Anime Los Angeles 2011

Shihfu and I went to Anime Los Angeles on the weekend and we supported our college friend slimu. He sketched this for me. It’s beautiful, I know. I’m still laughing at it. If you’re unfamiliar with his art, go check him out now!

If any of you went to the convention, there’s a slight chance you saw the stuff I drew on the bulletin, and other places around there. My friend also threw in one of my drawings of N in the manga cafe poster. I wonder if anyone noticed… Anyway, we’re staff members of their art department. That sounds nice, but it couldn’t get us tables at the artist alley;;  We spent the whole time taking pictures of people, hovering around slimu, and not knowing what else to do. We DO have a table for AX though! That’s in the summer fkhsdjjdhsvj

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17 Responses to Anime Los Angeles 2011

  1. Shadowfox says:

    Dat sketch. I checked out his da page. He’s got great skill. You and your friends have amazing skill. I will never be worthy. *bows*

  2. derp says:

    table for AX? think i’ll have to stop by, then.

  3. ViDez says:

    Hurr. Balls.

  4. Ophelia says:

    UWAAAHH, I WANNA LIVE IN AMERICA. ;_; stuck in england, phooey.

    BUT UGH THAT SKETCH IS JUST …. …. /implodes

    JGDFJJDFJDJ its amazing |: ohhh mann. I want to eat it up. and then LOOK AT IT. from INSIDE MY OWN BODY.

  5. ShihFu says:

    “Ambiguously gay” is still making me laugh. Dammit, Hans. Why must he be so amazing * A*

  6. KuroiMamoru says:

    Amazing drawing! in that perspective, looks like… Black grab N’s Balls!

  7. Hiromi says:

    LOL look where the 2 pokeBALLS are where Black is holding em XD

  8. Jessie says:

    that’s an awesome sketch. reminds me of when i bought an Edward Elric sketch at CPAC *sighs at memory* good times~

  9. Me says:

    Those balls are being held at…. um… Just the right level…

  10. Raptorix says:

    You went to college with Hans too?? You went to CSUF??? Suddenly I’m curious if I knew/met you in person at school (as I went to CSUF and attended a couple classes with Hans as well!)

    • Black says:

      Holy crap it’s a small world :u
      The only class I had with Hans was beginning 3D design in my freshman year. I’m still in college, so it sounds like you were years ahead of me, but who knows, maybe you have seen me :U

  11. Zebstrika says:

    You’re so lucky. I have nothing to do. I live far from ANYTHING that barely resembles anime.
    I can’t even draw small people.

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