XY Episode 01 Part 13

xyventures01-13Damnit I’m behind already. Blame Parasyte. Also please read/watch Parasyte.

Anyway I’m amused people thought Xavier had a chance with Ruby haha


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12 Responses to XY Episode 01 Part 13

  1. i'musedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:


    Meannie ;w;!!!!

  2. Azalee says:


  3. Shadowfox says:

    Oh Black, you tease.

    Anyway, again I toootally understand mom exasperation! XD

  4. MV says:

    *can’t read french* <— Pft

  5. genosect0013 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! that was awesome!!

  6. To people’s credit, Ruby is technically gay in the manga so it’s not surprising they thought RubyXavier might have become something.

    • Myou says:

      He’s not actually gay in PokeSpecial, you know. He has feelings for Sapphire, he just developed a feminine personality and a love of contests due to an incident in his childhood where he thought he scared Sapphire with his original rough-and-tumble personality while battling a rampaging pokemon. That same incident made Sapphire become a tomboy because she thought her original quiet and girlish personality had caused Ruby to get hurt protecting her.

  7. Kittycara says:

    Um, has no one thought that Ruby might me bi, or maybe even pan or ace?

  8. LucarioDopa says:

    Arceusdamnit, son, this is why we can’t have nice things!

  9. I don't remember what my name was on here oops says:

    Freakin’ Parasyte, man. I wasted a good few days watching that up. Tried to read it too but some weeb stole like half of the volumes from the library or something because it only has a few random ones. (cool that it has any, really, though. I think my hometown has a high weeb population, there are a lot of manga in our public library. Still, they should have all 8 volumes, even if I know what happens I still want to see the minute differences between television and book form.)

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