Episode 26 Part 15



oh god how is it december already

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26 Responses to Episode 26 Part 15

  1. penguiiiin says:

    oh my god this is just asdfjk;
    “Hop on, you two!”

  2. shy_mantine says:

    I think he’s forgotten that he’s not in his Pokemon form…
    but then that would mean that he regularly gives rides to people?

  3. Azalee says:

    Keldeo why you so precious

  4. Cobalion says:

    I don’t know why we trusted that queer Keldeo fellow >___>’

  5. Kittycara says:

    That last panel.

  6. Sceptile says:

    Keldeo is a bundle of sticks.

  7. Reshiram says:

    *currently dying over last panel*

  8. Yaaaaaayy update <3

    Shit! The teacher is back!! Gotta go!

  9. Greener says:

    Well, that was the most casual Inception reference I’ve ever seen in the 2nd panel. Thanks a LOT, WMG page…

  10. thomas0comer says:

    That last panel. So perfect.

  11. Ninjagirlrebecca says:

    that is so cute and yet so strange all at the same time

  12. AmiBunny says:

    Is it just me or are their eyes getting rounder and rounder by the page…?
    … Not that I mind, I find them freaking adorable.

  13. mountainmew says:

    Oh my God, I’m literally dying of laughter right now.
    Keldeo is the most precious thing oh my Lord~ <3

  14. Phiione says:

    Dat last panel…

  15. Blue Rose says:

    Last panel.

    Oh hell yes.

  16. LeaChaos says:

    Lovin the last panel!

  17. Mespirit says:


  18. Mewtwo says:

    Hop on. *licks lips*

  19. Nayia says:

    Hop on, you two… how sweet XD

  20. Chibi says:

    It’s about time the Dream World stopped making sense- I was starting to think there was something seriously wrong here.
    …Wait, why am I starting to think of the cross-dressing parodies as “making sense” all of a sudden?! ><

  21. Zekrom says:

    *pauses till is able to breathe* THAT LAST PANEL

  22. Celebi says:

    omg I read “OMG how indecent is this” asdhaksjdhasjkdhaskjdahsjkd

    Also, I love you artist! black :’)

  23. Gray Lady says:

    I just want to frame that last panel.

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