I plan for Landorus to be the most helpful in these adventures, so not much reader input this time, except for:

WHAT WILL JUNIPER’S RESPONSE BE? make juniper/fennel canon or have a derp answer like MY HEART BELONGS TO CHEREN because this is a dream

And Juniper probably needs an alternate outfit. I may take other suggestions, but I wanna keep this short;;

I’ll take responses tonight/tomorrow morning only because I hope to finish this asap;;

Oh, and I highly recommend the game Ghost Trick.

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146 Responses to DREAMWORLD ADVENTURE 4-1

  1. TK says:

    Put her in a summer kimono… or a male’s yakuta(sp?).

  2. MrMissMrs Random says:

    Landorus is… um… beautiful! :D …And blunt. XD

    I’m going for a Yukata or Kimono for Juniper this time.

  3. RivalBianca says:

    Make Prof. Juniper dress up in a Bunny suit !!! xDD and make her say that her only lover is Fennel ;)

  4. RivalBianca says:


  5. Thundhurrus says:

    I totally called the ungendered thing.

  6. Skitty says:

    Juniper: suddenly realize your yearnings before were all leading you to a single man, the apple of your eye, the gravy to your mashed potatoes…

    … Yes, you are definitely in love with Pod.

  7. Replying says:

    Aternate outfit:yukata
    Junipers Responds: umm? No not at the momment and how could you tell and arnt u no gender. >¤>


  8. Ingo&Emmet says:

    Landorus is beautiful

    Yes sheer beauty!

  9. Ally says:

    Love the nongendered thing! It makes so much sense! :D

    Yeah, I like the men’s yukata thing. It’s Black Adventures! Since when have we let an opportunity for crossdressing go to waste?!

    I approve of Juniper/Fennel. I’ve been thinking about it, though, and for a crack pairing that actually isn’t so cracky idea, how about Juniper/Skyla? Because WHY THE FUCK NOT, THAT’S WHY.

  10. hazy says:

    Obviously Juniper has feelings for Mr. NPC-face ever since she gazed into his letters. <3

  11. Ingo&Emmet says:


    “No one I’m searching for a perfect (anything)”-juniper

    “I can be that perfect (anything)”-landorus

  12. Ingo and Emmet says:

    Ve are the same ingo and emmet and ve are here to share our brains!
    Our earlier email and name would not compute for some reason


    “No one I want a perfect (incert word here)”-juniper

    “I can be that perfect (incert same word here)”-landorus

    • Black says:

      oh wow you sent a lot of duplicates;;
      when you use a new email, I have to manually approve your comment before they can start appearing again
      I think it says “waiting for moderation” or something like that
      so when your comments weren’t appearing, it wasn’t because it’s not getting through; it’s waiting for me to approve them because my site thinks you’re a different person

      • Ingo and Emmet says:

        I’m am very sorry.. I’m not on a computer really I’m on meh phone o-e my computer got fried…and I get mixed up and im.. Just gonna stop chatten now -.- NIGHT EVERY ONE
        My time: 12:36 midnight and if you may delete some of my dupicates so I don’t feel stupid;; thanks A!black

  13. Ingo and Emmet says:

    A!black I am very sorry for my inconveinyence (sp*). Please forgive me T-T

  14. Rory says:

    Wow Landorus, that’s an awkward way to ask who she likes.

    Have Juniper confess she has been pining over Missingno ever since it broke her computer.

    And make her wear a Minccino kigurumi.

    The art is really cute on this page.

  15. Gato14 says:

    I demand Sissel make an appearance. And if you look at my sn you know what Sissel I want to see.

  16. Achdut says:

    Make them have tea together and for the tea to have accidentally been misplaced with Sake so she becomes a fumbling drunk and begins to confess everything she’s ever done.
    when she wakes up, she’s hung over.

  17. Raven says:

    Haha! You used Ghost Trick’s art style! I was wondering why Juniper was reminding me of Lynne so much until I read your recommendation!

    So each of the Kami Trio draws their Dreamworld Adventure’s art from a different game huh? What’s Tornadus’s gonna be like I wonder. Ace Attorney Investigations-like perhaps? I can imagine Prof. Juniper doing some really great Edgeworth impressions.

  18. Fae says:


    And she totally has the hots for Oak.

  19. yukitsukihana says:

    She evades the question and maybe changes the subject a bit too quickly.
    Also, I will add my vote for a cute spring kimono to everyone else’s.

  20. Duth Olec says:

    Lilligant costume.
    Because flowers.
    And the obvious response to the question is THUNDURUS

  21. Ha3uhi says:

    Hey, Kinda looks like Ghost Trick style c:

  22. erihan says:

    dress her in the hero of ghost trick’s fancy red suit, or a cat outfit with also works for that game.

