Episode 26 Part 33

BA-c26-33Hope everyone’s holidays are going well! In case I don’t update next week, I wish you all a happy new year, too~

Cheren’s Pokemon are named after Capcom characters, and White’s are… I’m curious if anyone can figure it out. (nah it’s too obscure I’ll shit bricks if anyone can figure out what I did) We’ll see her other Pokemon some time in the next episode.

Anime Los Angeles is in a week;;; I’ll be there with shihfu and former Skullgirl guys. Hope any of you can make it!


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175 Responses to Episode 26 Part 33

  1. Suicune says:

    Oh Cheren…

  2. Miss Madness says:

    This can only lead to bad things…

  3. Weezing says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Cheren doesn’t usually swear, right? At least, not in the game I played…

    Still, the feels ;_;
    If I could, I would hug that guy so bad…

  4. PsychicGlaceon says:

    :C Poor Cheren….. After making it so far… *hugs screen*

  5. Oh god Cheren is so pitifully adorable when he’s having a complete breakdown.

    …That’s not exactly a healthy thing to find cuteness in, is it.

  6. Gato14 says:

    Damn, Cheren just lost it.

  7. I have to feel somewhat bad for Cheren. He just got curb-stomped.

    As for White’s Pokémon…I want to say they’re named after characters from the Dragon Quest series, but something tells me I’m wrong.

  8. derpysnivy says:

    I have a bad feeling about this

  9. J says:



  10. tsuntsundere says:

    We all knew this would happen.

  11. Zebstrika says:

    Oh Cheren… God damn, my heart aches for him.

  12. Bani says:

    shooosh cheren baby it’s not your fault white is extremely overleveled yOU MADE IT THIS FAR DIDN’T YOU…

  13. Thundhurrus says:

    Next time on blackadventurescomic.com: Black arrives to comfort Cheren and help him deal with his mental breakdown.

  14. Azalee says:

    White killed Cheren’s ahoge ;______________________________________;

  15. Weezing says:

    I remember when this was a derp comic.

    At the rate this drama is going up, we’ll be moving into End of Evangelion territory by the end conflict.

    … Hey, that’s an idea!

  16. Espeon40 says:

    Oh Cheren, you could really use a hug right now.

  17. Emily says:

    SFKSDGJ DYNAMITE GAL AHAHAHAHAHAAH sorry i just, wreck it ralph flashbacks

  18. Reshiram says:


  19. GHOST says:

    The feels. THE FEELS!! :'(

  20. kikiyushima says:

    Ugh poor baby T_T
    Also nice Wreck-It Ralph reference

  21. Sora says:

    omg cheren, poor baby… ;__;

  22. greener223 says:

    Well, duh, Cheren.
    For all Nuzlockers, their goal is to completely and utterly sweep all fights lest they lose any of their Pokemon.
    White seems to have taken the same philosophy and went to grind forever on the Battle Subway until she had about 200 Rare Candids.

  23. Pony Swag says:

    ARGH dont leave it there! Poor Cheren! My heart is breaking for him

  24. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Poor Cheren, but… I just realized this is what I (and probably many other) people do in their games to make sure none of their own Pokemon faint, not just in Nuzlocke’s. Oh no, Cheren is going to have a breakdown wow this won’t be good… I was really surprised to see the swear but it’s actually a pretty good place to see it.

  25. Comic-topic: why can’t I hold all these feelings for cheren!?
    *falls on floor and cries*

    Off-comic-topic:Dammit >w< wish I could go (stupid kilometers!)
    Hmmm now that you mention skullgirls… What happened to the dreamworld adventure?

  26. Duth Olec says:

    Now I have to wonder how the previous fights went–did White annihilate all her previous opponents like this, or were Cheren’s battles all very close?

  27. joyblazer905 says:

    Oh gosh…I really wanna hug Cheren now…

  28. LucarioDopa says:

    Sanity Slippage, ahoy! Fire the Heal Pulses!

  29. Dynamite Gal…
    Wreck-it Ralph connection made…?

  30. Gardenia says:

    If I was able to draw, I´d draw all those people, who commented on this (including me), standing in a line to cheer/hug Cheren.

  31. kari says:

    Roberta, Teresa and Angelo? Sounds like a mexican telenovela… Rebelde?

  32. Mesprit says:

    … Aww Cheren looks sad :<
    I'd give him a hug… but that's just drain his emotions.

  33. Agent Emerald says:

    White broke Cheren.

