18 Part 03

That is all for now :’u

For those of you that bought stuff recently: [link]


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277 Responses to Episode 18 Part 03

  1. Torgetsu says:

    4th panel has one of Black’s best expressions I’ve seen

  2. ycart says:

    Kcalb always means happiness.


    At least it does for the fans. Because nothing says HNNNNNNG like pain and torture.

  3. doodlelover says:

    Weird comment: I really, REALLY love how you drew Kcalb’s hands. Especially the pinching one.

    Predictable comment: I like it when their bodies touch. ashgdjvkbaslkd; And Black’s face. Always Black’s face.

  4. Tori says:

    Me and my friend both agreed. Every time Kcalb said something we thought Black was gonna get raped. XD We just had to throw that out there but other than that… KCALB!!!~ X3

    • Moka says:

      Kcalb is pretty good in turning every single sentence into a threat.

      And I had to re-write Kcalb at least five times. That’s the impact he(?) has.

    • REL says:

      Even me, being a very “innocently” minded person, was absolutely positive that there was going to be some kind of rape motion. O_O

  5. Myshka says:

    please, be naked N-leg in the last panel

  6. Lily Surette says:

    It may have been a short and sweet update, but at least it ends with a lot of emphasis on sweet. :3 D’awww.

  7. Lycoris says:

    Is…Is that N’s naked leg?

  8. N-Harmonic says:


    I can’t wait to see why N is suddenly so clingy. Was Black screaming out loud?

    • N-Harmonic says:

      (ah…of course not, stupid, he would’ve woken N up. gj, 3 AM mind.)

      • Rory says:

        I’m thinking Black hadn’t woken up after fainting in the last episode, so Clay let them stay in his house in a spare bedroom or N got a room in a PokeCenter or something, and N was worried and didn’t wanna leave Black’s side, so he stayed in bed with Black and eventually fell asleep. So he’s clingy because he’s relieved that Black finally woke up.

      • tsuntsundere says:

        If that’s the case, then who changed Black into his pajamas (okay we all know it was probably N), and why is N not wearing any pants, and is he wearing underwear?

      • Rory says:

        Well Black was wearing a jacket when he passed out, so they probably just took the jacket off and he had a shirt on underneath.

        As far as N and why he isn’t wearing pants…. I don’t know, nor am I sure I wanna know. XP I would *hope* he’s at least wearing underwear though. ._.

      • Hermia_Lucaria says:

        N can’t go to sleep with a weapon clinging to him, he must go to sleep clinging to Black…Underwear are weapons!

      • tsuntsundere says:

        Underwear are weapons… XD that’s genius.

    • Haela says:

      Black’s just surrounded by men, isn’t he? Wouldn’t be surprised if Ghetsis wanted to join his harem.

  9. impendio says:

    now i wont be able to sleep do to the hnnnng fanboism overload

  10. WZD says:

    Those are some huge pillows. Where do they sleep?

  11. Myki says:

    All of the inspiration for fanfics.

    All of it.

  12. ViDez says:


    That is all.

  13. Melody says:

    Kcalb VS N! FIGHT!! (for Black~<3)

  14. Lucarioblaze says:

    I CAN HAZ LOVE TRIANGLE? /shotbyBlack
    Nice. You jammed enough homoerotic scenes in for the girls so that they don’t complain about there being only three new pages.
    Very tactical, Black. You are learning well. NOW GIMME MOAR. ♥

    • Azalee says:

      Very true. I saw only three alerts in my mailbox and was about to be sad, instead I screamed in happiness.

  15. Remiku says:

    Kcalb still scares the living crap outta me.

  16. ckr-the-cat says:

    Oh goodness, love triangle between Kcalb, Black and N. Definite want.

  17. Kasumisty says:

    Ah, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts in that update <3333

    N bottomless – someone has to draw it.

  18. Kasumisty says:

    …hnnggg cute sleeping clinging N.

