Episode 30 Part 26

BA-c30-26There’s a period at the end of fin, so you know it’s THE END.

Thank you everyone! This has been my biggest longest-running project, and first multi-chapter comic I’ve ever finished!

Since it’s the end, I’d like to mention that the first ending I had in mind was Black/Arti.

There’s still unresolved stuff because, well, there IS a game sequel. But at the moment, I don’t know what my next comic will be, or when I will start.


I’d like to draw one more thank-you pic, and I’m open to suggestions on that~


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126 Responses to Episode 30 Part 26

  1. erihan says:

    That was a great ending, maybe the thank you pic can be Black and N together? since they did start the whole thing

  2. Twister468 says:

    oh no I was dreading this moment.
    I’ll have to go back and read the whole thing now.
    Thanks for all the work you put into this.
    It has been one of my favorite things to read for a while now.
    I look forward to whatever comes next.

  3. Thank you, Black. That was amazing. I’ve really enjoyed your comic which I’ve read since the spring of 2011.
    Looking forward to your next big scale work!

  4. bani says:

    i’ve been keeping up with this comic since the very beginning, so it’s sad to see it end ;u; but also kind of incredible at the same time. congrats on finishing it, and thanks for having us along for the ride! it’s been fun. looking forward to seeing anything you do next. uvu

  5. Manna says:

    A great ending to a fantastic comic! ‘Twas an awesome ride Black! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future.

    Black looks damn snazzy in that jacket though man

  6. Justice says:

    Thank you for taking us all along for the ride. We look forward to your next comic.

    And thank you for drawing me lewd a few months ago.

  7. Zetchune says:

    I was sad it ended but I’m happy with the story~♥ really nice plot, character personality, and such funny comedy and I love love LOVE to see your improvement starting from the first chapter until the end~♥ overall, it was a great story~♥

    I’d like to see more but I know you’re tonna get bussy and all so it’s a big thank you for making such a delightful story~♥ also for the thank you pic if you’d like you could draw N, Black, Joy, Missingno and Nilbert together as a family with the hero of light and his lover’s lught sillhouette at the back~♥ just a suggestion ^^

  8. Joice says:

    Thanks for everything, Black. It’s been an amazing journey :’)

  9. zettaiiya says:

    Aah I can’t believe it’s oveeeer ;A; it feels so surreal to see it end… Wow. Just wow. Congratulations on finishing your comic, Black! You’re my idol, and BA is a proof of your strength as the artist and determination, and I really, REALLY am amazed. It’s a big thing to complete such big comic. You’re my idol x3
    And I really hope there will be a sequel someday! Also I hope that Black’s and N’s reunite will be a very, VERY emotional moment ;v; this would complete my life.

    (as for the pic, I have no ideas. Draw something with your headcanons!)

  10. phionexxx says:

    i feel so empty now that it has ended. this comic is amazing, seriously. ha, maybe for the last pic you could draw a ‘What Could Have Been’ Black/Arti. or maybe draw everyone interacting together, or mistaking black for a girl or something. idk. now i’m just rambling. but i’m looking foward to you next? comic. you should give the timeline and characters of bw2 a go, seeing everyone come together would be awesome.

  11. Polas89 says:

    Thank you so much, both of you. Both A!Black and character!Black.

    Thank you pic… mm, I was thinking as sort of like… an upside down world, where the earth is the sky and the sky is the ground? And in-between the earth and sky, you can maybe draw the Light Hero with white wings, falling towarss the sky. Idk @_@ my brain just did a vomit.

  12. Azalee says:

    I was reading this in class during break and I was sad but then your comment on Black/Arti
    I started laughing so much I worried everyone and had to close my computer and stopped breathing at some point
    This was beautiful. I am a bit sad we’re not seeing N and Black reunite, but we have hope. Thank you for the wild ride, Black!

  13. Kitsu says:

    Welp. It was inevitable.