  34. JollyPiplups says:

    Come here, Cheren. Lemme snuggle you with jolleh~~

  35. Ghastly says:

    What does that pose Cheren made in the last panel remind me of? I think it’s just a recurring Facepalm-ish stance in a lot of animes. But it looks amazing, and I actually feel bad for Cheren now. Cheren come here, Abuubuu~

  36. DenverAndre says:

    Oh wow. I didn’t feel bad for Cheren, i actually LAUGHED at him. I like Cheren, but i couldn’t help but laugh. I’m so mean. jollyyoubetternotstalkme

  37. Dianna says:

    I caught the Wreck-it Ralph reference~
    Such a nice thing after everyone was talking about Pokemon Stadium refs that I wouldn’t get… OwO;

  38. Jolteon92 says:

    I would also hug Cheren… he got annihilated! I’d react the same way if that happened to me. White is a beast. Come here Cheren…. I love you man.

  39. Lexi_Phai says:

    I think Cheren broke…

  40. Calceto says:

    nooooo cheren will comit suicide again!? and Black’s big ass isnt here to save him ToT

  41. Unown J says:

    This just proved my pittiful sadistic nature… Only staring at a man in physical and mental brokeness can genuinely turn me on…
    Goodness cheren looks hot there…
    Last panel pure beauty

  42. Kanmuri says:


  43. Ghastly says:

    Now that I think about it, there MUST be a reason why Cheren is the first (therefore weakest) Gym leader in B2/W2… Theories, theories…

    • Thundhurrus says:

      He’s first because he’s the newest and the furthest away from the league.

    • When you beat him he literally says: “(oh stop celebrating!) I would have won if I had my usual team…”
      Sooo I guess gym leaders change teams depending on the challanger’s strength
      (Also giovanni being the second gym leader and the strongest or norman being the first one)

      • Ghastly says:

        True, true. But game logic =\= real logic, so that’d be hard to explain.

      • Charmander says:

        I thought that the separate gym-team was because of gym/type restrictions, not challenger strength.

      • Kellan says:

        I’m certain gymleaders have a job to teach newer trainers hence the type trio and later cheren’s trainer school, so they probably are assigned restrictions or something.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          But those both assume that every other trainer in the region starts off at the same town as the game’s protagonist.
          And also does not explain Norman and Giovanni.

        • hillkill says:

          For a trainer to become a Gym Leader, they must undergo a series of tests by the Pokemon League to show that they are capable of determining the strength and prowess of a challenger. A person doesn’t have to win their gym battle to receive the badge, they just have to prove to the gym leader they are worthy of it, and winning is just one way to do that. Giovanni was absent from his gym because Gym Leaders are not restricted to the gyms, which thankfully is being shown in the newer Pokemon games. If the gym leader isn’t there, challengers can’t battle them. As for Norman, in the Games, you are his child, and he is fully aware that his team would thrash you at the start of your journey, so he instructs you to get some badges to prove that you are ready to battle him. If the game put him in a farther city from the start, Norman would have accepted right off the bat.

        • hillkill says:

          sorry for the long post. As you can see I have done some research on my own.

  44. Glaceon says:

    I want to say that White’s pokemon are named after Madoka witches. I REALLY WANT TO SAY THAT.

    • Landorkus says:

      I think they are…

    • Rory says:

      Didn’t BA come out before Madoka? And Roberta had a name by episode 3…

      • Kellan says:

        Um as far as I am aware they could’ve come out within a month of each other. Not sure cause I found these both around the same time.

        Speaking of magical girls I miss the costume change sequences that lead to hilarity. Even though we just had that last chapter, but it felt kinda short.

  45. siseja says:

    I… feel your pain, Cheren
    though to be honest, he really should’ve done his research. After all, hagning out with White so much he should’ve KNOWN Roberta knows ice beam, and he should’ve brought Edgeworth out sooner as he has both a speed and a type advantage over Roberta

  46. greed92 says:

    Mh.. White’s Pokemon name are all Italian names, so must means it something connected with Italy.. but what.. mh…

  47. Morgan says:

    Oh wow… This is one of the few comics that actually make me feel sorry for
    The Cher-bear ;m;

  48. Lenora, out of pity for poor Cherise, gave up her position as gym leader… so that Champagne could sit around all day, teaching snot-nosed kids, and being challenged by novice traiers… later on, he/she would lose too much money, and the school will close… they will live a life of heavy drinking and Pokemon abuse, and then be killed by said Pokemon in an act of rebellion… so thank you, White, for destroying one of your best girlfriends…

    • Kellan says:

      No dude schools are funded by taxes, he causes the New York stock exchange to crash after the federal deficit lowers investor confidence, THEN everyone commences with the drinking.

  49. Rory says:

    Oh poor Cheren… I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry.