  19. Azalee says:

    okay i

    i have no words

    for this ~*PERFECTION*~

    You spoil us fangirls rotten, Author-Black.
    *wibbles over… every single panel, really*

  20. MadeofPokemon says:

    Is that a kissu~<3 I see in the near future?

  21. MoDdy says:

    I’ve heard of mind-rape, but this is ridiculous!

  22. Hat says:

    MY FACE = :D!!!!!
    HNNNNNNNNNN BLACK Y U SO A+ /too early for intelligent comments

  23. Shawn says:

    I just love Black’s face.

  24. NoonSkull says:

    Aah, Black. Loved by everyone **Coughincludingapsychoticbackwardsandverysuggestiveversionofhimselfcough**
    I love how everyone’s too happy to question where they are or how they got there. XD

  25. Enners says:

    *REALITY*, why?

    *REALITY* because

  26. Birrrd says:

    /waits patiently for Shadow Triad

  27. So……….Kcalb is yandere for Black? :D

  28. Brooke says:

    You managed to give me goosebumps throughout Kcalb’s appearance. Well done.

  29. OMNOMNOMZ says:

    OH GOD. Kcalb looks and acts a LOT like something that lives in my head. *shivers* I know how you feel Black, I know how you feel… But that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to watch it happen to you~ *O* *drools*

  30. Deinosaur says:

    Oh and

    cannot wait for Shadow Triad FFFF

  31. Virizion says:

    N, are you not wearing pants?

  32. Utakata says:

    Black woke up :D

  33. Lt.Cookie says:

    …N IS NOT WEARING PANTS O_____O…sweet

  34. Squirrely says:

    Kcalb be jellin’ over N’s skinshipping.

  35. Contra says:

    Kcalb, the Shadow Triad, and possiblypantless N…
    This is getting interesting in terms of plot (and…fanservice i guess <3)

  36. Oh my God. I just. Oh God. |D

  37. Moonpaw says:

    i died a little….

  38. Rory says:

    N’s sleepy face in panel 4!!! <3 Sooo cuuuute.

    Kcalb is simultaneously creepy as heck and adorable. o_o

    Aaand now mancuddles. On fluffy pillows.This update has now caused me to go into fangirl fodder overload. Good thing it was only three pages or else my inner fangirl would explode.

  39. SaloSalamandra says:


  40. Beylese says:

    kcalB, you creepy sod, you. \

    I will be severely disappointed if Black’s first sentence in the next update isn’t ‘Get off me, creepy man-friend’.

    I think I am going to be disappointed.

  41. AmiBunny says:

    Kcalb really creeps me out. Seriously!!!! HE IS STALKING MY NIGHTMARES!!!! T^T
    Wait, why did Black shove N even if he knew he would squeeze him even harder? XD

  42. GameFreak98 says:

    Pantless N suddenly equals Fakir cosplaying as Mytho.
    Really hope somebody gets that….

  43. Hazama says:

    Black’s face when he wakes up shows he clearly isn’t a morning person.

  44. Tadashi says:

    Duh, winning.

  45. EarlOfPudding says:

    OMG Black! A bit of the comic is in Pokememes now! UR FAMOUS! :D

  46. Ceara says:

    HNNNNNNG once more.

  47. Gato14 says:

    I’m in love with Black’s *REALITY* face.

    …..will there be vizards now?

  48. Duckman says:

    These three parts = best two wake ups EVER!!!

  49. Nixy says:

    Aaah aaaah I sense much terrible foreshadowing ;o;

    Shadow Triad and Ghetsis are gonna take N/N will go with them after he does something “heroic” and Plasma pretends to love him and Black’s gonna be in trouble and he’s gonna call for Kcalb and they’re gonna split up and angst.

    /reads too much into things

    /also wants N to get his Zorua already please

  50. InsertCleverness says:

    How do you pronounce Kcalb? Kuh-kahlb?

  51. Yodawg says:

    Kcalb is definatly creepy and awesome. He’s like how N actually is in the game.