    Congratulations, Artist!Black, you must be proud to have completed this webcomic. It was really great :)

    I will never forget “Dat Black Ass”.

    (Anyone know how many pages (or, panels I guess, since this webcomic has a somewhat strange format) the entire webcomic contained?)

  14. purplezoroark says:

    *sniff* So it finally happened, the time we all prayed will never come yet the one we needed to see the most.

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication A!Black, and congratulations on finishing a full comic, we wish nothing but success to you and we’ll be waiting to see more of you work ^ ^

  15. Dynus says:

    A job well done. I’ve been following since near the beginning, and while it’s sad to see it end, this was an enjoyable end, and an enjoyable ride. Thank for sharing with us.

    (BTW, your comic might be one of reasons GenV is my favorite gen)

    I’d like to see Black, Joy, and Reshiram in the thank you pic, personally. Or maybe Black in all of his costumes =D

  16. GHOST says:

    Ahhhh man I really loved this comic.
    It has always been here to help me laugh and live, and stare at boys in drag. You have no idea how much that has helped me over these hard years. And now I am at the same place in my life as Black is now, and I’m terrified but somehow I know it is going to be alright.
    Thank you.

    Now I’m off to play your visual novel again and make myself cry some more.

  17. Tashi says:

    It’s really over, huh…? I may not be a fan from hour 0 on, but I started being one in the long run.
    I horribly enjoyed this comic, I cried tears of laughter, I squee’d all over the place, my heart always jumped a little when I saw that there are new chapters on my RSS Feed. But I am really sad that it’s all over now. Endings always make me sad. ;_; Especially if it’s a great thing that is going to end.
    I will miss this story and something will be missing inside of me now.
    THANK YOU for everything you have drawn so far. You are great, your artstyle is great, your ideas ara great and I hope this won’t be the last thing we will see! I love you (platonically ofc, don’t worry)! Onto new adventures, ho!

  18. Well done for doing such a wonderful job creating a wonderful comic.
    It’s sad to this end however, I will miss it a lot.

  19. WinterBlossom says:

    Thank YOU, Artist!Black, for this wonderful comic, and congratulations!
    I’ve been up-to-date with Black Adventures for quite a while(although sadly not from the very beginning) and I enjoyed everything – characters, which you made much deeper and likeable than they were in-game, your humor, your ideas and your artstyle that brought everything to life.
    Thank you once more, for entertaining me for such a long time and I will be anxiously waiting for you next project.

  20. Pikalee says:

    Thank you, Author!Black. I never put much comments-wise to tell you so, but thanks. It’s been so much fun! (And I awkwardly wander back to my hidey-hole…)
    P.S. I’m not crying! There’s rain clouds stuck in my eyes! ;A;

  21. Mangaluva says:

    This comic is utterly fantastic. The art is always either adorable, gorgeous or both, the plot was definitely a fresh take and the characters are wonderful. I absolutely cacked myself laughing a lot of times, and other times I cried a LOT. I want to hug all of the characters. Black running off with Looker at the end is kind of wonderful, because it’s the ending but at the same time everyone has something that they’re doing with their life and a future to head too and I think that’s just lovely. If you do a BW2 strip, I will follow it just as lovingly as this one.

    I’d suggest Black and N’s reunion for the final picture, whenever that happens. I enjoy that ship way, way too much XD

    Thank you for such a wonderful comic <3

  22. smeargull says:

    Thank you for working on this comic.
    I’ve enjoyed the journey!

  23. Jon says:

    What a great journey with this comic. Until next time, farewell.

  24. Hans Gunsche says:

    Whoa, it’s over?!
    This was a wonderful (and hilarious!) read, Author!Black. Thank you for creating such a great comic!

  25. Sazuka57 says:

    //Lip wibble. the end. finito. the finish. this was a great comic. it had ups, downs, highs, lows. thanks for actually finishing it and not leaving it when you got bored. it was a great time.

