XY Episode 01 Part 12




I’m sure people saw this coming, especially those that follow my tumblr and know who I ship :v

anyway, Persona and I made a left-handed zine

I like how our ORAS dudes came out the best, so here they are ahah

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28 Responses to XY Episode 01 Part 12

  1. Azalee says:

    Aw, I love that Xavier is actually pretty close with Ruby! *^* Even if, well, this.
    (I ship RuSa too <3)

    That left-handed zine is pure beauty.

  2. Kindra says:

    Aww, man, my heart just broke for poor Xavier here. Even if you know it’s unlikely they’ll be with you, getting confirmation that your crush is with someone else hurts. A lot. Poor baby. Hugs and chic clothing for you!

  3. Zettaiiya says:

    I KNEW it was too beautiful to be real sigh
    You made me ship them already, how could youuuu….//yells

  4. Justice says:

    Poor Xavier.

  5. Diancie says:

    //lays down and wheezes

    I still love the close friendship Xavier has with Ruby though o(-<

  6. ;~; says:

    I smell more catfights. Lots and lots of catfights…

  7. i'musedtobexxxxbutnotanymore says:

    Can you hear that, people? Is the sound of a heart

    BREAKING in tiny, TINY little pieces.

    Aaaalso. Your drawing with the left hand is better than mine (and I’m a lefty) so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go to the corner to cry ;w;

  8. Mangaluva says:

    Poor heartbroken Xavier ;_; (Saw it coming, but was still hoping otherwise because Xavier and Ruby would be hella pretty together…) GO FORTH AND GET YOURSELF A CAREER AND AN EVEN PRETTIER MAN, XAVIER

  9. Sparklezekrom_ says:

    Nuuu Xavier ;-;

  10. Rikari says:

    I could feel the exact moment where Xavier’s heart dropped. I can only hope AZ makes things better, or Black and N show up to make things 100% less coherent.

  11. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:


  12. MizuhoKanakazaki says:

    Oh baby Xavier, feel for him yo.

  13. Landorkus says:

    *a sad song played on the world’s smallest violin*

  14. Emily says:

    ohhhh noooo whyyy nooo

  15. lordshuckle says:

    Given how Black Adventures went (with Black having a crush on his female next door neighbor [White] then going with an older boy [N]), I think that it’ll be the exact opposite with Xavier.

  16. Jolteon92 says:

    I am disappoint here. T_T

  17. Soraeno says:

    Ahh Xavier bby I feel your pain that is not fun at all. Still, looking forward to how things will develop.

  18. Em-chan says:

    Oh God, just how could I miss the fact that you started a completely new webcomic?! <3 *~* <3
    And it's totally cool and full of style! I am so happy right now!
    Personally, I would really love to see you create a trans* character, but to be honest, your comic has way more lgbt representation than any other comic about Pokemon I know of, so I definitely won't complain if XY Adventure stays Boys Love only. It's awesome as is, anyways! ^o^

  19. Salty says:

    haha, the pokeyaranaikas.

  20. hazy says:

    Welcome back! I am liking this so far!

  21. Shadowfox says:

    *pulls collar* Hehe, awkward…

    Seriously tho, great comic so far.

  22. Thundhurrus says:

    And with those words, Xavier’s hopes and dreams were crushed.
    At least until he decides to seduce him, anyways.

  23. I don't remember what my name was on here oops says:

    hahaha I shouldn’t have laughed but I did
    better luck next time Xavier hahaha

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