Episode 30 Part 16

BA-c30-16aw yeah more than 1 minute away from midnight this time


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29 Responses to Episode 30 Part 16

  1. Altaria says:

    Ahaha, I checked at the perfect time to catch this update. Bel looks adorable with glasses, but hey–when is she not adorable?
    I like the reference to Kalos in there, too.

  2. Azalee says:

    Stop breaking the fourth wall, Bel
    That’s too difficult a question to ask big grown up distinguished professors
    Books first, sensible questions later

    (My personal headcanon is that all regions just stuck their nose up and pretended that other regions couldn’t possibly teach them anything and everyone kept their knowledge to themselves until Oak created a machine too cool to ignore
    note that it STILL takes a long time before they deign to update your pokédex in every game
    all the professors are snobs)

  3. Polas89 says:

    When in doubt, read books.

  4. purplezoroark says:

    But.. If they were only in France/kalos then how come pokemons from japan/kanto are also fairy types? :u

    That aint a plothole complain to the comic BTW, but a complain directly to the games, I mean how do they suddenly explain that you could freely murder ralts with dragon attacks but now they are magically immune?

    Explain that gamefreaks! EXPLAIN THAT! >:C

    • Haunter says:

      they only said it was discovered in Kalos not that it was exclusive to Kalos

    • random4Arrowsofthe4 says:

      Kalos has a lot of extremely odd radiation going around causing Mega Evolutions among other things. It’s fairly likely that many of them were mutated and gained the type along with a few new moves. …they might also retcon the type into the other regions as well.

    • Mysterious Entity says:

      Because it only applies to those already in Kalos. Because fairy dust cloud.

    • Ghastly says:

      Sycamore’s extreme hotness turned them into fairies.
      The end.

    • Emily says:

      I feel like it’s “oh based on observation of all these Pokemon and the new ones they have these similar traits that is way too prevalent to be a coincidence- must be a new type applying to all these Pokemon”

  5. genosect0013 says:

    wait wait wait… isn’t kanto, johto, hoenn and sinnoh bassed in japan, that would make the list of Japan pokemon goes from 150 to 492?

  6. Calceto says:

    actually wearing glasses makes you look smart…. but speaking about Bel… well … :(

  7. Kellan says:

    Communication is bad because radio signals are all filled with unown messages. Makes sense that in pokemon world international communication could be interfered with by the magical creatures in it.

    • zandraxofnebulon says:

      oh my helix that actually does make sense the magnemite/ton/zone would also interfere

      • zandraxofnebulon says:

        as well as the fact that it can’t be a good thing that there are freaking pokemon that explode often in the kanto power plant

  8. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

    i lov u block

  9. ion52 says:

    Dr Evil: … How about NO?! You crazy dutch bastard!

  10. Z1Gamer says:

    I like to believe that the reason there is like communication is because long distance calls are expensive! Plus discovering new things is even more competitive than pokemon battles!

  11. JollyPiplups says:


    I like how the professors just sorta ignore her.

  12. tsuntsundere says:

    I think all the regions have like a rivalry going on when it comes to pokemon, they all tried to hide everything they knew from each other for the longest time because they thought other regions would steal their scientific discoveries, and still to this day when something new happens they generally try not to let people outside the region find out. Unfortunately for the professors they forgot to take into account all the npcs that somehow travel between regions. If only there was a comprehensive pokemon game that allowed you to do the same as the player character XP

  13. Z1Gamer says:

    I think I just figured out the thing about the fairy-type pokemon! The pokemon evolved. It’s so simple guys!

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