Episode 27 Part 01


ep 27 staaaart dgjhsdfhgjk

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18 Responses to Episode 27 Part 01

  1. Thundhurrus says:

    Are we in Black’s mind, or are we just in a cave?

  2. Azalee says:

    Wait wait wait when did N leave I missed something

  3. Kyurem says:

    But killing everyone alwayssss ssssolvessss my problemssss

    • greener223 says:

      Kyurem, I’ve just met a witness who says that every single person you “ate” actually took a vacation to Humilau and ended up staying there.
      I also got told that all you do in Giant Chasm is scare people into thinking you eat people so other Pokemon respect you.
      Care to explain that for me?

      • Kyurem says:

        Why? You fall to remember that I do not care of your opinion if me

        • Lugia says:

          Actually, Kyurem doesn’t send people off on vacations (really, how would she? A Pokemon simply cannot buy plane tickets.); she scares interlopers off and goes back to baking chocolate chip cookies.

          They’re actually quite good, I hear.

  4. Grimsley looks fabulous c:

  5. Beans says:

    Sorry for correcting spelling, but *should.
    Don’t kill me; I’m just a poor, blind, Pokemon!

  6. Duth Olec says:

    Kill… almost everyone?
    Shauntal looks a little too happy–like, into crazy territory. Which wouldn’t be all that inaccurate I suppose.

  7. O_O says:

    Dear GOSH, I love how you drew Giima. That expression is so…HIM!

  8. CM says:


  9. pookie says:

    why isent kcalb sitting on black ?

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