Episode 26 Part 23

BA-c26-23special thanks to my little cousins that drew the dragons for me

and for shihfu for using her 5 years of education in graphic design to make such a marvelous powerpoint

I’m finally on winter break, but that doesn’t mean I have more free time;; I’m hoping to finish a lot of things for Anime Los Angeles, which is in… 13 days;;

Anyway, if you can play powerpoints, then here you go~ legend of comic sans

single page update this time sorry;;

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63 Responses to Episode 26 Part 23

  1. KarmaKecleon says:

    oh my god, everything about this page is fantastic.

  2. Eli Greenwich says:

    Most pretty powerpoint this side of the mississippi.

  3. LeaChaos says:

    Love it!
    That is the most amazing PowerPoint I have ever seen!

  4. marmalade says:

    Oh god, the comic sansss, it burnssss! *weeps in corner*

  5. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Beauitful Powerpoints~

  6. Wildwalker says:

    Oh my god, President Kennedy! *Sobs* Yes! Fantastic!

  7. Duth Olec says:

    Random smiling happy faces!

  8. Thundhurrus says:

    Cedric’s art.
    Just…Cedric’s art.

    • Sceptile says:

      I remember when I had to use PowerPoint for a school project. It was really good and then as I was about to present it,some idiot accidentally deleted it. The teacher gave me a 100% though!

  9. Espeon40 says:

    So will the hero for Kyurem be White or Bel, maybe Cheren.

  10. GHOST says:

    Two heros fighting over a girl……previously I would say Black and Dirk and White…..but White is Blacks sister so no.

    I’ve had this thought for a while but I haven’t said anything because I don’t want it to be true, but wouldn’t it suck if Author!Black isn’t just going to give the legendary dragons to the two “heros”? Or doesn’t give a legendary dragon to N?

    • Blue Amoongus says:

      There are multiple paths he can take. He can have existing characters to become heroes, new characters to fill in these roles, or not make any heroes at all.

  11. omnis says:

    I was honestly expecting Sweet Zek and Hella Resh for a second.

  12. Emily says:

    happy winter break black!

  13. LucarioDopa says:

    asdfg I’M LOVING IT!

  14. purplezoroark says:

    Hey…come on, you don’t have to apologize :/
    Without you any of this would be possible.
    We are happy with anything you update :3

    Also, happy christmas!! (Ignore me if you somehow update tomorrow)
    Also also (if you somehow don’t update till january 13….) Happy Birthday!!

  15. Azalee says:

    Most beautiful horrendous powerpoint I have ever seen.
    Thanks for the hilarious (and yet plot-advancing!) update, Black, and a happy whatever-holiday-you-do-or-do-not-celebrate-for-whatever-reason to you!

  16. Now that I’ve caught up I suddenly appear and start commenting >`°ö°´<~*
    If N doesn't become a hero also Black won't be chosen, I guess.

  17. Z1Gamer says:

    Lol, somehow this whole tale makes more sense to me now than when I read, skimmed, it in the game. Thank you! Also the powerpoint had to much going on at once in my opinion. Having all the animations you want to appear and do is not always a good idea, just a little FYI.

  18. Rory says:

    Props to Cedric (or Shihfu) for managing to create a Powerpoint that looks worse than the PowerPoints I made in high school. I didn’t think it was possible.

    This was hilarious. XD

  19. Ghastly says:

    This… this just might be the best art ever on this website. Props to your cousins, Author!Black.

  20. chiku chi says:

    O_o There are no words to describe this powerpoint… And I wonder if Lincoln battled Kyrem too.

    Merry Christmas guys~

  21. Clouds says:


  22. Entei says:

    They should take this comic and put it in a history textbook and sell it to schools.

  23. Nightmare the Haunter says:

    GAH! Iris is too adorable! IT BUUUUURNS!

  24. Glaceon says:

    I can’t…

    just… wow.

  25. LOL, I bet the original twins were Ingo and Emmet, fighting over a muffin or somethin’ silly like that XD

  26. Shiny Volcarona says:

    Zekrom’s frowning in the better drawing : (

  27. Wondereye says:

    Oh my gods I love the PowerPoint… it’s my new favorite moment in the comic. XD

  28. FourFace says:

    1492… Kudos for that reference.

  29. Rosia says:

    NOBODY is going to comment on how Drayden FOUGHT KYUREM and there WERE NO CASUALTIES? And what’s more, IRIS is going to fight it when she grow up asdfghjkrew

  30. Jon says:

    So the series borrows the Tao trio mythology with a twist. I want to know more about Kyurem’s master.
    So Kennedy and Aldler also fought Kyurem, that’s badass!
    I bet Kyurem wants to go Black Kyurem or White Kyurem.
    If the brothers really did waged war for a woman,then that has GOT to be the stupidest reason to do so.

  31. k (@koi_19) says:

    I now have an idea As who the three heroes are and their dragons ~

  32. derpysnivy says:


  33. Shiny Liligant says:

    Black!Artist’s cousins! That’s so cute.

  34. Giratina says:

    SBAHJ the Pokemon?

  35. CM says:

    I had to take a break so I could stop laughing. CEDRIC YOU ARE THE MASTER OF POWERPOINT xD

  36. Cubone says:

    Fun, and educational. :)

  37. Registeel says:

    In Canon!Pokemon, Kyurem is the husk of the original dragon. In BA!Pokemon, it came from space. Seems legit. I, for one, came from someplace underground. I know not of my own origins.

  38. I Know I'm Laaaaate says:

    I can’t see the page…. My Nintendo keeps writing “A part of this page hasn’t loaded” or something like that.
    Artist!Black, I love this series so much even though I’m too young/innocent to get the jokes>w<

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