  52. Yodawg says:

    Also does anybody feel a connection like Chrona and Ragnarock from Soul Eater with Black and Kcalb/missingNo?

  53. Kou ' Kyoya says:

    ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! N hug him <3 <3 <3 ;O;! SO FUCK*NG CUTE! <3 ~

  54. CHAOS_FANTAZY says:

    I’m not sure who’s being more creepily clingy…Kcalb or N.

  55. Kk says:

    Is N not wearing pants?

  56. Ariku says:

    Black’s face. Just yes.

    Also, someone used a panel of your comic in a Pokememe: http://chzpokememes.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/pokmon-the-internet-is-in-there.jpg Just thought I should let you know OvO They link back to the source though, so it’s all good.

  57. Iluvpokemon101 says:

    This comic has made me slightly like yaoi. Kcalb= So much want~ lol

  58. Holyzephyr says:

    wow… i read the entire series after seeing a post about joy being in the pokeball on pokememebase.com and now im so into this its almost painful. i read every chapter in about an hour and a half :) want. more. now.

  59. Linden says:

    So… if Black would be winning, and Kcalb would be winning… I guess that makes them… bi-winni- (shot)

  60. JDeko says:


  61. Green says:

    Obvious answer: They’re not in a Pokemon center or one of Clay’s spares or anything.

    They’re at…

    Totally also explains the Kcalb kinkyness.

  62. Ilishtor says:

    I don’t like commenting in general: it’s difficult to find something to say exspecially when the internet confronts you with a ton of good quality work. BUT
    Sometimes, very rarely, extremely rarely, I happen to find something that outshines it all, that leaves me speechless, or fills me with emotions, or kracks me up until I forget all of my problems.
    This comic belongs to that pantheon of creations.
    The way you weave the “orignal” story with your own, the way you build such solid charachters, exploring people and personalities never explored before or never in such a way, the way you incorporate “citations” in unforseen and marvellous ways (I’ll never forget the first panty-and-stocking trasformation, and the word “bruderliebe” became my favourite b-word), the mere density of jokes-per-panel, may they be subtly suggested or blatantly yelled… all of these things made me fall in love with your work. (and when I say “all of these things” I mean: “for every word I just wrote I could write another thousand!”)

    Since I still don’t like commenting that much I don’t think I’ll go write my opinion about each and every strip and/or page, (or maybe I will in the near-to-distant future, when I’m done studiyng for my nanotech exam), but I feel that at least I should let you know that I really appreciate your work and find it to be shining, in its very own way, in that vast ocean that is the internet.

    By The way, on an unrelated note, i read the FAQs and…. Are you a Boy or a Girl?
    (I would guess boy, but that’s just a baseless and istinctive assumption, as it is)

    Anyway, do keep up the good work, please ^^

    • Black says:

      I appreciate the comment :y
      Glad you think so well of my comic!

      If you really try looking for the answer, you’ll figure it out~
      (there’s been pictures of me floating around the internet for a while now ahemahem)

      • Ilishtor says:

        Fun thing is, what I wrote I meant. That’s not so common when I surf the Interwebs.
        I cannot exactly point out what it is, but I feel like your comic has got that something that makes it Litrerature. So, again, me wuw it.

        Sooo.. now I have to choose between becoming some sort of stalker, hellbent on finding info about you, or keeping you as an idealized and genderless figure in my imagination….

        … that’s not as easy a decision as I just made it sound… (wow! writing This sentence was Hard! If I made any mistakes or just wrote gibberish please forgive me, English isn’t my native language)

  63. Liepard says:

    4th panel- the bed of reality!

  64. ullragg says:

    why thank you, Black, now I’ve got a whole list of new fetishes and kinks =w=

  65. asdasdffa says:

    Still not as gay as twilight

  66. Scooter says:

    Anyone else sick of the black/n-ness? I am for sure…

  67. Gale says:

    …I’m not the only one who just immediately had their attention riveted to that little “ah!” noise Black made when Kcalb pinched him, am I? SOMEHOW IT GETS TO ME, AAAAAH.

