Episode 30 Part 04

BA-c30-04see you tomorrow!


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38 Responses to Episode 30 Part 04

  1. zandraxofnebulon says:

    so now what will happen with kyurrei?

    • Jlandross says:

      She’ll turn immediately passive, all three will unite into a big ball of energy and fly away, and the story will end with Black and N’s honeymoon.

  2. Victini says:

    and now I see I’ve went between updates
    and @zandraxofnebulon, perhaps, it’ll come back when N returns (if he does)

  3. zandraxofnebulon says:

    godamn finally

  4. Twister468 says:

    I’m going to be sad once this comic is finally over. It’s been a really fun ride.

  5. voicelessanarchist says:

    oh my gosh~ Black~

  6. Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

    You’re comic is great, thank you for updating.

  7. Lampent says:

    *prepares emotions*

  8. I don’t know why Pokemon stories touch me so much. I mean, The Pokemon series is my favorite game series, but damn, If you make any basic character a pokemon trainer and talk about their struggles I just tear up. Anyone else get that? Especially from the Twitch Plays fan arts?

    • Jlandross says:

      What struggles? People trying to make fanart about how Pidgeot is god and Flareon is the devil while waxing bullshit philosophy stemming from A BUNCH OF IDIOTS SAYING LEFT-RIGHT-UP-A-START TO A FUCKING CHATBOX is not heartwarming or emotional. It’s purely comedic and any seriousness applied to it is pure trolling.

      • JollyPiplups says:

        Your opinion is not fact.
        Watching something as silly as tens of thousands of people playing the same game of pokemon can have an emotional impact; its a testament to human tenacity, lets people relive their childhood, shows extreme teamwork,etc. I’m not saying tpp is some intense metaphysical piece of art that will leave you sobbing, or that you have to see it anymore than a cesspool of giggles and farts, but I think applying that mindset to everyone whose watched it is a fallacy.

      • It was mostly my imagination, but I imagined the Twitch chat inputs as allegory to symptoms of schizophrenia. As with any other story about pokemon, I imagined the monsters trying to help Red along the way. I’ve seen some fan art go into the realm of how even the released pokemon are sill worried about Red. Maybe you’ve only seen the surface of things.

  9. Jlandross says:

    So apparently, N and Black’s love was destined. Despite the fact that Black had never shown any romantic affection towards N prior to the Durarara reference, instead opting to have crushes on Arti and White; and while N’s obsession with Black coming out of nowhere COULD be chalked up to having been the reincarnated lover of the White Hero, stalking obsession is not the kind of vibe I get from Kyurem. Plus, if Kyurem is supposed to be the lover, then why the hell is N her reincarnation?

    Author!Black, by turning this into Reincarnation Romance, you not only bring a bunch of plot holes, but also make your Isshushipping a case of Strangled By The Red String.

    • Black says:

      You’re ignoring what the White Hero said, Greener. I can tell it’s you.

      • JLandross says:

        I never even tried hiding it.

        ……..So it was originally a philosophical argument, then his lover created Kyurem from the original body, and somehow, Kyurem was never sealed, and N was her reincarnation, while Black the White Hero’s and White the Black Hero’s. WH says that even though N is in love with Black, it’s still his choice whether or not to love N.
        But from everything I’ve seen, you’ve really been pushing Isshushipping, to the point where TVTropes even has it listed as Strangled By The Red String, so I have no reason to believe they won’t hook up at the end.

        Now could you please bring back Thundhurr?

        • Sazuka57 says:

          okay I just checked all over the tvtropes pages for Black Adventures and the main page for Strangled By the Red Tape, and there is no link between the two. There’s the Romantic Plot Tumor in the YMMV page for Black Adventures, but that’s about it. So, unless you mean the Romantic Plot Tumor, please link/screenshot where it says that Strangled by the Red Tape is related to Black Adventures? Because otherwise, I’m stamping your argument is invalid.

        • Jlandross says:

          Sorry, meant that trope. I forgot that there weren’t any other love interests other than incest and a one-sided crush on Arti.

        • Black says:

          But I can clearly see your comment in unrelated “As for Greener, fuck him, all he ever did was be an absolute failcow.” You’ve pretended to be a new commentor with a different name more than once, but whatever.

          I’ll talk about what I originally planned to what the final version ended up being when I get to the end.

          I didn’t do anything to Thundhurrus.

        • Sceptile the Shitstormite says:

          They promise.

    • GHOST says:

      If you all you have is criticism for this comic, then….

      wait for it…
      GO AWAY.
      Some of us have been waiting three years for this and don’t want to listen to your stupid pointless little rants.

  10. WinterBlossom says:

    Aaaah, I’ve been dying waiting for this~! Thank you so much for making this comic, Author!Black!!
    I want to see the conclusion of the story but don’t want it to end at the same time ;A;

  11. Eeveeextreme says:

    DARNIT! Too many feels for one day. First FMA and the Broken Angel, then Twin Kingdoms finishes, and now this! Good feels, yet sad feels…

  12. Kyogre says:

    things are awkwardly winding down it seems. but i can’t help but wonder what will become of N and Blacks relationship. also yay update! Wait I’m confused was Kcalb actually the hero of light or was he a separate entity. and finally i don’t know what it it about the hero of light but i want to play with his hair….

  13. Another Celebi says:

    -Dies from sheer happiness-

    Ow yes! It’s finally happening :’)

  14. Polas89 says:


    Strange feels, man. I can feel the memories of many isshushipping/ferriswheelshipping fanfics pounding in my brain. But I’m sure Author!Black will surprise me, and not do cliched storylines.

  15. purplezoroark says:


    At first I thought it was related to N but he said “Friends” as in bel/cheren(/white??) Wonder what unscripted shenanigans await for the ending ^ ^

  16. GHOST says:


  17. tsuntsundere says:

    N is the vessel of a woman? Makes sense, somehow. Not sure if unfortunate implications or genius bonus, like isn’t there a popular japan something or other where a couple get reincarnated and have to figure out if they love each other when they’re both dudes but that’s only just two characters out of a large cast etc.

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