Episode 26 Part 17


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11 Responses to Episode 26 Part 17

  1. penguiiiin says:

    caught you mid update~

  2. Fisrt time I caugh you updating ahhhh the first time is always the best

  3. Greener says:

    The “Harmonia family”. Lord knows what’s going through N’s head. All he’s shown so far is disdain for the ground he’s flying above.

  4. chiku chi says:

    Did you forget to color N’s arms in the last panel?

  5. Duth Olec says:

    “Glitches”. Of course.

  6. Ayada says:

    Pffft, Iris is such a lttle kid.

    • Slytherin Eevee says:

      Iris is such a scarred child now. Can you imagine what she’s going to remember of all this? ‘Blood. There was blood everywhere.’

  7. Rixis says:

    Can’t stop hearing Vic’s voice.

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