Episode 26 Part 25


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26 Responses to Episode 26 Part 25

  1. ermagherd says:

    I wish to see White killed
    or at least cast away into the never ending ocean :3

    I’ve had too many poptarts

  2. eratorn says:

    I wish to see White killed
    or at least cast into a random world of fear and pain

    i’ve had too many poptarts haven’t I?

  3. Reshiram says:

    Hey, the Vanilitie team is back!
    … I wonder what their names are…
    I don’t know nearly enough about the Bible to think of good names, lol. :B

  4. Rory says:

    I like how Team Plasma uses “whore of Babylon” as an insult in their everyday vernacular. XD

  5. Z1Gamer says:

    Great art of White and Roberta! Do we get to see the battle between them? what will happen on D-day? D: Oh the suspense!

  6. Azalee says:

    *worrying for Cheren :( will he be her opponent in the final?*

  7. Kyumi says:

    Aaaah you used Pokémon Stadium dialogue!! =’D Perfect!

  8. Jolteon92 says:

    Whore of Babylon? LMAO!

  9. tsuntsundere says:

    I actually like White.

  10. GabrieliosP says:

    Whore of Babylon? Fate/EXTRA reference?

  11. Derpy Ditto says:

    Artist!Black, for bringing that back, I give you five million cookies. And lots of love.

  12. Sceptile says:

    This confuses me,I thought most people disliked bedtime.

  13. Giratina says:

    “Whore of Babylon”…isn’t that Jezzebel? Then it would be Bel, wouldn’t it?

  14. smitty werbenmanjensen says:

    d-day? like the one from the Holocaust? So…


  15. pookie says:

    AWWWWW team plasma bbbeeedddd time cuuute

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