Episode 30 Part 05

BA-c30-05ahaha 4 mins til midnight


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7 Responses to Episode 30 Part 05

  1. misty says:

    I like their outfits in this.

  2. Another Celebi says:

    When is Cherry going to stop using her glasses?

  3. Z1Gamer says:

    I was looking forward to you missing your timing! That last sentence in the first panel makes no sense to me by the way is it supposed to be talking about an eye there?

    • Rory says:

      Go reread the chapter with the Darumakka dolls.You’re supposed to color in the first eye when you set a goal, and the second eye when you acheive your goal.

      • Z1Gamer says:

        That’s a long time to search that. I’m going to believe that since I also didn’t doubt that Binca/Binka (not sure how it’s spelled for her ^^”) was just being random it was all on purpose too!

  4. JollyPiplups says:

    what if you sold darumaka dolls for merch, author black?

  5. tsuntsundere says:

    Black looks more masculine than usual

    haha the best part is that Bel doesn’t speak to Cheren again after this is all over until the events of BW2
    she’s so done with him

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