Thank you!


I still have a couple other things planned for BA, like drawing N and explaining why Black gets weird around Arti! Ebony Adventures is still a maybe. Xavier Adventures will be short comics instead of a long-running one. I’m considering making it something like an ask blog on tumblr, but I still wanna use this site since I pay for it! So what I’ll probably do is upload stuff here first. Unfortunately I’m busy and it’s also con season, so updates will be hella slow til like July. I have a table at Fanime and AX, so if you’re going, say hi!

Once again, thank you! I’ll respond to comments more now since updates will be sparse.

Oh and just for fun, what was your favorite outfit that Black wore? Mine is Mew from Jet Set Radio (eps 10-11)

Also, my storenvy is now open and the print above is free with any poster purcase-you just gotta say you want it at checkout!

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39 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    Ogle all the Blacks.

  2. zandraxofnebulon says:

    you’re fucking welcome. We all love you for showing us the best pokemon webcomic ever and also the one that we can’t show to any of our friends.

  3. Chespin says:

    -wheezes- this is so beautiful

  4. circebaka says:

    Loved Stockings outfit most from Panty and Stocking

  5. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

    I think mine is the one he wore in Nacrene city. I had a laughing fit.

  6. EinPanzer says:

    This… this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen….
    Also I really hope you do begin another comic series. I’ve never seen one as hilarious or felt as proud/ashamed of reading as Black Adventures, and I hope I can see a new one unfold before my very eyes. Don’t know how Ebony Adventures would work doe seeing all your art of Ebbs on deviantart.

  7. Emboar says:

    I would say the audino colored dress, the flcl outfit, or the sailor moon one, i honestly have no idea where the others are from.

  8. Akuto says:

    Ican’tdecideIcan’tdecideIcan- The BL outfit he wore in Castelia. I don’t know why, I just like that one especially.

  9. sahas says:

    Does Kcalb count as an outfit?

    Seriously though, this comic is among the greatest things I have ever come across and a collage of every form of Black is a perfect closing

  10. A-DEMON-SOUL says:

    (i love you black and n and artist black!!i love you all!!!!)

  11. Manna says:

    The outfit when he left with Looker, Audino dress, and beach Black had to have been my favorites, just to narrow it down to 3

  12. phionexxx says:

    my personal favourite was sailor scout! black. anime eyes make even the best things better.

  13. Victini says:

    Love it.
    My favourite would have to be the outfit he wore in the last episode, at the top <3

  14. Reshiram says:

    Congrats on everything! This was an enjoyable ride, and I’m very excited to see what comes next. If you do end up doing an ask blog for Xavier, a Greninja I know might end up bothering you. XD
    I think my favorite is the Audino dress. *squeak*

  15. Kuro says:

    Does beach!Black count as an outfit? I just couldn’t get enough of that scrumptious tanned body.

  16. Salty says:

    Wait, when did Black turn into Ico?

  17. Emily says:

    mine is his maid outfit! (because I made a cosplay for it oops)

  18. Myst says:

    Your art style, and your imaginative mind…EVERYTHING. I will forever buy everything from you.

  19. ;~; says:


  20. Dude says:

    Time to re-read whole comic

  21. ericngrover says:

    i like da one dat accentuated his ass… oh wait dats all of dem

  22. Augurus says:

    OMG is Black wearing Aoba’s jacket?! FAVORITE THIS FOREVER!!! *-*

  23. faelithyr says:

    my favorite one is the sailor moon one!! but i also like the dmmd one and the white hero is really cute.

  24. Djinn says:

    My favourite outfit was Wander’s, I think, with Utena’s coming in second.

  25. Decicode says:

    …What do I do now? D:

  26. fakenameton says:

    Psst, thanks for making Fukua cute.

  27. Scyther says:

    My favorite’s between Aoba’s outfit and Utena’s outfit.

  28. the sailor moon genderbend was hillarious!

  29. Hans Gunsche says:

    All the outfits! X3

  30. Mew82 says:


    I love this comic that I couldn’t stop reading at all throughout the story!
    When you do start your next one… PLEASE do tell! =D Can’t wait to read!

    Also… favorite’s outfits are between the JSR one (Its so Fuzzy… *⁂((✪⥎✪))⁂*) and Panty and Stockings one!

  31. Kei says:

    My favorite was the final battle-white-Klcab thing. Probably only because of FLCL. The Jet-Set radio one was cool too.

  32. Arnei says:

    Thanks a ton for a very enjoyable read. I don’t regret a single second i’ve spend on this derpy, funny, exciting, mostly derpy, sad and hella gay comic. I salute the, Black, I salute.

  33. Trainer sara cat says:

    Late or not, your welcome :) I love this series all the way through. Thanks so much for making this!

  34. meat says:

    “despite everything, it’s still you”

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