I used an official Nimbasa City image because I could. Also, I was crying tears of blood at how long it took me to update AND IT’S JUST A SUBPLOT KDHGFSKJFDHSG

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56 Responses to DREAMWORLD ADVENTURE 3-1

  1. Calceto says:

    aaaaaaa mind blows!!! jajaja derp face

  2. Val Hallen says:


  3. Kerauno says:

    AT first I thought Thundurus was a girl but then I realized NO BOOBS

  4. Gardevoir♂ says:

    3rd Panel: :o
    4th Panel: :D
    5th Panel: :I
    6th Panel: Not sure if want…

  5. Reshiram says:

    o no
    … Hot… Thunderpy…

  6. Thundhurrus says:

    My face in the fifth panel. It amuses me.

  7. Landorkus says:

    Okay, Dream!Thundy is pretty hot.

    This is kind of creepy when you consider that Thundurus(the Pokémon) is thousands of years old.

  8. TheWitchAuthor says:

    Other people that saw him and had to get some tissues? XD

  9. Virizion says:


    Oh God he looks so deliciously wrong. And girly.

  10. Kyurem says:

    I will not ssssay my comment. I will not give Thundurrusss that ssssatissssfaction!

  11. MrMissMrs Random says:


  12. tsuntsundere says:

    All this time in my mind I have been seeing Thundurus in the wrong color scheme. All these newfangled pokemon and me (still) having not played through the game yet lol

  13. You drew it Disgaea style. XD

  14. Azalee says:

    when i saw bishie thunderus i thought “oh my god a!black went and made it a dating sim”

    More seriously, I know the background is an official image but this still looks seriously fantastic. A!Black, what is your drawing style and where is the limit to its quality.

  15. Penyu-chan says:

    .____. Thundurrus is… wow. I don’t know what to say.
    Oh wait, yes I do.
    He looks friggin hot and I was expecting super-derpness. Not that I’m complaining… I’m just shocked. >-<

  16. Giratina says:

    So many conflicting emotions…smexy Thunderpuss…Juniper’s faces….ohgodthefuckwhyamIonlyattractedtoanimeguys?!?!….and it still reminds me of Negima. Or maybe Summon Night Twin Age?

  17. Rotom says:

    I honestly did not expect this from Thunderpants. However, I must object to the extreme lack of moustache.

  18. Cappuccino Cinccino says:

    *o* I love how you executed the Disgaea cutscene style~

  19. Nyamo says:

    Oh wow your interpretation is Exactly the way i imagined and drew Thundurrus :D i knew i couldn’t be the only one who saw him as a bishi >< I hope the others gonna be humanized it would be beyond scary your's were the same too.

  20. darkgray says:

    Thank you so much artist black the disgaea cutscene made my day, I can’t love you more. Att: A disgaea fan

  21. Umbreon says:

    Oh my o.o
    Thundurus is looking quite… sex- *cough* err, magnificent >.>

  22. … Wow… Just… Woww~…. =w=

  23. Zekrom says:

    pff.. jsut a skinny b*tch imo

    ….*stashes the snapshots so that double prints can be made later*

    • Thundhurrus says:

      What’s that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me compressing my muscles into a smaller mass so that I look like sex.

  24. Juni says:

    The text box makes me think of Disgaea. Now I want a Black Adventures SRPG.

  25. Juniper’s face when bishounen Thundhurrus showed up killed me. XDDD

  26. Pokespe Adventures, much? says:

    Hurr.. This looks so much like Disgaea theme T^T

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