    • Raven says:

      Since its Ghost Trick’s art style, maybe she should wear Lynne’s detective uniform. I can’t really imagine Prof Juniper looking good in Sissel’s red suit.

      Although if she does get a kimono/yukata, I hope it ends up looking like Maya Fey’s acolyte clothes.

  23. Jynx says:

    If she was at Thundurus’ place first, what about him? That would make a bit of sense.

  24. Justice says:

    And then we learn Landorus is as perverted, if not more so, than Thundurus and Tornadus

  25. Pikachu says:

    Put her in a samurai outfit

  26. jeromeamon says:

    Junipers one true love should be Wally and she should wear a mustache to look manly

  27. Pikachu says:

    or a japanese school uniform with a yumi

  28. Reshiram says:

    I saw the art style and was like, “No… *GASP* Noooooo…”
    Then the author note! HOLY CRAP, GHOST TRICK!!
    And, uh… uh… uh…
    I know someone said a Lilligant costume earlier, but I say Roserade. COMPLETE WITH MAGICAL GIRL TRANSFORMATION!
    … Uh, I need sleep. Not to self: Never stay up past 1 again if you have work at 10:30 AM the next morning, even if you’re doing it to watch the new Spider-Man movie.
    And, Juniper’s response: … Can I plead the 5th?
    Fennel: Oh, sorry, dear, we can’t have that-
    *goes into text bubble, hacks the dreamworld, types, “I LOVE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!”*
    Juniper: o no?! WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT?!

    • Duth Olec says:

      I said Lilligant and no Roserade isn’t an Unova!!
      We’ll compromise; an Amoongus costume. I have NO IDEA how that is a compromise.

  29. Emily says:

    SHADOW TRIAD????????? or bel. I like belxjuniper. LOTS. Juniper and cheren dont work .-. in the game she gets pissed off at him in the begining

  30. flapper45 says:

    I now think there should be a bon festival, and it’s glitchy :3

  31. Sugokute kawaii Landorus-sama!

  32. JulieDarkWolf says:

    Looks like inyuasha

  33. Viri-chan says:

    Oh God Landorus HHNNNNGGGGG…..

  34. Monozu says:

    I really like the “My heart belongs to Cheren” idea. It made me laugh really hard. XD Landorus looks so cute~ \(owo)/

  35. JollyPiplups says:

    I think Juniper will say that she’s always been in love with Landorus for it’s charm and respect for women, and that her libido flows whenever she sees him.

    So she dresses up as a Miltank to impress Landorus for he is the Kami of fertility, uh, and Miltanks need fertile grass to live; As Juniper needs Landorus to live on with life.

    She impresses Landorus with the costume and they fly happily away in the warmth of the Miltank Costume’s utters.

  36. Landorkus says:

    Juniper will say that she’s never had any feelings that weren’t unrequited, but that she adores Fennel. Landorus smiles and says that she knows that Fennel has some affection for Juniper. Juniper blushes and is then changed into a long black dress with green bordering.

    Also, hooray for Landorus looking feminine here.

  37. Erucia says:

    Ghostbusters attire!?
    IDK. This is just me being random.
    And I still ship JuniperXFennel

  38. DazedArtist says:

    i mean

  39. Earthman says:

    Yukata, and Junipers response should be something along the lines of “How the hell can you tell?”

  40. TheWitchAuthor says:

    JuniperxFennel. ’cause dude. xD

  41. Shiny Zorua says:

    I want the total whackness back. Could you make it totally whack?

  42. Shiny Zorua says:

    Juniper looks cute in this one.

  43. KitKat Kelly says:

    Shrine Maiden!!!
    And she’ll probably end up saying something like: Oh I’m too caught up in my research, so I don’t really have time to date anyone.

  44. MurderJunkie says:

    Juniper strikes me as the kind of person who’s “married to their work.” She’d date and have fun, but at the end if the day, she lives for her research. However if she’s around the same age as the other profs (mid to late forties maybe?), then she’s just as likely to go full cougar. Since, y’know, that’s when a woman hits her sexual peak. …Which makes Juniper/Cheren a legit possiblity and I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    Also I vote for Juniper in full on samurai gear, since Lando-chan is already rocking the maiden look.

  45. thomas0comer says:

    Yukata, and something about Fennel. And then it turns out Fennel made her say that.

  46. Kellan says:

    I think Juniper should have the hots for “the mysterious Champion of the Kanto region”, Left ambiguous so that it could be either Leif or Red.

    • Kellan says:

      Actually I think Lance and Blue/Green/Gary were also the champ at one time shit not I’m inclined to see her crushing on Blue/Green/Gary Oak.

  47. Kellan says:

    Oh and for outfit I think everyone is going for yukata but I think a samurai outfit would be bad ass, design based on a Samurott would also be cool.

  48. Nyamo says:

    So assuming this is a running theme, if the last one was a Disgaea cutscene and this one is Ghost Trick can Tornadus’s dream world thingy be like a Tales of Series cutscene?