  68. SailorShine says:

    Lol, sounds like something crazy’s gonna happen soon! Aww at N.. and Kcalb, y so scary? .o.

  69. Sakuranboy says:

    Black cannot resist the N-glompage x3

  70. Dulin says:

    That bed is GIGANTIC.


  71. kalbiv123 says:

    OH GOSH FOR THE URL I TYPED IN “blackadventures(dot)com” instead of “blackadventurescomic(dot)com” AND……. JUST… BLEH.

  72. Gale says:

    Alriiiight, time for the weekly Who’s That Pokemon round! We can start off with last week’s hint, since no one’s gotten it yet. :D

    Just hearing this Pokemon’s voice can make the faint of heart whimper and grovel at its feet and even the stronger ones may be made its bitch. Who’s that Pokemon?

  73. Kk says:

    It’s August. This had better update soon.

  74. Jessi says:

    Love it. can’t wait for updates :3

  75. Master_Yoga says:

    Last panel: Black kas his mouth on N’s cheek.
    A kiss?
    Close enough.

  76. Master_Yoga says:

    Last panel: Black has his mouth on N’s cheek.
    A kiss?
    Close enough.

  77. Luka says:

    So, technically speaking, Kcalb is MissingNo. and Black’s accidental child, isn’t he?

    • Rory says:

      o____0 I would not have seen it that way.

      WAY TO MAKE IT EVEN WORSE. ;_; lol.

    • tsuntsundere says:

      lol wonderful~ somebody should draw that~ (not the incest, but the child part)

    • Blue Rose says:

      Nah, more like fusing with MissingNo. triggered a power hungry and homicidal alter ego of Black’s. And even if you wanted to view it as a “child” MissingNo. already had a body before he merged with Black, so I don’t see how it could be incest. As far as Black x Kcalb goes, it’s more like Kcalb is just being creepy; as he can’t really do anything to Black (they share the same body, this scene is more a visual representation in Black’s head).

  78. IGNOREME says:

    oh god Kcalb ominous much…?
    He’s totally going to try to kill Mary or something isnt he? or actually take her glowy eye out, i dunno…
    then he’ll swallow it and become a creepy tentacle monster and eat Gaycheese ;___;

    adsfghjaknjfkasnfckjajfkaf great update

  79. Kasumisty says:

    No update today? :c

  80. Yosh says:

    (flips through manga) Each Pokemon to understand…

  81. Ronnie says:

    Second verse anyone? Might be for real die-hards. ;P

    Every challenge along the way, with courage I will face~

  82. YoungsterJo says:

    Arm and arm. we’ll win the fight!
    It’s always been our dreammm~!!

  83. Holyzephyr says:

    Okay, I’m almost out of options here. Ive gone over a total of two hours of miscellaneous video from different people who were at the Arcadia mall tour for Pokemon black and white on February 19th. trying to find a shot of you, a definitive shot of you either drawing on a bright orange sticky note or placing one. and Ive come up with… nothing.

    The closest Ive gotten is seeing one of your sticky notes being removed by a security member. and this is all so i can find out the answer to this one burning question…



  84. YoungsterJo says:


  85. Raven says:

    No updates today? D:
    Well, It’s fine, take your time.


  86. Ronnie says:

    *picks up the song*

    I know it’s my DES-TI-NYYYY~~

  87. Dvandemon says:

    For some reason I imagine Kcalb sounding a lot like Truth from FMA

  88. Rina says:

    “Tell your man friend to get off of you.” That was so funny!

  89. Herpnadus says:

    Hoyay. That’s all.

  90. Echos says:

    No other words can explain this love- I SHIP IT HARD MUCH LOVE SUCH YANDERE (I support idea of love triangle despite the fact that N might get murdered in his sleep plz dun)

    I love reading this while hatching shit loads of Eevees for a shiny Sylvoen.

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