Episode 24 Part 15

Dark Trinity really doesn’t do much in the first games :v


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15 Responses to Episode 24 Part 15

  1. Dowski says:

    Woo! I caught you in the middle of an update! Great so far! XD

  2. Thundhurrus says:

    Ninja B is afeared.
    Very afeared.

  3. alicetama says:

    Where is the other member of the Trinity? Hm…

  4. not-zekrom says:

    everyone is scared to battle bel…EVERYONE

  5. Haela says:

    Will the short attention span Ninja ever appear with his brethren?

  6. Val Hallen says:

    Awake = no
    Wake/Awaken = Yes

    “No chance in being chosen” = no
    “No chance to be chosen” = yes

    • Thundhurrus says:

      “No chance in being chosen” still works, actually. “at being chosen” would be more correct, but both work, really.
      Also, “Awake the Dragon(s)” has become a thing now.

  7. Hachiku says:

    The last panel on here.
    This is the first time I’ve not
    spoken in Haiku.

  8. Emolga says:

    When the ninjas said they were going home, I thought about the Chargestone Cave.

  9. adrocks510 says:

    I like how Ninja B is terrified of Professor Juniper
    Is Ninja B trying to protect his crotch or something?

  10. Hahaha, that one ninja got scared when Juniper’s name was mentioned. XD

  11. jdeko says:

    awake the dragon

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