  49. Kat says:

    She should be vague about. Say she has someone she likes, but not say who

  50. roboferret says:

    Surprised more people aren’t saying miko, it would fit so well. Also loving androgynous!landorus (landrogynrus?)

  51. Hihihiroshi says:

    Make Fennel/Juniper canonnnnnnnn. Have her dress like a touhou. Like maybe Marisa Kirisame or something.

  52. Espeon40 says:

    JUNIPER/FENNEL CANNON……. *cough* would be a nice idea, and maybe a short kimono for her new outfit.

  53. Dullahan says:

    Landorus reminds me so much of Lyrit from VDex (who’s a male, but easily passes as a female, for those who don’t know).

    Juniper should definitely wear a yukata or be dressed up as a samurai. Maybe even a ninja. TOO MANY IDEAS. *flails*

  54. Tailsmiles249 says:

    If anything, go all-out Ghost trick and have her wear Lynne’s outfit.

  55. beedroof says:

    I gotta say I think you should actually make one-way juniper/fennel canon – have fennel control juniper to “confess” her [juniper’s] love for fennel.
    j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶w̶a̶n̶n̶a̶ ̶s̶e̶e̶ ̶j̶u̶n̶i̶p̶e̶r̶ ̶d̶i̶s̶a̶p̶p̶r̶o̶v̶a̶l̶/̶r̶a̶i̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶e̶y̶e̶b̶r̶o̶w̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶f̶e̶n̶n̶e̶l̶ ̶f̶l̶u̶s̶t̶e̶r̶e̶d̶ ̶w̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶d̶r̶e̶a̶m̶ ̶e̶n̶d̶s̶.

  56. Missingyescycle says:

    I”m just going two put it out there:
    Aurea x Missingno
    Cedric x Fennel
    That wat the Juniper/Fennel shipping sailors are happy *cough* And my deer cousin gets some character devleopedment.

    That said… since they’re both ‘gender undefiend’ Landorkus x MissingNo would be more sence, leaving room for Aurea x either Fennel, Chili Pod or …both!?

  57. Genosect says:

    yes, you must draw her with as lynne or beauty

  58. Genosect says:

    …wait a minute, landorus looks like hao asakura

  59. Suicune says:

    Wow, is that spinark silk or is it Mareep wool? Either way that outfit is a must, even more I must know the designer.

    • Landorkus says:

      It’s Ariados silk, dyed with only the best ground-up berries. It was handmade by myself, of course.

      • Suicune says:

        Of course, should have figured for the Ariados. And for the stitching, what type needle did you use? Skarmory or Scizor clippings from their talons? And of course the embroidery must have taken hours.

        • Landorkus says:

          I used Skarmory clippings. And the embroidery took longer than expected, but it was so worth it.

  60. …Going by Landorus’ title and him noticing Juniper’s fertility, something tells me those childbearing hips of hers are going to come in handy in a few moments.

  61. Wired-ego says:

    Juniper/fennel cannon!!!!! c:

  62. Digimon says:

    Why is there a part of me that wants Juniper to be wearing something with derpy pods face on it?!
    Should I see a psychiatrist? :/

  63. Umbreon says:

    Landorus you are magnificent as well. So beautiful.

    Author!Black, you’ve outdone yourself yet again ^^

  64. Thundhurrus says:

    I still say Juniper should wear a furisode. It kinda fits in with the “fertile” thing.

  65. Ghastly says:

    I don’t know why, but the first thing that popped in my head was Juniper and Landorus tripping together. Like, everything going crazy, like a bunch of doses of Heal Pulse.

  66. Thundurus says:

    Human!Landorus looks so cute!

  67. Gothitelle says:

    Landorus is so adorable. :D

    My day is made.

  68. Giratina says:

    Hey, Author!Black. Would you mind drawing a human version of me, too? It would give me a reason to get a WordPress account to change my avatar icon.

  69. Medicham says:

    Looks like a Ladydorus.

  70. Semi-Demi-Fiend says:

    and Landrous is the only one that isn’t a pervert…hmm

  71. Rotom says:

    Interesting take on the whole “nongender” thing, Randolus. I have a newfound respect for you, so let’s see how long it takes to lose it. I’ll bring popcorn.

  72. You played Ghost Trick? That game is awesome. I cried at the end. T_T

  73. Hydreigon says:

    What a serendipidous coincidence! I just got Ghost Trick last week! It’s so awesome. SPOLER ALERT, lamp is dog.

  74. Dat one annoyance says:

    I wonder how many people actually realise landorus is only male…

  75. Chibi says:

    …okay, completely disregarding the “genderless” bit (since most Legendaries are)…
    Dream World!Landorus is gorgeous! And I don’t even use that word!

  76. snuggles says:

    landorus looks alittle like inuyasha …….

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