Episode 24 Part 32

That is all for now ghkkfjhkgfj


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111 Responses to Episode 24 Part 32

  1. Pan says:

    Thank you!!

  2. Chaz says:

    Awesome update Artist!Black. :D

  3. misty says:

    Did Black get taller?

  4. Reshiram says:

    So, I’m at the museum…
    Chillin’ with the Dragonite bones…

    Yeah, I can live with that. This means I get Black… if we’re following the game storyline.

  5. flapper45 says:


  6. Brad says:

    Love the new updates and style you used for the conversations

  7. Emily says:

    …Okay this is how i feel its gonna happen
    The dragons come
    Kcalb comes out and screws one of them up, so that one is glitched up like crazy
    Kyrum comes and fuses with the glitched pieces
    Leads into blackwhite 2

  8. SoUwantAcookie says:

    Wow it looks like Joseph finds out what jesus’ gender is… In panel three xD

  9. Greener says:

    Author!Black-dono, when did you get the opportunity to play SMT?
    Also, why’d you draw Joseph so Tsurime?

  10. Rory says:

    LOL Jesus is adorable in panel three.

  11. Sara says:

    Oh man, this whole installment was AMAZING.

  12. derpysnivy says:

    omg i caught you on an update for the first time yay!

  13. Ingo and Emmet says:

    Lawl »:9

  14. hikahsu says:

    Jesus looks so cute upside down like that lol

    And style revert!

  15. Red Sprite says:

    So this is a thing.

  16. not-zekrom says:

    Ohhh I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy/perverted/stereotyped personallity zekrom is going to have :)

  17. GHOST says:

    AN UPDATE!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! (The whimsicott one). Also, I really hope that it is Black who catches Zekrom. And N who catches Reshiram. They just fit better that way.

  18. N belongs with Reshiram. Then again I’m one of those ‘buy the less popular game’ people, so I’ve seen him use Reshiram.

    • Gato14 says:

      I bought both, but played White first. I liked the idea of White Forest. /shrug.

    • Zoroark says:

      If they are supposed to represent the Yin-Yang, the angel like one has to be evil and the demon like one has to be a nice Guy.

      N with the angel like being that breaths hell fire, looks so badass, and I suppose that Withe will be the one that will end with Zekrom

      • Enners says:

        I really hate it when people assign things either “good” or “evil”.

        No one and no thing can be evil, with the sole exceptions of ideas and actions. Even then, it’s subjective.

        I apologize for being overly serious business about this. It’s just been bugging me for a while, and a lot moreso recently. (Especially since rewatching Xiaolin Showdown.)

        It’s a pretty common theme in video games, though.
        It seems like the story rarely explains WHY the bad guy is bad.
        Like Ganondorf. He was just evil. No reason, just evil. Ganon, by extension, as well. I sort of know about the history provided in Skyward Sword, but it’s still just using evil as an inherent trait.
        Kingdom Hearts has the whole “Light” vs “Darkness” thing, too. But at least there’s a bit of middle-ground. Squeenix isn’t amazing, but it’s usually pretty good about that sort of thing. They put effort into a backstory for their villains and antagonists.

        Don’t even get me started on Warriors. fucking cats why are they even i dont

        Homestuck is pretty elaborate, and explains a lot about character traits. Calliborn isn’t evil. None of the trolls are evil. Not even the horrorterrors are. Each of them is simply acting according to the nature of their species. That’s why, again, it is subjective. It just comes down to societal standards, and some societies are so completely foreign, that right and wrong, love and hate, violence and compassion have completely different connotations and are seen in a completely different way.

        TL;DR: I need to shut the fuck up and stop sweating the small stuff.

        (I love Black Adventures for the sheer fact that Artist!Black avoids actually looking at good and evil as black and white, as the saying goes. There is a grey area. I am still completely overjoyed by that line about pokemon being unable to be “good” or “evil”. This is a good comic. Thank.)

        • belxebu says:

          Well, in this case, is justified that one of them be bad and the other be good, because they were suppose to be a single pokemon.

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Not really. Just because one person split in two doesn’t mean either half will come out inherently good or evil. Such things are defined by what traits of the original they retained, and even then they are subject to various views and stances of what one would define as “evil”.

        • darkthesneasel says:

          Well in my opinion, this is something different that I like.

          Here we actually have 2 heros with good intentions. Just one of them ( N ), along with Team plasma who also thinks their being the good guys thinking they should free pokemon from humans. Its just run by a leader with evil purposes.

          So instead of Good vs Evil its more set on Good vs Good when comes to the final showdown upon N & Black (If this battle ever take place in this series which i love about it. Its so unpredictable.)

  19. Mystia says:

    So the art shift is over. Well, it was nice while it lasted. c=

  20. Giratina says:

    Art shift wiplash. Ohgodmybrain.

  21. KitKat Kelly says:

    This was just what I needed today! Considering today was the 1st day of my Senior year of high school.

  22. null1024 says:

    This update was best update.

  23. That Guy says:

    This……..is absolutely an amazing comic. I love it…….. this N is very Child-like and cute.All updates are best update; and yeah awesome job.

  24. Espeon40 says:

    I really like the new form ArtistBlack, black looks really cool! I wanna know what is under Joseph’s hood :O

  25. joyblazer905 says:

    Wow. Lots of information for Black. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  26. Jolteon92 says:

    That sad moment when you read the last of the updates for the week…. :(

  27. silentRenegade says:

    Aw man, Black’s appearance in the last few pages was pretty badass. xD I love your style!

  28. Some Random says:

    Aaah, finally caught up. <3

  29. Holy butts! This is an awesome series.

  30. Nomnoms the Garchomp says:

    I can NEVER draw Zekrom properly, not even in chibi. To be honest I’ve been anticipating for the day to see Zek in your style for quite a few months. :P

  31. Hirashin says:

    https://www.facebook.com/KcalbTheDark a page i made for kcalb >.>

  32. Shiny Lilligant says:

    At last! One of the dragons! I like Zekrom but I think Reshiram is hotter (no pun intended).

  33. Black Kyurem says:

    Thissssss isssss weird. I feel like sssssssshhhhhit.

  34. Missingno. says:

    Who gets which dragon?

  35. Darkrai says:

    Ahh I wanted kcalb to go berserk.Too bad.

  36. darkthesneasel says:

    Aw no inbetween storyline adventure with Joy & Jesus.:C

  37. Mespirit says:

    Zekrom at the top… Can’t wait~ :D

  38. Nerdytimes says:

    For some reason, I thought Black looks really cute in here.

  39. Sceptile says:

    Is Thundhurrus ever calm?

  40. Darkrai the God says:

    Joseph, you perv! Don’t take advantage of Jesus being un-conscious and stare at him like that!
    At least turn the poor thing over so some blood gets back to his feet.

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