  26. misty says:

    Thank you, Black, for creating such a fun and entertaining Pokemon webcomic. It has been almost exactly three years since I started reading the webcomic, and it has been a pleasure to read since the beginning. Your art developed exceptionally well over the three years, and the scenes were always nice to look at. So, again, thank you.

    Perhaps the final thank you pic could involve one final tea party with the main characters in their future outfits. I really do like Black’s suit.

  27. I don’t know if I’m crying because of happiness— or sadness…
    this comic is overrr ;;_______;; I’ll truly miss this! Though, I would like to see a little comic about N and Black meeting again or whatever idek//// huehuehue

  28. Reshiram says:

    *claps* Congratulations on managing to finish this wild ride.

  29. zandraxofnebulon says:

    for the finishing thank you picture you should do something with samba being incredibly cute. but i agree with the previous commenter’s tea party remark, that’s splendid.

  30. zandraxofnebulon says:

    so is thundhurr going to come back now? can he and greener have flamewars just like old times?

  31. zandraxofnebulon says:

    can you wrap up cheren’s ending? can he become champion of this region?

  32. zandraxofnebulon says:

    i have been following this for about a year, sometimes rereading it just to get my blackadventures fix! this has been so much fun, even though i got almost none of the refrences. Thank you so much! as for your next one, i would sugguest an xy one, i think that the completely fresh material would be an awesome thing to work with, and no doubt you would do something splendid and awesome with team flare! Thank you.

  33. Andromeda Lazuli says:

    I actually agree with erihan’s idea on the thank you being a “Black and N getting together” one and drats, it just had to be the end of the comic right on my birthday. >.< But I'm still happy for the update as well as how amazing this comic was. So it's still an awesome update and I will accept that as a birthday gift without you even knowing that it was my birthday! ^_^ <3

  34. Mysterious Entity says:

    30 Episodes. Definitely a good run.

  35. Liz says:

    I’m kinda really sad about this, but in a good way! there’s this pain in my chest you get when good things end. I loved this comic, and it helped me through a lot of bad times, it cheered me up. I’m definetley gonna miss it!
    Thank you for everything, Author Black! This was an aweosome journey, and I’m glad I found this comic!
    (it totes has to be a black and N image, maybe with joy and missingno too?)

  36. Tornadouche says:

    It’s been so long that I don’t even remember my name. Screw being in character.


  37. Loos_Guccreen says:

    It’s over… I cried a little.

    Thanks for all !

  38. quizzman says:

    Uh ? My comment didn’t work ?

    It’s over…. I cried a little.

    Thanks for all ! <3

  39. Erynn says:

    thank you for this wonderful comic. it was funny, it was heartwarming, it was downright stupid and it was beautiful. this comic has brought me and many of my friends closer together, in our own weird way, and it’ll always be associated with the good days of my early teens that have passed now that i’m 18 and on my way to university. i guess you could say that in one of the most changing times of my life i grew up alongside Black, N, White, Cheren, and Bel. so thanks, for one of the best webcomics i ever followed, and also the first i ever stuck with from the very beginning till the end.

    also if you ever make a sequel, you have to have a parody of the original Precure. the joke kinda writes itself.

  40. Kyogre says:

    wow, it’s over, i can’t wait to see what else you make, I’m not sure what to think now though…….. So how about a going away PARTY for this great comic? anyone, food? drinks? dancing? beach ball? fun? wooo? raise the roof? or ceiling? or underwater cave? I’m gonna miss yall. and i’m going to miss this comic.

  41. A-DEMON-SOUL says:

    the fin word really caught me off-guard
    but the comic was really amazing and i enjoyed every part of it
    (but it would be great if u start a new one)
    (just saying XD)

  42. Federico says:

    Artist:Black Thank you so much for your work.

  43. Hen says:

    This is the first webcomic I’ve seen through to the end. It’s been one hell of a ride. Thank you.