  50. Calceto says:

    ahora odio a White, ella se cree la muy muy… le importo un pepino que sea hermana de Black y ahora destruye sueño sin importale nada ToT

    • Bueno…para ser justos, ella estaba peleando para cumplir SU sueño de ser la campiona y muestra al menos un poco de resentimiento por vencer a cheren….
      Pero…enserio por lo menos pudo mostrar un poco de piedad y no masacrar a cheren de tal manera…

      • Kari says:

        =D gente que habla español! que chilo! creí ke era la única i-i creo que el haberle dado chance a Cheren de “ganar” aunque fuese una batalla hubiese sido peor para el orgullo del chico si él se daba cuenta. Además de aquí White se tiene que ir directo a la liga, no podía dejar a uno de sus pokemon ser noqueados.

  51. Devil says:

    Can I marry Cheren already? * q *

  52. NamaSenpai says:

    I think white’s pokemon are named like “classic” names of telenovelas characters (or stereotyped mexicans/cubans/colombians/etc)

  53. D: says:

    Cheren is in dispaaaaaiiiiirrrr!
    *keeps him away from ropes*

  54. aHandfulOfLillies says:

    Holy crap. Y’know, if I was up against my best friend in the finals of the Pokemon League… I think I would have let him down at least one of my Pokemon. I know White’s the sort of character that probably thinks “oh no, I shouldn’t hold anything back!” but this is the sort of thing that ruins friendships, and I don’t think she’s too stupid to figure that out. With as scary as her pokemon seem to be, it doesn’t seem to me that it would have killed her to throw Cheren a bone….
    Huh. This looks like the beginnings of a vicious grudge. Maybe enough to attract the attention of a higher being? Wonder if the dragon tamers are going to be Cheren, Black, and White? (since N appears to be out of contention at this time)

    • Kellan says:

      Dude it’s that kind of thinking that makes you lose tournaments.

      • Leavanny says:

        It’s also the sort of thing that would wreck Cheren all the more, in the long run. Imagine having that one thing to hold onto, and then it turns out that someone PITIED your weakness and went easy on you? For a three year old, it’s not a huge deal, but…. for grown people? That is neither kind nor sportsmanlike.

  55. Z1Gamer says:

    I’ve never beaten somebody that bad in the games myself…owwww That was just utter rape…I actually feel pain for Cheren and I never really cared for his character before…I wish something did happen to interrupt this so that he didn’t have to suffer that defeat at least. :O

  56. Cuntessa the Cloyster says:

    My dick is sad about Cheren being sad. However, I am sad that I don’t have a dick. This is quite the pickle I’ve gotten myself into.

  57. shirojyuu says:

    White’s pokemon names remind me of famous reformers/writers (Mother Teresa, Maya Angelo(u)) Just can’t figure out Roberta…

  58. Jon says:

    Wow, I didn’t think White would be so strong.
    I feel bad for Cheren and yet, it was a little funny to see him sulk.

  59. AltARIa says:

    It is possible that Bel will make an attempt to comfort Cheren. She seems to be pretty concerned right now (Well, anyone would be). Black doesn’t always have to be the one to be there for him, despite their relationship.
    Basically it could be either or both. Bel could try to help Cheren until Black arrives, or something like that.

    I do feel bad for Cheren though. That is quite the look of utter devastation.

    • hillkill says:

      Maybe this will start a break in Black and Cheren’s friendship! Black wasn’t there for Cheren, and since this loss was so devastating, Cheren won’t be able to cope with the blame, thus forcing it onto Black when he arrives!

  60. JackJerripher says:

    White! What are you doing! White… STAHP!

  61. Sceptile says:

    Strange,I feel sympathetic for Cheren.

  62. HO. LEE. SHIT.
    Cheren got fucking floorwiped. D8
    And it’s official: White scares the shit out of me. ><;

  63. Clouds says:

    I’m gonna fucken cry it’s actually going to happen this comic is going to mAKE ME CRY CHEREN BBY ;A;

  64. Duck says:

    gross sobbing poor cheren DNSIJFKQBEILA WHY THIS

  65. flourite says:

    oh my goodness Cheren you poor thing homg that is completely horrible match for you. D:

    I guess we should congratulate White too, but homg Cheren.

  66. Kittycara says:

    I wondered about Cheren’s naming choices. I hope someone else got it first!

  67. Giratina says:

    Yep. That last line did it for me. For a while now, I’ve been trying to remember who Cheren reminded me of. Now I’ve realized it. Eridan. Cheren is Eridan. Only Eridan curses like that.

