XY Episode 10 Part 15


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10 Responses to XY Episode 10 Part 15

  1. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    I love how confused is AZ, not knowing how to treat this GUY that (I’m almost a 100% sure) he believes to be a girl xD!

    OhmMySOmanyupdatesHolyShit I iz Happy :’)

    • trumpeterjen says:

      Why do you think that? No one else in the comic has mistaken him for a girl, including those who’ve shown attraction for him (Shauna, Sycamore) and the press (Malva). Even when he dresses in feminine clothing, he still has a young man’s body.
      He’s probably uncomfortable sleeping in Xavier’s living room because he’s not accustomed to hospitality, and most people don’t want to get undressed around strangers regardless of gender.

  2. Manna says:

    AZ is so damn adorable what the fuck AB what have you done

  3. KitKat Kelly says:

    Oh my Xavier what long legs you have

  4. derp says:

    meanwhile Antoinette is just- whathefuck is thiiss? I

  5. bloop says:

    He’ll soon be sleeping in Xavier’s arms :>>>>

  6. Mimikyuuuu~ says:

    That kneeling is awaking my inner romantic!
    ……Which is a shame because i thought i put that bitch into a permanent coma

  7. Erica Hollingsworth says:

    I don’t understand if Xavier is wearing a panda shirt or a very stylized pancham shirt

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