  44. TailsWorld1 says:

    It has been absolutely lovely seeing this comic all the way through. Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful art <3

    Also it should be a requirement that Pod makes a glorious appearance in the Thank You picture~

  45. JollyPiplups says:

    N-No, it can’t be o-over!! It feels like only 2 and a half years ago since I’ve started reading it! :c
    Sigh, I guess all good things must end eventually. Thank you, Author Black! You’ve done an incredible job! I’ve met many great friends through this comic , and I’ll be sure to keep up with any follow up you plan on, and with your tumblrs too! I’m going to miss the updates, but that’s ok!

    Maybe draw all the characters together, crowded around a computer, saying thank you?

  46. Kitkat Kelly says:

    :'( Omg I completely forgot endings existed! I’ve been following along with this comic since Castelia City and I can’t believe it’s over! It’s been a multi-year journey and I loved every step of it! Thank you Author!Black for your wonderful creativeness and I look forward to reading your future works!

  47. MisterM says:

    The end.

    THE END.


  48. Collin Cook says:

    This has literally been one of the best comics I have ever read. The only thing that I have left to ask is that if you do decide to start another project, you make a post about it on this site. I would love to see more of your work in the future, considering the amazing job you’ve done here.

  49. Altaria says:

    ‘The end’. Two words that always just sting. Black’s face in the final panel is heartbreaking, but fitting for it.

    It really is strange to see it end after being with it for so long, but it’s also peaceful in a way. This is a great note to end it on, and I’m happy that I was able to experience so much of the comic. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten into commenting on these pages, but I couldn’t just…not, for this. I even remember which update it was when I got into the comic, all the way back in chapter 14. It sounds silly, but this comic helped me laugh and smile a bit during some pretty shitty times where those two things were basically impossible, so thank you for that. Following from 2011 to now, I’m glad that it’s over. I’m sad, too, but that’s just natural. I’m sure you are too, along with being relieved.

    Thank you for all of your hard work over these past years for this comic, for this story, and just for all of it. It’s been an exciting ride, and I look forward to seeing what project you’ll take on next–after you get some rest from finishing this, of course. Thank you, Artist!Black! Thank you and congratulations!

  50. Sandwich says:

    This is the first time I’ve commented, but better late than never. Thanks for dedicating almost four years to this! I only starting following you early last year but I’m glad I did, your run is one of my favorites. If you choose to do more I’m looking forward to it!

  51. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

    That was a fantastic comic, I’ve been reading since the summer before last summer and I have to say this comic was hilarious.

  52. A Cat says:

    Wow…I can’t believe this is over. I only started reading last summer, but I certainly don’t regret doing so. :3
    Anyway, thank you for finishing this! This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, and it actually got me into other topics in my attempt to understand the references. We all have some things that we can say changed us the most, and one of them for me was this comic. So thanks again, and after some well deserved rest I hope that you can start another comic!

  53. Espurr says:

    It’s… over? TT.TT I’ve both feared and longed for this moment. This has truly been an amazing, exciting, weird and over all hilarious adventure. Thank you.

  54. Ghastly says:

    Looker suit Black in animu form is pretty fucking hot.
    Oh yeah, comic’s over. I hope you do that negotiation thing you talked about on deviantArt for B2/W2. Seems pretty cool.

  55. Lisa says:

    Wow… Just wow. I can’t believe it’s over!

    I’ve never commented on here before, but since this is the last page, I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for all your hard work, amazing art skills and giving us all a wonderful story to read! I’ve loved the twists and turns, the drama; everything! Not to mention that this comic has helped me connect with the Gen 5 Pokemon a lot more, since I pretty much didn’t even consider them to be Pokemon when they 1st came out, even though I really wanted too. They just didn’t feel “right” to me somehow, but you helped make it possible for me to see that they should hold a special place in my heart along with the other generations.

    I can’t wait for whatever adventure you start up next, even if it’s not Black 2 XD Again, thank you soo much!!!

  56. dudeguy says:

    For the final pic do a throwback to the beginning! High-quality Farfignugletron and Missingno.!

