Episode 24 Part 16



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15 Responses to Episode 24 Part 16

  1. Akuto says:

    Black’s derp-face

  2. Altair says:

    Hachiku was thinking in Black’s boobs D:

  3. Dowski says:

    Imagine Black having to actually do a real battle for his last badge. *Gasps*

  4. Thundhurrus says:

    Ze DERP, eet eez ezpezeeully prawmeenent een zees ztreep.

  5. hikahsu says:

    Gotta love N’s teeny blush in that panel. <3

  6. Emily says:

    at first i thought he was going about his hair being different not the genderbend….that was so long ago i forgot .-.;;
    HAHA i love this webcomic so freakin much

  7. Azalee says:


  8. Diglett says:

    Black’s Pod face.

  9. Kyurem says:

    No booby Black for you Hachiku, Hisssss

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