Episode 25 Part 24

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15 Responses to Episode 25 Part 24

  1. Reealt says:

    Ffffff N and Black in a bed together.

  2. Azalee says:

    Beeeeel wanna be a scientist! <3

  3. Sceptile says:

    Why do I have to think dirty about the last panel?

  4. LucarioDopa says:

    Drayden is going to kill them in their sleep.

  5. Kyurem says:

    Sssssome of them? How about ALL of them. *rolls eyes*

    Black and N~
    Sssssleeping in a bed
    F-U—– *is cut off*

  6. Kanmuri says:


  7. JollyPiplups says:

    inB4 Joy has an amazing time while they’re asleep

  8. Cubone says:

    Naptime! :D

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