I had fun drawing these two :y

A lot of Thundurus was cut off though, so here’s a link to his full busts: [link]

And here’s Juniper as well: [link]

I’m already looking forward to my next parody, so the next update shouldn’t take so long;;

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150 Responses to DREAMWORLD ADVENTURE 3-5

  1. Dawn of Madness says:

    If you make an actually visual novel game. I will forever be you slave.

  2. Emily says:

    ;n; i wish there was moar

  3. Gardevoir♂ says:

    I’m hoping more bishies in future installments…
    This… This is magical…
    Thank you Author!Black.

  4. Reshiram says:



  5. squeakychiona93 says:

    This whole dream adventure gave me major Disgaea vibes. I love it. I also loved human Thundurus, he was a sight to behold, I hope the others are this bishie. XD

  6. Raikou says:

    Human!Thunderus was….(much) hotter then i expected

  7. Blue Amoongus says:

    Thundurus seems happy at Juniper addressing him as “Mister Thundurus”.

  8. FrozenDarkness says:

    BishieDurus’ face was awesome. I like this.

  9. Genosect says:

    why does the image of juniper dressed as maid/corsette thing atouse me so much?

  10. Daioh says:

    Oh this was perfect *fiddles with hands* heh heh

  11. tsuntsundere says:

    She’s gonna wake up and discover she’s missing her panties, isn’t she?

    • Thundhurrus says:

      Nope. I don’t share Tornado Butt’s obsession with undergarments, y’know.

      • tsuntsundere says:

        Wait, you’re the one with the mustache, yes? For some reason I thought you were yellow. Huh. I actually don’t remember who is who of y’all, except the ground/flying one kicks the others’ butts. I need to reread. I could have sworn the other two were both pervs.

  12. Ghastly says:

    Thunhurrus: You should use Human Thundurus’s derp face as your icon. It’s better.

    • Thundhurrus says:

      But I don’t get to be the sex with that one.

      • Ingo&Emmet says:

        Thundurus looks like a SHEMALE

        O-e emmet shut up



        Well that was accually a pretty awesome dreamworld hope you update soon miss.

        Whimper bruder?


        I leiks it toe

        You relize you said toe? And leiks?

        Yes dear bruder I dids.

  13. Gato14 says:

    I love his perv face. I can’t get over how much I love that expression.

  14. Azalee says:

    So it really was a sort of dating sim.

  15. Greener says:

    My only regret is that Bishie!Thunderus couldn’t be more like our Thundhurr.

  16. BlindMegane says:

    Thank you author black and whoever idea it was to have bishie Thundurus. He looks freaking hot… And I love the way this was done. If author black wants to make a visual novel, I’d be glad to help out, though I have never actually made/finish a vn. But turning this into an actual vn shouldn’t be that hard.

    • Black says:

      It’s the amount of time I’m worried about;; Katawa Shoujo took five years to make, and several people were working on it. Though, it was a pretty large project..

      • BlindMegane says:

        It depends on what you’re trying to make. I’m not an expert, but it’s pretty obvious. I don’t think making a kinetic novel, as in a visual novel that doesn’t have any choices in case you didn’t know, would take long depending on story length, cg, etc. But a visual novel with several choices and multiple endings would take longer obviously and be a bit complicated. You probably already know this though ^-^” I’m still pretty new to renpy, but I think I can make a short simple vn or a long kinetic novel. Though there are more experienced people you can ask on the lemmasoft forums. If you ever decide you want to make a visual novel that is.

  17. Glaceon says:

    This was amazing. I was laughing at least once per page.

  18. Giratina says:

    The fuck. This was beyond words. I could cry.

  19. Caterfree10 says:

    …WHY do I ship it now? aslkjhflkdjshglkafs

  20. KingisNitro says:

    I wish it wasn’t that shooort I wish it was longeeeeeeeeer I hope it’s not all then ;w;
    Awesome btw <3 As always

  21. Moonpaw17 says:

    thundhurus derp face XD

  22. M. Night Shamallamadingdong says:

    Awwwww, no cameo appearance!

    • Ingo&Emmet says:

      The new leader is brambleclaw
      I find that firestars death was classy -as flaming tree crushes him after the giant war with the dark forest-

  23. Umbreon says:

    I love this Dreamworld sequence!

  24. Some Faggot says:

    Damn, Thundurus is handsome in Dreamworld.

  25. DerpChu says:

    Colorfullll!! :D -cling

  26. Derpster says:

    Oh geeze. That derpiness. /snort.

  27. Espeon40 says:

    That was very cool and suddenly Thundhurrus is cool. But now this is done and we can get back to Cheren and N :D

  28. LeaChaos says:

    Aha this was simply amazing!
    I love the derp face

    • Ingo&Emmet says:

      That was a amazing dream world

      Yes yes it was bruder

      The art is amazing , how did this person learn to draw such amazing things

      I don’t know bruder you might get lucky and who ever is writing this will reply to your question

      Well ok I guess


  29. thesilverskull190 says:

    it seems rather odd that juniper hasn’t stumbled upon the tree of dreams yet…

    • Ghastly says:

      I remember that! Unfortunately, I forgot my password for dream world, the email it is linked to no longer exists, and I lost my white game, so I cant make a new one. *sob*

  30. Victiny says:

    Thundhurrus being a gentleman?
    Detailed, actually-dream-world-esque drawings?

