Episode 08 Part 08

Yes, they’re in Lady Gaga dresses. The triangle dress on Black is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. N’s dress wasn’t as fun to draw as I thought it’d be though…

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41 Responses to Episode 08 Part 08

  1. Shadowfox says:

    *clutches heart* Be still… be still.

  2. ViDez says:


    >Meloetta’s face

  3. rawkstarvienna says:


    God, Gaga’s dresses are amazing. XD

    …except that triangle. XD

  4. inaworld says:

    Oh hawt damn

  5. Custards says:

    nnnnnnnnnnngh you god.

  6. Maruko says:

    Epic= Melloeta’s face
    and i want Black’s dress…D=

  7. Marecki says:

    Oh lawdy

  8. Setsuna says:

    ha ha YES!! I love aloe, “honey you have to see this” XD the look on Meloetta’s face is super amazing!

  9. Tina says:

    Again, I decided to re-read and play Bad Romance.

    Derp, dude, why are you so awesome kmsdklfmdskily<3

  10. Drake says:

    No raw meat dress?

  11. Sizacu says:

    If only they were there to steal somebody’s leather pants and not pwn a meloetta.

  12. Karin says:

    I just died from laughing. And this made me think of some Gijinka Darkrai crossdressing as Kagamine Rin…. I CAN’T STOP READING

  13. Suzana says:


  14. Disciple of Midna says:

    Hate Gaga and her outfits, but I *do* like how MissingNo was intigrated into the dress… and Black’s fishnets…. and N’s little crown. Tee hee~! ^^

  15. Christy says:

    D: I want a missingno dress now.

  16. Hermia_Lucaria says:

    Snaps pictures and shows them to Cheren and Bel…”Looks like we gonna hafta step up yo game”

  17. Lambo says:

    Missingo’s pixels… Seem so right.

  18. RedIsWin says:

    N is way too comfortable with cross dressing…..

  19. Frozen says:

    If this was animated, it would have been so freaking amazing.

  20. CHAOS_FANTAZY says:

    Meoletta’s weakness is bad music! Quick, rev up the AutoTune!

  21. Kelsey says:

    Oh dear sweet baby Jesus on an crutch what is this I don’t even.

  22. anti virus says:

    aw, i was hopin for the meat dress.

  23. Stikkr says:

    I don’t think I even have to post for you to understand…


  24. Irene Kim says:

    kyaaaaaaaah~ so cute XD

  25. Strike a pose Black :D

    Missing no seems to be doing the blurry thing in all the expected places, could be interesting when the sword comes out…. :P

  26. Purple_the_awesome_person_that_is_awesome_and_will_PWN_you_wit_her_pokemans_XD says:

    DERP 8D geez I’m seriously bored

  27. kimtan1999 says:

    There’re going to sing Bas Romance now? Where’s the popcorn…

  28. Meloetta’s face = Priceless. XD

  29. solitaybird says:

    This is hilarious!

  30. ActinFishie says:

    Missingno. dress? fits Black, good for the guy. Meloetta’s disturbance in her expression is hillarious, love how supportive Joy is though. Lenora and her husband is a power couple ngl, love them

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