  57. Victini says:

    OMFG I can’t believe it’s over already it seemed like just yesterday I was reading the first episode.
    As for the good-bye picture, it should be every single character who was ever in the comic, gathered around saying goodbye (and maybe even some Pod-Derp action)
    Anyway, great job on the comic, it’s been amazing. I feel like I always feel when I finish an anime; “what the hell do I do with my life now?”

  58. mudkipz says:


    Sequel with isshushipping? :3

  59. LilacKnight says:

    I’ve been following this comic since before Gen V even got translated and it’s been amazing the whole way. This ending is wonderful and bittersweet, and surprisingly down-to-earth considering the zany way the whole thing started. I like it though. It would be super cool if you continued with Black and White 2, I feel this ending is open enough to warrant a sequel. More importantly though, I’ve just grown so attached to all these characters over the years, but it only feels like it’s been a few months!

    Also grats on first long-term comic finish! You’re an amazing writer and your style is so unique and fun that even if your next comic isn’t Black Adventures 2, I’ll still read it.

  60. Djinn says:

    Thank you so much, Artist!Black, and congratulations!

  61. Dasasa says:

    Your final Thank You picture should be one of those big cast pictures where you draw every person and Pokemon that has appeared in the comic’s run. I know that’s ambitious, but I really love those kinds of pictures, especially when there are small references in them.

    Great comic! I remember that I was crying from laughter the night I discovered this and read it to its current point.

  62. tehRisa says:

    I’m so so super sad it’s finally over! This was definitely one of the best comics I’ve every stumbled upon because it has my two favorite things, Pokemon and completely necessary magical girl/boy sequences. Thank you Artist!Black, I can’t wait for whatever comes next, whether it’s B/W2 or not!

  63. Levi says:

    I need to see N. For closure. Yep.

  64. ravioli says:

    I never left a message in there but i think i should because that comic was incredible and i loved the way it followed the game without actually. doing so. I especially love what you did with the rivals, the fact that White was the second hero, and Black’s team. Oh, and i was surprised N and Black actually kissed. What started as a joke ended up suprislingly sweet.
    I’m both sad this is over and happy i followed the story all long ! It really evolved and i will definitely remember it.
    And of course, if you write a new comic, a sequel of this, or a completely new story with new characters, i’m sure to read it.
    Thanks for everything !

  65. The figs fall from the trees, they are good and sweet; and in falling the red skins of them break. A north wind am I to ripe figs.

    Thus, like figs, do these doctrines fall for you, my friends: imbibe now their juice and their sweet substance! It is autumn all around, and clear sky, and afternoon.

    Lo, what fullness is around us! And out of the midst of superabundance, it is delightful to look out upon distant seas.

  66. William T Spears says:

    Well, Artist!Black, you created a mighty hilarious comic. I enjoyed every second of it. It was a great ride. I’m going to miss you and this comic. And N and Black and Cheren and Bel and the whole damn cast. Thank you for inventing this; it was amazing. Please don’t leave us forever!

  67. Perceus says:

    …Im not crying. Nope. Not at all.
    I really am both happy and sad at the end of the comic though. I haven’t been here since the beginning or really anywhere close, but it feels like I have. I’m really going to miss this comic…

    As for the last picture, that depends… If you plan to make the sequel game as a comic, then I don’t know, maybe just the first ending. :) But if you aren’t going to… Do you think you could draw Black and N reuniting? I don’t think many of us can stand an ending where N and Black are apart and don’t see each other again. (But if you do make a sequel, well, I’m sure they’ll be included in it somewhere!)

    Whatever you do end up doing, though, I’ll be following it, Author!Black! I’m going to miss this comic…

  68. Hat says:

    It’s definitely bittersweet to finally be at the last panel of BA. Thanks for everything Author!Black! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your future stuff, even if it’s just more ask answers on your tumblr. BA has been an amazing ride and I really love it; the thing is gorgeous and hilarious and just will reside in my heart now.

