Episode 08 Part 07


Next week shall be the conclusion.

I’m afraid this won’t be as amazing as the first gym battle fffff

But the future Arti episodes fill me with EXCITE.

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37 Responses to Episode 08 Part 07

  1. Custards says:

    OH MY GOD ARTI. How could I forget?
    How am I going to be able to sleep now.


    • Black says:

      At the rate I’m going, we won’t be seeing Arti til next month,
      so that’s a lot of sleepless nights for you…

  2. Emong says:

    Is it almost time for Hitler to come back? Because I think it’s almost time for Hitler to come back.

  3. derp says:

    everybody was kung-fu fightiiiing HIYAH.

    & emong is right.
    needs more hitler.

  4. Finntroll says:

    It also needs swearing Celebi.

  5. Hat says:

    I do love me some Joy *___*

  6. Shadowfox says:

    This web comic… just this web comic. I need moar.

  7. Custards says:

    I FORGOT ABOUT HITLER TOO. ohhh jeeeeeezz i’m so excited

  8. Manna says:

    ohmigawd new episode.

    Gaspeh. Meloetta’s ebil, but gorgeous and…skjfskj I AIN’T A FURRY. Just a skirt chaser.
    Everyone’s right. Needs more Hitler, swearing Celebi’s and a guy named Arti.

  9. rawkstarvienna says:


    Melotta, lmaooo! I love Joy. She’s so cool, and cute, and fun! XD

    We need Arti, yes we do, Arti please come back or be doomed…

    …that didn’t rhyme.

  10. hilliean says:


    you think it’s time for hitler to come back?
    that’s cool because I think it’s time for hitler to come back.

  11. ViDez says:

    Omgar. Can’t wait for conclusion. <3

    And Arti. :D


  12. Marecki says:

    So I guess that in Arti’s episode we will see Hitler again

  13. Finntroll says:

    @ Black

    Then burn another forest down!

  14. Hat says:

    I would just like to say that I am have purchased a Pokemon Center Tabunne plush, and am currently looking for the scarf to match. Any color/pattern suggestions?

    • Black says:

      Right now, I just draw the scarf plain white.
      But if you find something more suitable, I’d like to see~

  15. Hat says:


  16. rawkstarvienna says:

    *kicks down door and walks in* Whoah, I thought Joy learned Healing Heart at lvl35~? Isn’t Joy as lv25? Or am I just being weird?~ D:

  17. FAWLOT says:


  18. anti virus says:

    has anyone else noticed that melottia or whatever the puck she is is sandin on the unconscious peoples?

  19. Blueh says:

    It’s about that time for me to think about Excalibur again, fools.

  20. kimtan1999 says:

    Meloetta is normal now wtf

    • hazy says:

      Meloetta is always normal. Meloetta’s either normal-psychic or normal-fighting, but is currently normal-psychic.

  21. crusaderlegend says:

    …. needs more hitler.

  22. Soul says:

    I feel like meloetta has a voice like Tiffany in adventure time

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