XY Episode 04 Part 03


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7 Responses to XY Episode 04 Part 03

  1. Sceptile says:

    The most awkward conversation in the world

  2. Azalee says:

    poor V doesn’t know what she did

  3. Brown-tiger says:

    Oh that poor woman.

  4. Wynter says:

    “Oh God no.”
    “We hate each other.”
    Best conversation.

  5. xD says:

    I love Yvonne’s outfit here. The blue color scheme you have going on with her really suits her. :3

  6. Larvesta says:

    I like how they just start arguing like a flip of switch!

  7. Cheren says:

    *meanwhile, Cheren is still laughing his ass off* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    (Admin: Okay, that’s it. *pulls out Missingno blade* Who are you, and what did you do with the real Cheren?)

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