    I definitely want to +1 the final art being N/Black related, maybe them meeting back up?

  69. Gardevoir♂ says:

    I cry… Thank you so much for this wonderful comic!!!

  70. Luigi says:

    Why would you ever end this comic

  71. Writer_Kay says:

    I can’t believe it! It’s over! D’=

  72. tsuntsundere says:

    The end… The end.
    I’ve been following this comic for so long. Over different devices and commenting names. I think I started reading it way back when it was only a few months old, and now look, it’s all grown up. It’s ended. I don’t know what to say. I laughed a lot. Back when I first started reading this, Black and White were the newest pokemon games. Now there’s been BW2, and the kalos region. So much. A part of me will always think of BW as the new region somehow, though. This is the comic that made me willing to give those games a chance, you know. To be honest the comic made the game a lot funner for me than it would have been otherwise. It was a fun read, a fun trip. It was fun looking up this website every so often to check for updates, excitedly reading them, laughing. I remember chilling on the comment boards for a while, talking to the other people. I lurked for a long while before commenting. As I read this comic, I was growing up over that time, and Author!Black was also, I could tell. It was fun watching the art subtly change, and hearing vague recounts of A!B’s jobs and schooling, to hear about the cons they went to. Author!Black, thank you. Your gay pokemon comic has meant a lot to me. You will forever be one of those cool distant internet sempais. Please carry on.

  73. And thus Black Adventures end. Thank you Black. You have kept me coming back for the past 4 years.

  74. tsuntsundere says:

    As for the ending pic,,, how about the holy trio together as a family, in domestic bliss or whatever their version of it is?

  75. I’ve been following this comic since its infancy back in 2010 and it’s just so great to see such an uplifting ending to such a great comic. I’m sure it took a lot of work to twist it from the randomness of the first two episodes into the edge-of-your-seat intense climax and inspirational ending. Thank you so much for such a wonderful ride. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future!!

  76. Zekrom says:

    its hard to believe it’s all over. I’ve had a great time, and this was such a wonderful comic

  77. (=^·w·^=) says:

    I think some people might like a final picture of N and Black together. It just makes sense. It’d be cool, like, i have an idea… N is like on a roof top or behind a corner or riding his Zorua in Reshiram form and he is watching Black and Black is with Looker and one of the Sages, and we are looking from over N’s shoulder and he is just watching Black like checking up on him, and I just think it would be cute.
    Or N and Black just meeting up like pals, but holding hands and it’d still be cute.
    And hey thanks for a story worth following! I can’t wait to find out what’s next for you! :)

  78. I still remember when this was a thread on /vp/… It’s come a really long way. Congrats on that comic.

  79. Suicune says:

    And to think I joined in when Cheren was in the Maid outfit… so long ago… ;-; it’s over.

  80. OceanEmbers says:

    Raising a toast with my friend. To Black Adventures, to blatant shounen ai, and to a sequel. Cheers, Black.

  81. LucarioDopa says:

    Black Adventures has brought us closer to Jesus.

  82. Umbreon says:

    I am still here from the very beginning. God..DAMN… I dunno what to say honestly, watching this comic develop was awesome! Glad I found it during the 1st Episode. ^^ If you DO decide on a sequel or re-imagining of X and Y, I’ll be here to read it too!

    Not sure what you could do for a finish pic. Maybe a group picture of the characters from the comic, with you in the middle as…whatever you’d draw yourself as. :3

    Would be nice to have a certain Gijinka Umbreon in that picture for fun too >3>

    Anyways! Congrats on making it to the endddd!

  83. heemajeebit says:

    Wow, it has been an incredible journey! I don’t think I’ve ever commented (can’t really remember), but this has been great. You’re an amazing writer; this comic had the perfect balance of comedy and seriousness and great characters! I think Joseph and Joy were my favorite characters, haha.

    Thank you so much for such a great experience, and I hope to see more from you in the future!

