Episode 30 Part 17

BA-c30-17aaaa I’m late on this one;;


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32 Responses to Episode 30 Part 17

  1. This battle reminds me of the Metapod “Harden” battle…

  2. Laplace says:

    No! Stop having fun!

  3. Azalee says:

    c u t e and if this is going the way i think it is (Cheren finding that he wants to teach children about Pokémon battling), I definitely approve of this headcanon

  4. Mint says:

    Ren? I see what you did there….

  5. luigifan11 says:

    Reminds me of Magikarp Splash battle.

  6. Victini says:

    what, no update on my birthday?

  7. Lampent says:

    Oh my god this is adorable.

  8. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Ren and Clara from dramatical murder hahahaha. : D

  9. Pandas says:

    Ren and Clara omg

  10. Kitsu says:

    Couldn’t resist throwing in that reference, could you?
    Also, Sharonita, you have a lot to learn, sweetheart. (He’s reminding me of myself in this scene, though…)

  11. thatcrazykouhai says:

    Omg Ren and Clara the adorable dmmd pups~ Well Ren isn’t really a dog anymore

  12. lockedinmyasylum says:

    Cheren, you’re starting to sound like me when I encounter kids playing Pokemon. D:

  13. Ghastly says:

    Cheren continues to be favorite character of the comic.
    Just needs a touch of mental breakdown, and he’d be my ideal character.

  14. Kitkat Kelly says:

    Aww yis. Here comes not-quite-gym-leader Cheren to teach the kiddies.

  15. Z1Gamer says:

    I remember both of those phases of my life as I was growing to try and become a pokemon master as well! Those were good times in my life!

  16. Kyogre says:

    wait how much do X special attack’s cost? and that kid just wasted it on a battle of attrition, I feel you cheren.

    • Z1Gamer says:

      I think 250 which is reasonable if they start out with the same amount of money as us.

      • tsuntsundere says:

        Isn’t the money more or less equal to japanese yen so that would be like somewhere around 2.50$US

        • tsuntsundere says:

          Dang I’m really noticing the font on this website today. Dang it Graphic Design class.

        • Z1Gamer says:

          Hey they are on route one so they can go back home for food, but yeah it’s pretty close to being the equivalent of that. Wait I’m wrong I think because I can remember getting more items than that would allow at the begging of the game. Let’s just times that by 10.

  17. Espurr says:

    This is so adorable.

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