Episode 28 Part 17


Hiatus over!

This update isn’t as long as I had hoped, but I’m gonna try to do shorter, more frequent (2-3 times a week) updates from now on;;


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16 Responses to Episode 28 Part 17

  1. Absol says:

    Update aw yiss.

  2. serperior says:

    Yesssss it’s happening

  3. EasterEggGroup says:

    Someone’s confused, and I doubt he’s the only one.

  4. Yes yes yes all my yes!! ^ ^

  5. Freya says:

    Oh, finally new pages!!! <3

  6. Thundhurrus says:

    Yor doing it man
    Yor making it hapen

  7. Rory says:


    I had to go reread the old pages to remember WTF is happening. All I remembered from last update was “White went psycho and got shot.”

  8. amibunny says:


  9. Giratina says:

    Wild Zorua appeared! Zorua used Love Child! It’s super effective! Zorua turned into Nilbert!

    …Wait, does that mean “Mommy” is N?

  10. adrocks510 says:

    “vat” -Hitler

  11. Nayia says:


  12. Z1Gamer says:

    Er! It’s a thing! He’s a daddy!

  13. misty says:

    HI Nilbert.

  14. JollyPiplups says:

    I forget what’s happening with the infrequency of the updates…

  15. Black’s face when he woke up. priceless! XD

  16. huggles says:

    OH crap i feel stuipid i very confused

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