    …Who are you, and what did you do with Author!Black?

  31. Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

    Wtf. Why is my comment a reply…

  32. Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

    Wow. This feels weird. I’ve been reading this for I forgot how long and I haven’t posted once until now…

    • Ghastly says:

      Clever username. Welcome to the comments! Also, if you visit the Related page, you can never go back. The once “regular commenters” now only post there, and rarely post here. Also (again), a lot of drama goes on there. So be careful. You have been warned.

      • Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

        Thank you! Anyway, are here actually any good Pokemon that aren’t taken?

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Define “Good Pokemon” for us, Ditto.

        • Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

          I actually never thought about that… wait, I’m a ditto?

        • Weezing says:

          Be an Arbok, then we can be poison buddies!

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Either that, or you’re one of the Zoru. I mean, you are asking what Pokemon aren’t taken so that you can take one.

        • Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

          Yeah. I feel kinda left out ‘cos I’m not a Pokemon.

        • Weezing says:

          There are over 500 to choose from. Don’t feel limited by the fact that the legendaries have been mostly taken (frankly, they tend to act douchey and superior to everyone else). If you want a cool one, I recommend Claydol. Those things are beast!

        • Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

          Well first, how do I change the image. I types in my email and the computer just decided I’ll be orange…
          So would that make me a Buizel?

        • Weezing says:

          Just experiment with different letter combinations, followed by @whatever.com, until you find an icon that you like. It doesn’t have to be a working address

          For instance, I used the phrase “it’s time to shine” and just took out and added letters randomly until I found my brilliant shade of purple.

          Also, I may have seen a Buizel ages ago, i’m not sure.

        • Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

          My alternate e-mail makes it yellow…

        • Thundhurrus says:

          Nobody cares about non-legendary duplicates, so long as each one is easily distinguished from others of its kind. Dittos and Zorus are free to imitate them.

        • Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

          Aw great. I try to sign up for Gravatar, only to find you have to upload stuff yourself and now I have to use my alternate email… T_T

        • Meh, all the good Pokemon are taken.... says:

          So… I’m a… Shiny Charmander? I think…

        • Ghastly says:

          Well, if your icon is going to be white, why not be Roberta the Samurott, White’s partner in the comic?

        • Digimon says:

          I’m not a pokemon. I’m a multi-dimensional traveler from another world.

        • Rotom says:

          Oh, then say hi to Winged Kuriboh when you see him.
          Actually, that thing still owes me fifty rupees!

    • Ingo&Emmet says:

      Just because al the
      ((y)ˆ ⌣ˆ)(y) good pokemon are taken doesn’t mean you need to be one you could choose a story charitor durp???

      Emmet just becuase you think this person should be a story charactor doesn’t mean he/she has to! So stay out of other peoples business beacuse it is very rude.

      But, but bruder I haven’t seen any other charactors here like White, or N! :(

      I dunt care

      Oh vell -.-#

    • evee2glacia says:

      Yo awesome person,

  33. Seriously Crazed-up Fruit-loop says:

    I love this all so much! Keep up the good work Artist Black, we are all patient enough for you <3

  34. Scolipede says:

    I found it funny how Thundurrus reminded me of Scanty/Kneesocks, primarily with the horn (I keep mixing them up)
    If it was a reference to PSG, I loved it. If it was not, I still love it

    • Landorkus says:

      Oh my GOD.
      Kneesocks and Thundhurrus have ponytails and singular horns.
      Which is made extremely creepy because English!Kneesocks basically shares a voice with me.

  35. evee2glacia says:

    That…went better than I expected

  36. Iwik says:

    derp. thats all i’ll say.

  37. Gothitelle says:

    Panel 2.
    His slightly-disappointed face.
    So adorable.
    It’s almost sickening

    I love the stars.

  38. Azelf says:

    I come back from an extremely long vacation and find THIS?
    Not as manly as I would have given him credit for…

  39. Jolteon says:

    Thundurus’s outfit reminds me of Envy and Wrath’s outfits in Fullmetal Alchemist.

  40. Seviper says:

    Thundurus is… cute. Cute and bishi.
    That was unexpected. But lovely.

  41. Sammi says:

    This was the best dreamworld adventure yet~ Words cannot describe how much I love these Disgaea-style cutscenes.

  42. Darkrai says:

    *wants one *

    Also, I blame you for making me like Isshushipping. CURSE YOU ARTIST BLACK!

  44. Shiny Lilligant says:

    Even as a bishounen, Thundurus has his derp faces.

  45. Pikapikapikachu says:

    …I think I am falling in love with Dreamworld Thundurus…

  46. What is with all of the Grammar Nazi’s? I thought Genesect was Dead!

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