XY Episode 04 Part 01

xyventures04-01I thought I could have this up right after fanime, but I was a fool


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5 Responses to XY Episode 04 Part 01

  1. someone says:

    “saucy foreigner” omg

  2. Xavier is posing so cutely at the end. <3 No wonder he won by such a wide margin.

  3. Raifuujin says:

    It’s been years upon years… but I’m getting Stadium flashbacks from the ‘oh, what an upset’ bit. Would have voted for Xavier too, though~

  4. Cheren says:

    …I voted for Yvonne.
    (Admin: THERE YOU ARE!)
    Crap. Bye. *runs*

  5. I’ve noticed that while the Black Adventures had a sorta PSG “gym battle” theme, this one seems mor “Kill la kill”, except with more decent clothing.

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