XY Episode 10 Part 16

xyventures10-16Reminder contest is going on! 

I’ve been saying AZ is the main love interest since the beginning, pretty much as a warning because I KNOW SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THE IDEA BUT IM STILL GONNA DO IT ᕕ-ᐛ-ᕗ

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20 Responses to XY Episode 10 Part 16

  1. Iusedtobexxxbutnotanymore says:

    Xavier is as pretty as a flower and AZ have a fetish, you can’t change my mind with this one.

    So many updates in so little time YAZZZZZ.

    But now I’m scared 😨

    I mean, are you going to leave us for good for months? Should I worry? Should I cry now?? :’D

  2. PinkieKite says:

    I missed the part you mentioned AZ begin the main love interest and was quite shocked about the turn out. But in a good way!

    I didn’t care about AZ much in the game, but I’m loving him on this one! Probably because game doesn’t give him much of a character, as how he’s seen only… 3-4 times?

    But I’m loving him on this comic, you can really turn anyone into BL character!

  3. Umeko says:

    “an older man” that’s a BIT OF AN UNDERSTATEMENT, XAVIER

  4. Azalee says:

    For real? That’s kind of adorable :D

  5. Anon says:

    AZ x Xavier seems like a weird ship. Let’s sail it and see, where we’ll end up!

  6. Gato14 says:

    I actually ship it pretty hard now. I always wanted better for that man, in the game at least, he seemed so remorseful…all he wanted was to see his lil Flower again.

  7. Kyogre says:

    Does Az actually know if he is male though? I mean, Xavier has that so prett you almost seem girly look to him. But yay, we got a giant on the team, alright!

    • trumpeterjen says:

      Even though Xavier sometimes wears girly clothes and puts on makeup, he’s still noticeably male. No one’s gotten his gender wrong yet. I think he acts awkward because he’s polite and unaccustomed to hospitality.

  8. Manna says:

    AZ has joined the party! Hooray
    Time to rack up those romance points Xavier, flex those flirt choices

  9. Hat says:

    Can Xavier’s shirt be in the next round of BA merch? I want it on my body

  10. I’m more ok with this than I was with Black/N (headcanon is forever girl friends with a space that dress up together and take care of each other but male except boy friends doesn’t give the same tone). But now that Xavier said it’s his first male friend, I also want them to be just good friends…dammit I like friend-only ships okay ;_;

  11. derp says:

    welp I have a new ship now. Also older man is an understatement tbh. And aaah wow Xavier is desperate.

  12. Volcarona says:

    Im really liking how Az has been the one blushing and Xavi is as composed as hes ever been around an older man 💖 its ok Az, hes cute, we know

  13. Jirachi says:


  14. Robinweekly21 says:

    This may seem like a late comment, but honestly, I would think that nobody should have a problem with Az and Xavier hooking up when just about everybody and their grandma is shipping the CANONICALLY 11 year old protag with Guzma in S&M. Granted, I dont know if there’s a cut-off age for being in the island challenge, but I believe it may or may not end at 17-18, and your character is told that they can participate because they are 11. So yeah, if people wanna scream “problematic ship”, they need to check themselves first. >~>

  15. Mimikyuuuu~ says:

    Let the Dating Sim begin!
    I hope it’s Hunie Cam Studio styled

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