  68. Shiny Lilligant says:

    Oh my, Cheren, poor baby. His breakdown’s faces are creepy as hell but I just want to hug him right now.

  69. Soraeno says:

    I greatly appreciate this character development.

  70. Elzipper7 says:

    You see, this is why I love fan works. They make us think about the characters in different ways. If it wasn’t for the Black Adventures comic then half of the people here wouldn’t really care about Cheren or think about pokemon battles having such ferocity. The comic lets us see the themes and characters in a different light when mixed with the authors own views, ones that give them much more depth. That’s why I love fan works.

  71. GuiltySquid says:

    Oh goddiglet, Cheren….White is mega awesome, I’ve been a fan this whole comic, but….THAT was harsh as all hell. Also, getting this sweet Megatokyo vibe off this, especially from Cheren. All of the sympathy.

  72. Renae says:

    11 hours of reading this comic and I’m finally here.
    Worth it.

  73. Sceptile says:

    I hope Black says something like:”I’m sorry I wasn’t here to watch you lose,Cheren.”

  74. Crepe says:

    Oh wow, even the way the battle ended reminded me of stadium: losing horribly in the semi-finals… and that face…. I hate that game… Stadium and Stadium 2….

  75. Livid Jolteon says:

    Considering how fast White collected all the Gym badges it makes me wonder how she had time to do all this level grinding. I call hax

  76. Nayia says:

    Poor Cheren :c She crushed him :c

  77. Missingyescycle says:

    Y0u know what th3y say: Those wh0 can’t f1ght, Teach. And if y0u don’t g3t it just wa1t two y3ar5~.

  78. MrAroen says:

    who else thinks cheren will go crazy and possibly join team plasma or something?

    • Kuro says:

      I think Cheren will have a breakdown, Black will come to comfort him, and Cheren will kiss him. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

  79. CreoCrisis says:

    I would feel bad if this wasn’t what 99% (including me) of Pokemon players do when they battle in the games.

  80. CM says:

    Cheren looks quite sexy here.

  81. Michelozzo says:

    Artist!Black, I’m kind of curious…what are your thoughts on the whole pokemon universe in terms of fairness to the creatures in question? Do you think them battling is a good thing? Bad Thing? Is your opinion separate from the seeming ‘opinion’ of the comic? Or is this merely the dark edgey bit before the heroic truth later on?

    • Black says:

      Not gonna lie, I prefer human battles instead of pokemon battles. If the pokemon look too animal-like, then it just kinda looks like animal cruelty, and that’s more sad than humans getting hurt IMO;;

      But in terms of fairness, I’m assuming the pokemon that battle do so because they want to, so I don’t think they’re being treated unjustly. That is, of course, if they’re not being forced to battle, but then trainers probably wouldn’t get very far if they had to force unwilling pokes to fight;;

      This particular battle just looked so devastating because White’s pokemon were much stronger than Cheren’s, and isn’t that typical when you’re playing the game?

      • Michelozzo says:

        Yeah, Pokemon tend to self check the whole ‘cruel trainer’ thing don’t they? If said trainer doesn’t shape up, they tend to be so miserable for them the trainer just abandons them and moves on. Very passive aggressive, but it works

        Side Note: Does anyone else wish that the games actually had a bit more effort/reward for making pokemon happy? And more ways they could be made unhappy so its actually a challenge? Hell, even a punishment for making them -really- unhappy (Shadow Pokemon anyone?) could/should be implemented too.

        • Z1Gamer says:

          I do wish there more of an reward to it all as well. I would like more interaction between trainer and pokemon after all.

  82. Mr. Overanalysis says:

    I feel for Cheren, but in the long run this may also end up badly for White: N dislikes her, Black didn’t take the news that his crush was su hermana all that well (to put it mildly), Cheren might end up resenting her for this, and if we go by game events Bianca will soon become professor Junipers assistant and too busy to hang out with her friends for some time. She’s still got Dirk, but White might end up completely isolated from all her old friends. As the new champion, she might really come to understand what it means to be “lonely at the top”.

  83. Chandelure says:

    Am I the only one who’s been reading Cheren’s lines in the voice of Neji Hyuga?
    Not that big of a Naruto fan, but still…

  84. vapia says:

    Aren’t White’s pokemon named after other pokemon character’s names in other languages?

  85. CM says:

    Cheren better get a happy ending to this once the story is over!

  86. Celebi says:

    … Am I the only one which’s mind was filled with the word “creepypasta” after reading this?

    I cannot be the only one… right?

  87. snort says:

    errrr… Roberta, Angelo and Teresa are all italian names, i never saw this set of names in an anime though

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