Episode 26 Part 26

BA-c26-26more coming soon I hope;;

happy holidays!


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27 Responses to Episode 26 Part 26

  1. Sophie says:


  2. Reshiram says:

    My stone appears, but I don’t…

  3. Heracross says:

    Predictions afloat, Joseph dies somehow. Joseph dies confesses love Mary gets all butthurt and goes on a rampage. c’mooon make it happen Black

  4. GHOST says:

    N needs his legendary already. It would cheer him up.
    Also, YAY CASTLE SHOOTING OUT OF THE GROUND SOON!!! BEST PART OF THE GAME Can’t wait to see it portrayed here~

  5. Kyogre says:

    I think it’s obvious why gheycheese wants that eye but I’m havin to much fun thinking of all the different messed up reasons. It certainly will be interesting indeed.

    • Sceptile says:

      That’s why Rayquay-quay has to watch over you.(Rayquaza gave me permission to call them that)

      • Kyogre says:

        oh did Rayquayza tell you that? well i say liar, no one watches over me or controls me, ask that storm that happened previous in the year, that was just me , actually i can’t remember what i was doing that caused that, must have been fun.

  6. quicksilver says:

    if its all about a woman maybe it will be Eve and Joseph will fight Ghetsis as ‘heros’ and Black and N will just be on the side lines like “what?”.

  7. Rory says:

    “Lucky you Mary, you get your eye gouged out soon!” Nice, Eve.

    and because I’m too lazy to go to Anime N General to say it… merry Christmas everyone!

  8. Z1Gamer says:

    Aww is Mary gonna propose to Ghetisis with her eye? Ha i thought of that being why Ghetsis has his eye covered in BW2 ‘XD

  9. Azalee says:

    1) so are all the female Plasma grunts infatuated with Ghetsis or is it just Eve and does she just assume? Poor Mary :( I hope she and Joseph are okay at the end of this.
    Oh, and Jesus, too.
    2) I mean I keep thinking of “D-day” as “Doomsday” so it’s not really reassuring.
    3) Merry Christams/Happy holidays/whatever-you-do-or-do-not-celebrate, Author!Black and everyone else!

  10. Isis says:

    They all want the D(-day)
    also dat winking Victini

  11. I can’t get over the fact that it’s snowing on the page….

  12. genosect says:

    the snowing page make me want to sleep

  13. Shiny Liligant says:

    Oh dear, the first time I read it I totally misunderstood the eye thing.

    Have a good time, Black!Artist!

  14. Giratina says:

    …Did anyone else see a huge pile of innuendo before the “eye” thing was mentioned?

  15. Victini says:

    Victini is so cute!!!

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