    ((PS: Still don’t ship N and Black but that’s okay. xD))

  84. MiekeUyt says:

    It’s finished.. already?
    Man, it’s been a great few years!
    I’d like to see N and Black finally together!

  85. Ghastly says:

    I’d like a picture of what was in that last pokeball.
    Y’know, from the beginning.
    Black only opened Psyduck and Mew’s.
    The third was untouched.

  86. leeks says:

    Oh no! I hate endings! (But I’m also very grateful for them)

    Three years I’ve been reading but not commenting, but I had to for this. It really does just feel like yesterday, that I stumbles across here. Thank you Author!Black for making this comic. In times when I’ve been lost or down I’ve always been able to read this comic and it never fails to lift my spirits. It’s been an experience to see both the art and story develop, you have a hell of a lot to be proud of. I hope that one day I might be able to enter this world you’ve moulded again, but if not, all of this will stick with me for a long time to come. Congratulations Author!Black and thanks again!

    A less serious note; I think it’s obvious that Studio Trigger took one look at this webcomic and decided to make Kill la Kill in order to give Black and N something to wear in their transformation; alas they were too late!

  87. Z1Gamer says:

    T^T eh, eh, eh….it’s over. I have tears now from the fact that’s it’s over and I was so busy that I didn’t get to truly enjoy the day/night you posted this. Thank you Author Black for your hard work and your willingness to use your time for us readers. It has been rewarding to read this all. I am thank for being shown this and it was time worth spent for me! I do not know what your plans will be next and even if it’s not another pokemon comic I know it will be great and you will go far in life. If you do the story line for Black and White 2 I’m sure it will be great unlike the stereotype for for sequels!

    When it comes to an idea for a thank you pic why not do something like EVERYBODY cosplaying as a character from an anime that has been used or hasn’t been used that you wish you could have done. That way the ending is even more memorable to everybody too. It can leave us with a more touching and fun experience too possibly! Whatever you do as your thank you project though I know it will be great! :)

  88. Akela says:

    I’ve never actually commented on this site before, but I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful 3 years of laughs your comic has brought me. :-)

  89. Hunter says:

    It’s been a great three years. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and hilarious comic. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. :D

  90. Vi says:

    Congratulations on finishing this comic. It’s been a fun ride. I discovered this when I was google imaging Missing No and found this.

    Your thank you pic should be reminiscent of the EVA “OMEDETOU/CONGRATULATIONS.”

  91. Solari says:

    I’m so happy. I have so much joy right now i cant… I just… /wipes tears and ugly sobbing over a huge smile
    /composes self
    And I, like many others look forward to reading your next greatness C:

  92. William T Spears says:

    I thought long and hard about a suggestion for a picture. From reading the previous comments, I have discovered that many readers want N/Black or a full cast picture. I love both ideas, and I dreamed up one of my own. Why not have the entire cast at Black and N’s wedding? That way everyone will be included. Hope it’s taken into consideration. And also, thanks for the amazing time, Artist. We’ll never forget you! :3
    With love,

  93. shy-mantine says:

    Thank you.

  94. Lampent says:

    Wow. That was…something.
    Never forget the early chapters of N and Hitler. Or Panty and Stocking references. Good times. Sad that it’s over.

  95. Grant says:

    You should totally make a seiries with The new trainers from X and Y. I have constantly been refreshing this page since I found this page on July of 2012 and me and all of your other fans would love to see more :D

  96. eternalinfernape says:

    Dude, your story, your comic, it was awesome while it lasted. *Sniffs* I’m kind of sad that this is over, but kind of happy too.

  97. Thundhurrus says:

    And thus endeth thy journey.
    Truly, t’was a glorious one.

  98. Suicune says:

    Okay now time for Black Adventures 2~
    There is a second game after all~ <3

    Anywho, that was a wonderful ending. I feel proud to have stayed with you from the very beginning.

  99. AWolfOrSomething says:

    I don’t even know what to say.
    Well done.
    Well done.

  100. aw man im gonna cry now

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