Episode 18 Part 04

Alamo beer is another King of the Hill thang.

There were two power outages while I was working on the comic. And so much rage.

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58 Responses to Episode 18 Part 04

  1. Aw man, that sucks about the power outages. Glad you still got this up though! c:

  2. Kasumisty says:


    Totally forgot Black fainted last time ;;

    And I’m getting hungry from only mention of so much food…


  3. Remiku says:

    I always have to go back and read what happened before.
    God I wish I had that breakfast;; xD
    Also N is adorable dfgdffsed- <3

  4. doodlelover says:

    I know that outrage well. My air conditioner tends to make everything in my room flicker on and off, so I have to choose between frustration and heat stroke. Thank you for having this up today, regardless! :D

    )o) There can never be enough N snuggles.

  5. Praetors says:

    Wait, wait, wait. you never answered our question. Was that N’s naked leg or not?

  6. Rory says:

    N WAS WORRIED BECAUSE HE FAINTED AND THEY’RE IN CLAY’S SPARE ROOM. TOTALLY CALLED IT. NOT that is should have been particularly difficult to infer from context clues in the first place but HA. XD

    It almost kinda looked like N was wearing a nightgown… under his shirt. XD I wouldn’t be too surprised.

    Also Clay had an odd look in panel 3. XD Haha. But he reacted quite calmly for someone who’s not used to seeing pansy yankee men cuddling in his spare bed. XD

    Sucks about the power outages. Thanks for putting up with so much to update for us! ^^

  7. Tai Kouen says:

    YES! King of the Hill reference that i totally got~! You are epicly amazing now~!

  8. Azalee says:

    Aww man, the power outages must’ve been SO annoying. *understands. REALLY DOES >_<*

    Black trying to push N off of him is still adorable. But no one can beat N's clingyness. <3 And yay, Clay! I totally thought the beer WAS his entire breakfast for a second… xD but this is much better.
    And it looks like he and Landorus are BFF now.

    • Murp says:

      Silly. Only Yuko drinks beer for breakfast. Well, she WOULD if Watanuki let her.

      • Azalee says:


      • Murp says:

        Don’t you read the manga? FREQUENTLY, Watanuki asks her what she wants for breakfast and she replies “Beer~”

      • Thundhurrus says:

        Sake is basically Japanese beer, but slightly classier.
        They’re in Japan.
        DO THE MATH.

      • Murp says:

        Beer exists in Japan too. Yuko will drink ANYTHING if it has alchohol in it.

      • Azalee says:

        Well, they actually do drink regular beer in Japan too, it’s just I always hear the beginning of the Holic movie.
        Yuuko: “… O-sake.”
        Watanuki: “… Haaaaa?”
        Maru: “Osake!”
        Moro: “Osake!”
        But yeah, she probably has beer too just as often.

  9. Alter Juvia says:

    why is landorus having breakfast with them?? :O

  10. I wonder what Clay was thinking when he saw them in bed together. HERP DERP.

  11. Foehn says:

    What is that breakfast even? I can identify the tea, butter, pie, and sandwich things, but what is the rest of that? I see bacon too.

  12. Hay, look. They’re actually eating and not drinking tea this time xD
    Although, I would’ve loved to see Clay sipping tea all dignifiedlike.

  13. thesilverskull190 says:

    i sell propane and propane accessories…

    i had to say it madam-sir -u-;…

    and that’s madam and sir, not madam or sir

  14. Jesephine says:

    Well, you’ve finally gotten them to eat some thing other than tea. I’m not sure if I should be glad or not…

  15. Haela says:

    I’m willing to bet in the third panel, in his head Clay is saying “Queers”.

  16. colon says:

    Its not a yes party for ONCE!!!#

  17. I have that sort of breakfast everyday.
    Only if I wake up before 1 PM.
    Or get too lazy.

  18. Kanra says:

    I love how N goes directly for the tea xD

  19. Katfuzzmunchkin says:

    Wait what? Since when do Black and N eat anything besides tea?

    • Murp says:

      Notice Black only takes the scones and a single bread roll. How can you people not clearly identify these food shapes like me?!

  20. GigglePie says:

    I freaking love you.
    Totally watching King of the Hill AS I READ THIS.
    That’s magical shit~~

    Awesome stuff as always!

  21. Ariku says:

    I love that Black’s first sentence was “Where are we?” and not “Get off” :D

  22. Clay says:


  23. Duckman says:

    Second read of this page:
    OMDWG! N’S LEG! -wants to join hug-

  24. MollyMoo12 says:

    King of the Hill makes me proud to be Texan.

  25. SailorShine says:

    Haha, the breakfast of champions. I’m also sorry about the power outages.. that must’ve been really terrible! =(

  26. Kelly Ma says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen food besides tea and cookies… missing those tea and cookies

  27. Solsticehunter says:


  28. Jessie says:

    That’s quite the breakfast…..I’d like to start everyday with a nice cold Alamo beer XD (I love you so much more for the reference)

    Oh and Clay’s face in the 4th panel- priceless

  29. Wildwalker says:

    Oh, wait. The Alamo beer is from King of the Hill? I thought it was a history reference. You know, how when Texas won its independence from Mexico, they all shouted “Remember the Alamo!!!”? And Clay’s a Texan, isn’t he? *Re-reads comment* WHEN THE HELL DID I BECOME A HISTORY NUT?!?!?!

    Also… Dat leg!!! X3

  30. Blahblahblah says:


  31. Lambo says:


  32. aslandus says:

    Seeing how Black hasn’t eaten anything but tea and cookies since he left his hometown, he might be serious…

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